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Beth Dondero-Garvey | Religion


~Hope everyone is enjoying a “Snow Day” – for 8th grade:  the Key Terms test scheduled for Tuesday is moved to Wednesday, 2/13.  Be safe and warm!

~HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY – THURSDAY, FEB. 14TH!  Check out “Busted Halo’s” Fr. Jack Collins:                             “You Don’t Know Jack About Valentine’sDay!”

~January Outreach – Thank you to all who brought in HATS, SCARVES, GLOVES, MITTENS!

~March lunch menu is available and March orders are due by FRIDAY, 2/15!

~Monday, 2/18 is President’s Day and school is closed!

~ WINTER UNIFORM – Thank you for complying with dress code for winter uniform.  Reminder:  The school sweater is part of the uniform as are gym seat pants and sweat shirt.  Boys:  Khaki dress pants, white shirt, school tie, and school sweater, dark color solid socks and shoes.  Girls:  Uniform kilt (proper length), white uniform polo, school sweater, navy blue tights.  Also, please review dress code for hair length (boys), natural hair color, nail polish, acrylics, make up, & jewelry.  Lunch recess detentions will be issued for non-compliance.


Welcome to Mrs. Dondero-Garvey’s 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Religion Classes.


8th Grade Lesson Plans

8D: 2/11/19 – Will be working in Chapter 17 this week.  KEY TERMS test for chapters 13-16 is Tuesday, 2/12 – information was distributed on class last week on Thursday.

2/4/19 – Reminder – for Monday:  Questions from the Gifts of the Holy Spirit handout worked on in class Friday are to be complete in notebook.  Will be working on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in groups for presentation on Wed., 2/6.  ALL CONFIRMATION STUDENTS AND A PARENT MUST ATTEND @ 6PM IN THE CHURCH.  We will begin Chapter 17 at the end of the week.                                                                                                                                                   2/5 – Chapter 16 grades are posted on RenWeb.


1/22/19 – Continue Chapter 16 this week.  Confirmation Retreat Tuesday, 1/22 from 5 to 9 PM.

1/12/19 – Finished Chapter 15.  Page 146 (1st 2 sections) must be completed for MONDAY, 1/14.                              Chapter 15 quiz will be on Tuesday, 1/15.

1/8/19 – All work/questions on the Chapter 15 worksheet distributed Monday is due tomorrow, Wed., 1/9.  Working on Chapter 15 all week.  Work needs to be done in RELIGION notebook.

12/31/18 – Monday & Tuesday – School Closed                                                                                                                        Wednesday, 1/2 – Will begin Chapter 15.

Note to all Confirmation students:  Laurel Marchesini sent an email to all families during the Christmas break that we received the date for Confirmation from the bishop’s office – Saturday, April 6, 2019.  Please check the email for further information.

8M:  See 8D above.

7th Grade Lesson Plans

7C:  Chapter 10 quiz was on Friday, 2/8 and we will begin Chapter 11 on Monday, 2/11 on the miracles of Jesus.
2/6/19 – p. 82 completed in class today.      2/5/19 – CHAPTER 10 QUIZ CHANGED TO FRIDAY, 2/8 – Will finish Parables Wed and review chapter on Thurs.  Unit 1 grades are on RenWeb.  
2/3/19 – Continue Chapter 10 on the parables and there will be a quiz on Thursday, 2/7.  For Monday – #’s 6-10 on p. 80 need to be complete.
1/22/19 – Reviewing Unit 1 this week.  Unit 1 test is on Friday, 1/25.  Study guide was distributed last week.  Please study.
1/14/19 – Finished Chapter 8.  Page 66 in the book must be complete for Monday, 1/14.  QUIZ HAS BEEN CHANGED TO TUESDAY, 1/15.  Need to know 7 sacraments.
 1/8/19 – Chapter 8 pp. – please have pp. 61-63 read and “Christian Initiation” worksheets complete.  This was given out on Monday, 1/7.  Please have these with you in class.
12/31/18 – School Closed Monday & Tuesday                                                                                                                             Wednesday, 1/2 – We will begin Chapter 8 this week
7H:  See 7C above.
6th Grade Lesson Plans

6M:   2/11/19 – Will be working in Chapter 11 all week on Kings Saul and David.

2/5/19 –  Finished last story in the chapter – the Book of Ruth.  If you were absent any day this week, please read the stories of Samson and Ruth in Chapter 10.                                                                                                                       2/3/19 – Continue Chapter 10 , finish video on Samson Monday, and Chapter 10 test will be Thursday, 2/7.

1/22/19 – Will discuss questions from class last Friday on Tuesday.  Will complete Chapter 9 and the test will be on Thursday, 1/24.

1/14/19 – Working on Chapter 9 – the Israelites’ journey to the Promised Land.

1/8/19 – Chapter 8 test was yesterday, 1/7 and began Chapter 9 today, reading pp. 108 & 109 and completing KWL chart in small groups.  Will discuss on Wed.

1/2/19 – p.  106 must be finished for class tomorrow (Chapter review) if you did not complete it in class today (Wed.).

12/31/18 – School Closed Monday & Tuesday                                                                                                                            Wednesday – Friday, 1/2 – 1/4 – Will finish and review Chapter 8 – Test will be on Monday 1/7

6P:  See 6M above.

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