Christine Lacy | Kindergarten

Christine Lacy | Kindergarten

December 17th

Math and Superkids will be a review this week.  Please use the Big Book of Blending up to and including letter T.

In religion, we will be talking about Christmas around the world.  They children will learn how Christmas is celebrated in different cultures and nations.

Please have your child dress up for the Christmas show on Tuesday.  Have a peaceful week and Merry Christmas.

December 12th

Parents this Friday, December 15th dismissal is at 2:45 not 1:00.  I mistakenly posted it at 1:00pm.  Please accept my apology.

Please don’t forget that Thursday I will be taking the children to the Secret Santa Sale to Christmas shop.  Please send your child with reusable “green” bag along with his or her spending money.

Lastly, we had a great time at the movie today.  Our second grade teacher Mrs. Crawford deserves a big thank you for coordinating the entire trip for the downstairs.    I would also like to thank the moms and dads that came out to help too.  It was a wonderful way to spend Advent together.

December 11th

There is a lot here but hopefully this will help you plan accordingly.

Tomorrow is our trip to see the movie Star.  We will be eating lunch when we return from the movie.  If your child ordered lunch the cafeteria ladies will save it for your child until we return.  This is not a dress down day.  Please send your child is his or her uniform.

Thursday is the Secret Santa Sale for kindergarten.  Please send your money in by Thursday along with a reusable “green” type bag.  Some of the items are heavy and breakable and this will really help your child.

Friday is a $1.00 Ugly Sweater Dress Down Day . Dismissal is at 1:00 pm.  Please do not worry if your child does not have an ugly sweater.  They can still dress down.  The money will go towards a new piece of technology.

Next week’s schedule is as follows:

Tuesday is our Christmas Show for parents at 8:45 am in the gym. 

Wednesday the children will be meeting with 8th grade buddies for a prayer partner activity and then caroling at the hospital.

Friday is dismissal at 1:00.  Merry Christmas!

When working in with the Big Book of Blending please do not go past the letter T.  Please do not go past lesson 5.8 in the math practice book.  The children will take a math assessment when they return for the New Year.  We still have much to cover.  This chapter is especially challenging.  They will take one more Superkid’s assessment before Christmas.

We will talk about Christmas around the world next week.

I hope you have a stress free week and enjoy the time with your children.

Mrs. Lacy

December 4th

This week we will continue to talk about addition during math.  You can use up to and including lesson 5.6 in the math practice book.

The children will meet new Superkid’s named Tic, Tac and Toc tomorrow.  Please continue to use the Big Book of Blending up to and including the letter Ii.

Wednesday is St. Nicholas Day.  The children learned about why Santa is sometimes called St. Nick and made St. Nicholas hats that they will wear home on Wednesday.  Please don’t forget that school is closed on Friday for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.  Have a great week.


November 26th

I would like to take this opportunity to give a great big thank you to all of the moms who helped with our Thanksgiving centers.  The children enjoyed it and I believe the moms did as well.

Next Sunday is the first Sunday in Advent.  The children have been working on Advent wreaths to bring home at the end of the week.  They will be very excited to “light” their candles each Sunday in anticipation of Christmas.  We will begin preparing for Advent in class by reading the Christmas story and assembling all sorts of crafts to prepare us.

The children will take a test in math on Chapter 4 this week.  We will then begin Chapter 5 which is addition.  Please don’t go past Lesson 5.2 in the practice book until next week.

The children will meet a new Superkid on Monday named Icky.  When using the Big Book of Blending you can use up to and including the letter L.  I want to give the children a few days working on short i with me before they use it at home.  Next week will be perfect for using any pages up to and including letter I.  Please make a note that next Friday, December 8th school is closed for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

November 14

Here are just a few reminders before we meet on Thursday.  Tomorrow is the last day for the food drive.  If you are interested in participating in the St. Vincent dePaul giving tree please look for a form in your child’s folder tonight.

We will be completing chapter 4 in math before the Thanksgiving break and the children will take an assessment when we return.

I have included a video tutorial for you to view before our meeting on Thursday.  It is how I teach the Big Book of Blending in class.  I am hoping that you will use this as a reference when working with your child.  If you have any questions regarding the video I will be happy to answer them on Thursday.  This is something new I am trying this year in order to have us work in tandem with your child.  I hope it helps.  See you Thursday.

