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A Few Reminders …

A Few Reminders from Mrs. Curcione’s Math Class

7-C Homeroom:

Students are expected to conform to rules and regulations outlined in the Student Handbook.  Please review the handbook so you are familiar with the dress code, code of conduct and academic regulations.

Thank you for your contributions of cleaning supplies and tissues. We ask that each student contribute a box or tissues, a roll or paper towels and Lysol wipes.

Math Class:

  • Each student is assigned a Math textbook.  These textbooks are to remain at home.  Please do NOT bring Math textbooks to school.  Students are responsible for returning these books at the end of the school year.
  • Students must be prepared for class each day with necessary assignments, loose leaf (or graph paper), calculators and sharpened pencils with erasers. Binders must be kept neat.  ALL Math work is to be done in PENCIL ONLY!!
  • Students (and parents) should check my webpage each week.  I try to update this page at the beginning of each week.
  • Please make every effort to be present for Math class.  Students who are absent are missing valuable instruction time.  Students are responsible for making up work missed when absent.  This includes getting notes and/or assignments and scheduling make up tests & quizzes. Students absent on the day of a test should be prepared to take the test on the day they return.
  • Students should expect homework each time our Math class meets.  All homework assignments are posted each day on the board along with the test schedule for the week.  It is the student’s responsibility to copy assignments from the board BEFORE class begins.
  • Math homework is never meant to be “busy” work, but to practice the concepts taught in class.  It is the student’s responsibility to complete homework every night … no exceptions. Five points will be deducted from the Homework grade for each missed homework assignment.  A detention will be issued for three missed homework assignments.
  • Students must show all work on tests, quizzes and homework.  Assignments that do not show the work along with the answers will be considered incomplete.
  • Grades are based on tests (40%), quizzes (50%) and homework (10%).  Some quizzes will be unannounced. The lowest quiz score will be dropped each marking period.  Extra credit is NOT available for this class.
  • Students must know their basic math skills.  They should be practiced at home regularly. Students will be tested periodically on Basic Skills. No Calculators.
  • Parents & students are reminded to check grades regularly using Renweb.
  • Please feel free to contact me by email using the link on my webpage (
    Thank you for your support and cooperation.
    Mrs. Christine Curcione
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