Antoinette DiPalma | Kindergarten

Antoinette DiPalma | Kindergarten


The children will be exchanging Valentine Cards on Valentine’s Day. Kindly, just have your child write his/her name on the card. Do not label the envelope as the children still do not know how to read some of the names in our class. Please send the cards into school on Valentine’s Day. Our roommoms will be supplying  a small treat for our class.Thank you so much!


The second marking period report cards were available to view on Friday at 3:00 on RenWeb. In order to access RenWeb, you need your login information and password that already has been sent from our office. On the report card you will see three levels of assessment. They include: Consistently Observed (mastered), Sometimes Observed (emerging,progressing) Needs Practice and Support (having trouble with the subject area). Still expect that the majority of the students will fall under the category of Sometimes Observed. They are  continuing to emerge and progress toward mastery.  Also, included are subskills for each subject. A plus or minus sign may be given to show significant strengths and weaknesses. Not all subskills will be marked. The report card will help to familiarize you with skills that will continue to be taught throughout the year. Kindly, take the time to review it. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. If you would like to discuss your child’s progress in person, I would be happy to  set up a conference time with you.



As our OUTREACH PROJECT for October, our school will be collecting socks for the needy. Since St. Joseph School turns 60 years old this year, the goal for each classroom is to collect 60 pairs of new socks. You may send the socks to school with your child. So far, our class has collected 15 pairs. The drive ends on October 31. Thank you so much in advance for your generosity!

WEEK OF February 11

Each week, I will be posting the skills that will be taught throughout the week in Language Arts, Math, and other subject areas. Kindly, review the skills as it will help you to also reinforce these skills at home.  I will usually update my webpage on Sundays.

LANGUAGE ARTS –  This week, the children will begin the second half of the Superkids Reading Program called the Superkids Club. The following units will continue to introduce the remaining consonants of the alphabet as well focus on phonics, blending, reading, writing, spelling, and comprehension skills. The letter /Bb/ will be reviewed. The children will identify the uppercase and lowercase /Bb/  and write it correctly.  They will associate pictures and names as well as encode and decode words containing the beginning, middle, and ending sound of /Bb/. Other skills include: using correct punctuation and spacing in sentences, blending sounds to decode words,identifying the memory word, of, and reading the story ,” The Big Bus.”

**The children are doing a nice job blending sounds to decode word parts and words. It is so wonderful to watch the excitement on their faces as they begin to emerge into reading. Please practice the “Big Book of Blending” for 10 to 15 minutes each day.  This will help the children improve their blending skills as well as enhance reading fluency. Please do not go ahead in the book as I assign the pages as the letters are taught, however, I encourage you to occasionally go back and review the previous pages. 

***This week, I will start meeting with individual reading groups. The children are very excited to begin this new component in the reading process. The children were assigned to each group based on my assessment of their reading skills and abilities. The groups are very flexible as the children will be able to fluctuate groups, if necessary, to meet their individual reading needs. The reading groups will focus on vocabulary, comprehension skills, oral and silent reading, fluency, and writing. The stories that will be read each week will be reproduced and sent home. Kindly, have your child read the story to you and share his/her enthusiasm as he/she emerges into reading. The children will also be working at centers each day. The centers include: reading, listening, writing, math, and art. The centers are formulated to reinforce skills already taught as well as to allow the children to work independently and aquire good working habits.  


MATH – The children did a NICE JOB in the Chapter 6 Test.  Please continue to practice addition and subtraction facts to 10 with your child..  This week, Chapter 7 will be introduced. This chapter will represent, count, and write 11 to 19.  Objects will be used to decompose these numbers as ten ones and some further ones.

Math Homework – p. 127 – 132

RELIGION –  This week the children will continue to focus on and discuss the ways God shows his love for us and how, in return, we may show our love for God.

SCIENCE – The children will continue to observe weather patterns and understand weather as a pattern in the natural world.

SOCIAL STUDIES – President’s Day



Behavior Chart

 I will not be sending the behavior chart home until I explain our classroom discipline policy to the parents on Back to School night. For the next few weeks, I will be doing a trial run with the children

Kindly, look at the behavior chart each day and initial the appropriate day. If your child comes home with yellow, orange or red, I will write the number of the behavior code in the box. The codes are listed at the top of the calendar. Always discuss proper classroom behavior with your child. Thank you


It is a pleasure to welcome you and your child to KD. I really enjoyed meeting all of my boys and girls last week. We have a great class filled with  a group of children who are so full of excitement and so ready to learn. I am beginning to get know each and every one of them.. They all bring into the classroom their unique personalities that blended together will create a family-centered environment filled with enthusiasm, learning, fun, and many friendships. These first few days of school have marked one of the most important milestones in your child’s life. I am honored to be a special part of it!  I am looking forward to working together with you as a team to make this year an unforgettable and successful educational experience for your child.

It is a pleasure to introduce myself to you. My name is Antoinette DiPalma. I am a graduate of Glassboro State College ( Rowan) with a BA in Elementary Education and a MA in Reading Education and Supervision. I taught primarily first grade in Galloway Township for 25 years until my retirement. I was privileged to re-enter the wonderful profession of teaching here at St. Joseph. This is my sixth year teaching kindergarten. Teaching is my passion, and I am honored to be your child’s teacher.


The children will be having a snack each morning at about 9:30. Kindly, pack your child a light, healthy snack. No candy, please. Since we have lunch at 11:15, one snack will be sufficient,  Please include a juice container or a small bottle of water. Also, pack your child’s snack separately from lunch because it will be placed in his/her cubby. Thank you so much for your cooperation!



 Kindly,  subscribe to my webpage in order to become informed of all my important classroom announcements and information. School events are also posted on the St. Joseph website and calendar. Very few paper notices are now sent home so please take the time to check the site daily.  At times, the children are disappointed because they were not made aware of an important notice or event.  Thanks so much!



1. Please empty your child’s green folder each night. Place all notes, money, and important papers in the folder and return it back to school.
2.  Kindly, check the web page daily for any updates.
3.  Subscribe to the “Special” teachers webpage to be informed of assignments or news concerning their classes.
4.  Click on “School Calendar” to be informed of school – wide important dates.


As part of our school’s Outreach Program, I have adopted the “THE ALCOVE” as our class’s charity in need.  It is a wonderful and caring organization that helps grieving children deal with the overwhelming loss of a parent or loved one. Throughout the year, the children may bring in, at anytime, loose change to put into our class jar.  They truly love watching the jar fill up as they help children of all ages. Thank you in advance for your generosity to this worthy cause.    

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