Big Book of Blending Tutorial

November 5

This week the children will be taking two assessments.  Math will be on the number 6-9.  Superkids will be on the sounds A and D.  I will have the results for your when we meet next week for conferences.  Please remember that

conferences are on Thursday, November 16 from 8:00 am to 8:00pm.  If you have not sent in your requested time please do so tomorrow.  You can also email me with a time request.  I will do my best to accommodate your time.

Conferences will be 15 minutes in length.

The children will begin using the Big Book of Blending this week.  I will have a copy for each of you next week.  This will be used at home as well as in school.  In math, we will begin comparing the numbers 6-9.  In religion, we will be talking about God giving us five senses to learn about the world.  We will also attend Mass on Tuesday when the Middle States team is here for our visit.

Please remember that Friday is an early dismissal at 1:00 pm.

Have a nice week.


October 29th

This week the children will continue to explore the letter d and will begin to blend the sounds that we have previously covered which are C, O ,G, and A.  This is the first step in the children beginning to read.  They will take an assessment next week in the computer lab.  They will also continue to learn about the numbers 6-9.  The corresponding pages in the practice book are up to and including the chapter 3 review.  I will assess the children on the numbers 6-9 next week.

We will be attending Mass on Wednesday for the All Saint’s Day.  The students will continue to work on their creation project.  It should be hanging in the hallway when you come to conferences in November.  We will also be having a Fall Celebration on Halloween Day.  It will include a snack and center games.  The children do not wear costumes to school on Halloween.

If you could please remember that we are collecting food for the Food Bank of Atlantic County.  Our class is responsible for cereal and oatmeal.  Please be as generous as your means allow as there are many people in need right now.  Lastly, could you each send in four empty toilet paper tubes?  One of my favorite projects all year are the Advent wreaths that we make in class and each child will need the toilet paper tubes to complete it.  Thanks for your help and I hope you enjoy Halloween with your children.

October 24th

Friday is picture day.  The picture forms are in your child’s folder today.  Please look it and return it to school by Friday if you would like a school picture.  Thursday is a dress down day with donations going to the Shore Memorials for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Our outreach for October continues until next Tuesday.  Please remember that we are collecting socks for local people in need.  Beginning next week, we will begin our school wide food drive for the local Food Bank.  Our class is responsible for collecting cereal and oatmeal.  We will begin to learn about creation this week and it will continue for the next three weeks.

The children are exploring the numbers 6-9.  Please remember that they are responsible for recognizing the numbers 6-9 as well as the number words six through nine and show the numbers with objects.  I will test the children next week.  If you are using the math practice book we are currently on lesson 3.5 and will most likely complete to lesson 3.7 this week.

The children will meet a new Superkid named Doc tomorrow.  Doc likes to fix things.  The children will begin to blend sounds with this Superkid.

Have a nice week.


October 15

This children met the new Superkid, Alf on Friday.  They will continue to explore the short a sound as in Alf.  They will take their first Superkid’s assessment in the computer lab this week.  They will

begin chapter 3 in math this week which is the numbers 6-9.  The children will learn to show the numbers 6-9 with numbers, objects and the hardest part, words.  Reinforcing the number words; six, seven,

eight and nine at home really help the children when it comes to the assessment in a week or two.

In religion, we will be talking about the Golden Rule and how we treat one another.  We will do this by listening to short stories and discussing as well as role playing and some videos.  This will be reinforced

all year with our Olweus meetings.  Olweus is the bully prevention program we use in the school.

Winter uniforms begin tomorrow.  Please send your child in sweatpants and a school sweatshirt each day.

Lastly, the box tops contest will end on Friday.  Please remember to send in any you have collected either on the sheets we sent home last week or in a baggie.  The class could win a movie and popcorn or extra recess.

Please collect these all year.  A little bit really adds up when everyone collects boxtops.


October 12

Tomorrow, Friday October 13th is an early dismissal day.  School dismisses at 1:00pm for a teacher’s meeting.  Your child will need a snack and lunch.  It is also a dress down day with all proceeds going to Puerto Rico relief.  We are also continuing our Socktober sock collection for local people in need.

The children will take a math assessment on Chapter 2.  It is comparing numbers 0-5.  They will take their first Superkid assessment on the computer next Wednesday on the letters C, O and G.  They will meet their new Superkid tomorrow.

