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Beth Dondero-Garvey | Religion

IMPORTANT 8th Grade REMINDERS – 4/14/19!!

Anyone who wants to submit an essay for the May Crowning Essays needs to have it in by Monday, 4/15 in homeroom.  Information was given out on Monday, 4/8.

Please have class trip permission forms and payment in by Tuesday, 4/16!





CONGRATULATIONS to all the 8th grade students who received the Sacrament of Confirmation on Saturday, April 6th.  Both Masses were beautiful and the weather cooperated with bright sunshine.  All of the students, sponsors, and families were amazing.  I can’t say enough about our students on this special day – I am so proud of all of you.  Bishop Sullivan’s homily at both Masses “hit home” and you were all so attentive, and by the way, looked wonderful!  Everything about you and the day was joyful, faith-filled, and reverent.  Even after a long day, I felt energized!  Thank you to Bishop Sullivan and Father Jaromir, as well as Father Romano, who makes it all so easy to navigate.  Thank you also to our amazing readers – you were terrific, and to Mrs. McCarthy and the choir.  The music was inspiring.  I also want to  give a shout out to our two SJRS altar servers.  I asked for help at the 1:00 Mass and you gave up a sunny Saturday afternoon to serve.  Gracias!  Of course, gratitude to Jessica Gettings and Colleen Jacobs, our Religious Education leaders and everyone else from the parish, including our Knights of Columbus and parish staff, who gave time, talent, and treasure.  Special thanks to Dr. Fipp and Mrs. McClain for being there to support all of you and pray for you, and with you.  As Bishop Sullivan said, “see how much you’re loved.”  God bless you all!               ~Mrs. D.



~Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion, 4/14.

~Easter Vacation begins on Wednesday, 4/17 @ 12 noon – 1/2 day & $1.00 dress down day.





~ WINTER UNIFORM – Thank you for complying with dress code for winter uniform.  Reminder:  The school sweater is part of the uniform as are gym seat pants and sweat shirt.  Boys:  Khaki dress pants, white shirt, school tie, and school sweater, dark color solid socks and shoes.  Girls:  Uniform kilt (proper length), white uniform polo, school sweater, navy blue tights.  Also, please review dress code for hair length (boys), natural hair color, nail polish, acrylics, make up, & jewelry.  Lunch recess detentions will be issued for non-compliance.


Welcome to Mrs. Dondero-Garvey’s 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Religion Classes.


8th Grade Lesson Plans

8D: 4/11/19 – Will complete the Unit 4 open book assignment Friday, 4/12.  4/7/19 – Confirmation Congratulations (see announcement at top of page).  Test on Confirmation material will be on Tuesday, 4/9.  We will then begin review of Unit 4.  REMINDER:  Class trip permission slip and payment due by 4/16 & May lunch menu due by Thursday, April 11th!

4/3/19 – Study guide distributed for test on Confirmation material on Tuesday, 4/9.  Also, class trip (May 16th) permission slips handed out today.  Please have them back with payment by Tuesday, 4/ 16!

3/31/19 – Studying about the Sacrament of Confirmation this week.  There will be a test on the material on Tuesday, 4/9.

3/24/19:  We will complete Chapt. 19 on Tuesday and there will be an open book graded assessment on WED. 3/27 and will count for the Chapt. 19 test grade.  Will start to learn more intensely about the Sacrament of Confirmation and continue next week.

3/21/19:  #’s 5 & 6 on wkst for Friday.  3/20/19:  #’s 3 & 4 on wkst. fro HW.  3/19/19 – Homework:  Complete #’s 1 & 2 on the Chapter 19 homework worksheet –  all work done in notebook – write questions.  3/17/19 – Chapter 18 test grades are on RenWeb.  Will begin Chapt 19 Tuesday – a homework sheet will be distributed and parts assigned each night beginning Tuesday.

3/14/19 – Chapter 18 test tomorrow, Friday.  Please study questions from worksheet and the 2 sections on p. 170 we went over in class.

3/10/19 – Chapter 18 Test will be on THURSDAY, 3/14 – will review Monday, 3/11.  PLEASE HAVE PERMISSION SLIPS IN FOR HSHS PLAY ON WED.!!

3/7/19 – HW due Friday:  #’s 9 & 10 on wkst.  Chapter 18 test on Tuesday, 3/12.

3/6/19 – HW due Thurs:  #8 on hw wkst.

3/3/19 – Mon. HW:  #’s 5, 6, 7 on worksheet due Tuesday.

Continuing Chapter 18 this week – please have the homework worksheet distributed last week for class all week.

2/28/19 – #4 on Chapter 18 HW wkst.;  2/27/19 – #’s 1-3 on Chapter 18 HW wkst.

2/24/19 – p. 162 needs to be complete for Monday. Chapter 17 quiz is on Tuesday, 2/26.

2/21/19 – UPDATES:  HW tonight – finish questions from class today (Thurs.).  The Chapter 17 quiz has been moved to Tuesday, 3/26.                                                                                                                                                              2/17/19 – We will finish Chapter 17 this week –  the quiz is Next Monday, 2/25

2/11/19 – Will be working in Chapter 17 this week.  KEY TERMS test for chapters 13-16 is Tuesday, 2/12 – information was distributed on class last week on Thursday.

