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Antoni Gaudí-Imagination coming alive

When we think of famous Hispanics, possibly the last people we think of are architects. Antoni Gaudí changed the way the people of Barcelona and the rest of the world looked at buildings as they walk the streets. Gaudí’s style emulates nature and goes against the grain of traditional architecture. Throughout Barcelona one can see buildings, parks, street lamps, and churches that Gaudí used his Midas touch on. The most impressive of his works is the Sagrada Familia which began construction in the 1800’s and is not scheduled to be finished for another twenty years. When completed this Church will be the tallest in the world standing at 566 feet. Having seen these works in person, I strongly suggest that anyone who goes to Barcelona take a tour of his works to see these magnificent buildings in person.

Check out these visuals throughout Barcelona in this video!

El Valle de los Caidos

El valle de los caidos located just outside of Escorial in Spain is one of the largest Catholic basilicas in the world. Built during the Franco regimen, the basilica and memorial is quite controversial. It was built by many who were imprisoned and forced to work by the government for their beliefs. It is a memorial to those who died in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). The grounds are beautiful, but the story behind it is very controversial and melancholy for many Spaniards.


Santo Oscar Romero, de El Salvador…El día de todos los santos

Since it is All Saints Day, I decided to post this video about St. Oscar Romero from El Salvador. 

During the 1970’s Archbishop Oscar Romero took over in San Salvador with his country deep into a civil war. Many innocent people were being assassinated and the poor were suffering. Romero, a priest who many thought would not make a large impact, stood for the poor and based his entire ministry on peace and helping others. Romero became a key figure not only in the Church, but in the politics of the country. He spoke out against violence and asked for the sides fighting in the civil war to come to a peaceful conclusion. He attracted a large following in El Salvador and in 1980 he was assassinated while saying daily Mass. Romero, another Spanish speaker, who fought for the Church and for the less fortunate, was beatified and declared a Saint in 2015.

El Papa Francisco


Check out this biography of our current pope who hails from Argentina, el Papa Francisco!

¡Bienvenidos a la clase de Sr. Gitto!

I am very excited to work with you this year in Spanish class. My day to day objectives always point to ACTFL language proficiency using a communicative lens. I love the Spanish language and hope that you will too! On my page I will attach links to interesting videos and games that you can use to help strengthen your language as well as learn more about that culture and history of Spanish speakers and the countries they come from!

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