October 2

Today we talked about the Feast of St. Francis.  We will continue to talk about St. Francis and how much he loved animals and taught people to take care of the earth.  Please don’t forget that Wednesday is the Feast of St. Francis and we will have our version of the Blessing of the Animals in the garden with first grade.  Please send in a picture of your pet with your child by Wednesday.  If you do not have a pet and your child would like to bring a small stuffed animal that is just fine.

In math, we are talking about comparing numbers to 5.  The language that we use is more than, few than and the same amount.  We only completed to lesson 2.1 today.  I will most likely complete up to and including  lesson 2.4 by the end of the week if you are using the practice book.  If no,t it is very east to fit into everyday life by asking comparing questions using the phrases more than, fewer than and the same amount.  Fewer is always a challenging word for kindergarteners.  The more we all use it the easier it will be for the children.

We will finish up with our Superkid Oswald this week and meet our new Superkid Golly.  The children love Golly.  Golly is the only Superkid that is a dog.  The sound taught is the hard g sound.

We will attend Mass with the school on Friday.  Please don’t forget that Monday is Columbus Day and school is closed. Have a great week.

September 26th

Sorry for the delay this week.  The children will be attending Mass on Friday for the first time.  We will be going with the first and second grades to the 8:30 Mass.  Please talk to your child about

behavior at Mass. Next week is the feast of St. Francis of Assisi.  We will be having a blessing of the animals with the first grade.  Your child may bring in a picture of his or her pet to have blessed.

If you do not have a pet at your house your child may bring one small stuffed animal.

We will be finishing Chapter 1 in Math this week.  I will give an assessment on the numbers 0-5 which includes the number recognition, number word recognition as well as counting items to show

the number.

The children also met a new Superkid named Oswald.  Oswald teaches the short O sound.  The children are really responding to the Superkids and seem to be enjoying them.  I will be sending home a

homemade wipe-off board as well as dry erase pen your your child to use at home.  Your child can use this all year to practice writing his or her name, numbers, letters, words and eventually sentences.  We will

practice another day at school and then look for them in your child’s folder by the end of the week.

Please check your child’s folder each evening and sign his or her behavior chart.  The transition to kindergarten from preschool can sometimes be difficult for the children in regard to talking so a gentle reminder from home

will help the children keep our classroom a peaceful place to learn.

I have had a few questions about snacks that are appropriate for school in regard to our nut free classroom.  This year it includes peanuts, tree nuts and soy.  Here is a list of snacks that will be appropriate in our classroom:

  • All fruit – no cherries
  • Applesauce
  • Avocado
  • Carrots
  • Oreo’s
  • Teddy Grahams
  • Graham crackers
  • Ritz crackers
  • Pretzels
  • Tortilla / potato chips
  • Baked goods just no peanuts, tree nuts, peanut butter or almond butter in them
  • **Most brand store bought cookies are fine, they all have the warning may be processed in a facility that also process peanuts, tree nuts etc. but the line is cleaned between and Mr. Karabin tells me that there have not been any issues to date.
  • Please remember that this is just for snack time.  Your can send your child with whatever you like during lunch time.  This is only when we eat in the classroom.  Thanks for your cooperation.

September 18th

This week we will continue with Cass our Superkid who teaches the letter sound C makes.  The Cass video is available online and by the end of the week the story Cass will be available as well.

The children will also be exploring the numbers 0-5.  They should be able to identify the numbers 0-5 as number, words and objects by counting.  The hardest by far is identifying the words: zero, one, two, three, four and five.  If you get a chance to practice these at home it will help the children.  They are usually pretty good with identifying the numbers and showing the appropriate number of objects.  We just began lesson 1.5 in math and will finish with 1.8 on Thursday if you are following along with the math practice book.  There is no need to send the homework  into school.  This is for at home reinforcement.

The children brought home a prayer buddy that they made today.  This should help them make the Sign of the Cross. You can see there is a star on the right hand to help the children remember to use the right hand and numbers that they should follow.  They may need a little help. Please continue to help them when they say their prayers at home each night.

Please don’t forget to empty your child’s folder each evening.  Also as a reminder, school is closed for children on Friday as the teacher’s have a Faith Formation Meeting.  Have a great week.