2/4/19 – Reminder – for Monday:  Questions from the Gifts of the Holy Spirit handout worked on in class Friday are to be complete in notebook.  Will be working on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in groups for presentation on Wed., 2/6.  ALL CONFIRMATION STUDENTS AND A PARENT MUST ATTEND @ 6PM IN THE CHURCH.  We will begin Chapter 17 at the end of the week.                                                                                                                                                   2/5 – Chapter 16 grades are posted on RenWeb.

Note to all Confirmation students:  Laurel Marchesini sent an email to all families during the Christmas break that we received the date for Confirmation from the bishop’s office – Saturday, April 6, 2019.  Please check the email for further information.

8M:  See 8D above.

7th Grade Lesson Plans

7C:  4/11/19 — HW:  OPEN BOOK TAKE HOME QUIZ FOR PART OF CHAPTER 15 DUE FRIDAY, 4/12.            4/7/19 – Beginning Chapter 15 Monday – all week – 8th Commandment
3/31/19 – Begin Chapter 14 on the Beatitudes on Monday & Tuesday
3/24/19:  There is a test on Tuesday, 3/26 on key terms and vocab for Chapts. 10-13.  Information was handed out on Thursday, 3/21.  We will finish Chapter 13 this week and the quiz will be on Friday, 3/29.
3/21/19 – A list of key terms and definitions for chapters 10-13 was given out today.  The test will be on Tues. 3/27.
3/17/19 – Chapter 12 grades are posted on RenWeb.  Will begin Chapter 13 on Monday, 3/18.  Information for a key terms test will be given out this week and test will be week of 3/25.
3/14/19 – Complete p. 100 for Friday.
3/10/19 – Chapter 12 to be completed this week and quiz will be on Friday, 3/15 – open book.
 3/3/19 – Reviewing Ash Wednesday and Lent on Tuesday & continuing with Chapter 12 – The Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation Thursday.
2/24/19 – completed and checked p. 92 – must be complete.  Chapter 11 quiz is Tuesday, 2/26 – study p. 92 and “miracle” notes and handout.
2/21/19 – UPDATES:  Completed Chapt. 11 and page  92 in class today.  HW tonight -Complete wrkst given out in class today (Thurs.).  The quiz will be on Monday, 2/25.
2/17/19 – Working on “Burst of Miracles” on p. 90 and will complete on Wed., 2/20.  Will finish Chapt. 11 this week and the quiz is NEXT Monday, 2/25.  Please get notes if you have been absent.
Chapter 10 quiz was on Friday, 2/8 and we will begin Chapter 11 on Monday, 2/11 on the miracles of Jesus.
2/6/19 – p. 82 completed in class today.      2/5/19 – CHAPTER 10 QUIZ CHANGED TO FRIDAY, 2/8 – Will finish Parables Wed and review chapter on Thurs.  Unit 1 grades are on RenWeb.  
2/3/19 – Continue Chapter 10 on the parables and there will be a quiz on Thursday, 2/7.  For Monday – #’s 6-10 on p. 80 need to be complete.
7H:  See 7C above.
6th Grade Lesson Plans

6M:   4/11/19 – Completed Chapter 16 and students completed a group open book assessment on Wed., 4/10.  Today reviewed the Passover and began Seder plates and had our own mini Passover in class.  Will complete the Seder plates tomorrow, Friday.                                                                                                                                                              3/31/19 – Working on Chapter 16 all week.

3/25/19:  Will complete Chapter 15 this week and test will be on Friday, 3/29.

3/17/19 – Unit 2 test grades are on RenWeb.  Will begin Chapter 15 this week.

3/14/19 – Open book Unit 2 test tomorrow, Friday.

3/10/19 – Completed Chapter 12 and test will be on Tuesday, 3/12.

3/3/19 – Will finish Chapter 12 this week – Chapter test next week.

2/26/19 – Completed and corrected p. 142 in book.  Chapter 11 test is on Tuesday, 2/26 – study notes given on Thurs/Fri and chapter review.

2/21/19 – UPDATES:  Complete Chapter 11 and p. 142 in class today.  Please make sure you have all pages in chapter and gotten all questions and notes, especially if you’ve been absent.  The Chapt. 11 test has been changed to TUESDAY, 2/26.                                                                                                                                                                            2/17/19 – Working in Chapter 11 – the story of King David.  Will finish chapter this week and test is on FRIDAY, 2/22.  Please get any questions/notes if you have been absent.

2/11/19 – Will be working in Chapter 11 all week on Kings Saul and David.

2/5/19 –  Finished last story in the chapter – the Book of Ruth.  If you were absent any day this week, please read the stories of Samson and Ruth in Chapter 10.                                                                                                                       2/3/19 – Continue Chapter 10 , finish video on Samson Monday, and Chapter 10 test will be Thursday, 2/7.

6P – See 6M above.

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