September 10

The children had an enthusiastic start to the new school year.  I was so happy to finally meet each one and look forward to getting to know them better as we progress this year.  Please don’t forget that our Back to School Night is this Tuesday at 7:00pm.  I have much to share with you.  My classroom is at the end of the first floor with the smiley face outside the door.

I will wait to cover most things on Tuesday night but have to ask that you do not send any nut products to school for your child’s snack.  We eat snack in our classroom and we have a child that is severely allergic to all nuts.  You may send peanut butter and other products for lunch since the children eat in the cafeteria and it is easier to manage.  Thank you for your help.  See you Tuesday night.

June 21st

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your very generous gift card.  It was very kind of all of you.  Enjoy the summer with your children and make sure to make time to read with them.


Mrs. Lacy

June 11th

Looking ahead this week:

Monday is Dress Like Your Favorite Superkid Day and dismissal at 2:45 and aftercare is available.

Tuesday dismissal is at 2:45 and aftercare is available.

Wednesday dismissal is at 2:45 and aftercare is available. This is the last day for aftercare.

Thursday dismissal is at 1:00 and there is no aftercare.

Friday is Spirit Day and our color is blue.  Dismissal is at 11:30 am and there is no aftercare.

Report cards are available online Friday.

May 8th

Dear Parents,

Your children watched the 8th grade farewell video and said goodbye to their buddies today.  Many were crying as school dismissed because we line the hallways to say goodbye to the 8th grade.  I tried to explain to them that it is okay to cry when someone leaves and that it means you enjoyed the time you had with that person.  I know that they truly enjoyed their time with their 8th grade buddies.   I just wanted to make sure you knew that the tears they shed today were bittersweet.

Mrs. Lacy

P.S. Dress Down Day is free tomorrow with 1:00 pm dismissal.

June 6th

There are only 8 days left of kindergarten but we have a lot to squeeze into those days.  Thursday the children will meet with their 8th grade buddies for the last time.  They have made the buddies a bookmark for them to use in high school.  This can sometimes be an emotional day for the kinders as well as the 8th grade.  Friday is a 1:00 dismissal and a $1.00 Dress Down Day.

Monday is Dress Like Your Favorite Superkid and we will be having an ice cream sundae party in the afternoon.  The children will also be attending the piano recital.  Next Thursday, June 15th is a 1:00 dismissal and Friday, June 16th is the last day of school.  Dismissal is at 11:30am on this day.  It is also Spirit Day.  Our class color is blue.

We are waiting for a nice clear day to harvest our lettuce and enjoy a good salad.  We are also finishing up a science unit on the weather.  Next Thursday, we will have The Great Kindergarten Giveaway.  I will apologize now because this is the day that I raffle off all sorts of interesting things in my room.  Some things are more interesting than others(like books) but others are just interesting.  Everyone gets multiple turns to pick from our accumulation.  The children traditionally love this day.  I hope you understand:)

Lastly, anyone who has a summer birthday is welcome to send in a book next week to share with the class.  We will be singing Happy Birthday and your child will get a birthday crown and bracelet.  Please no snacks.  I will let you know if any other information comes my way as the end of the year approaches.  Enjoy the last days, I know that I am enjoying it with your children.


May 30th

I hope your children had a chance to talk to you about the Atlantic City Bomb Squad visiting today. Both the police and children were very enthusiastic about the visit.

We also went outside to harvest our radishes today.  The children got a chance to taste them and see if they like them or not. Our lettuce isn’t quite ready.  It should be ready in about a week so we will have a chance to have a salad one day.

We will be finishing the Superkid’s Club this week.  The children took an assessment today and will take an end of year assessment next week in the computer lab.  We will be exploring the Supersmart section from now until the close of school.  This is the online informational text portion of the program.

The children will also be taking a math assessment on measurement this week.

Our class color for Spirit Day is blue.  Spirit Day is on the last day of school.  We do have one more special event coming up.  Unfortunately, we don’t have a date yet but you might want to talk to your child about it now.  It is Dress Like Your Favorite Superkid Day.  The children love this day and it has come to be a favorite in kindergarten.  When I have the exact date I will let you know but I thought you might want to find out how your child wants to dress.  They can come dressed as any one of the fourteen Superkids.

We will have our last school wide Mass on Friday.  I will also be talking to the children about Pentecost which is this Sunday.

Enjoy the week.

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