Christine Lacy | Kindergarten

Christine Lacy | Kindergarten

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your very generous gift card.  It was very kind of all of you.  Enjoy the summer with your children and make sure to make time to read with them.


Mrs. Lacy

Looking ahead this week:

Monday is Dress Like Your Favorite Superkid Day and dismissal at 2:45 and aftercare is available.

Tuesday dismissal is at 2:45 and aftercare is available.

Wednesday dismissal is at 2:45 and aftercare is available. This is the last day for aftercare.

Thursday dismissal is at 1:00 and there is no aftercare.

Friday is Spirit Day and our color is blue.  Dismissal is at 11:30 am and there is no aftercare.

Report cards are available online Friday.

Dear Parents,

Your children watched the 8th grade farewell video and said goodbye to their buddies today.  Many were crying as school dismissed because we line the hallways to say goodbye to the 8th grade.  I tried to explain to them that it is okay to cry when someone leaves and that it means you enjoyed the time you had with that person.  I know that they truly enjoyed their time with their 8th grade buddies.   I just wanted to make sure you knew that the tears they shed today were bittersweet.

Mrs. Lacy

P.S. Dress Down Day is free tomorrow with 1:00 pm dismissal.

There are only 8 days left of kindergarten but we have a lot to squeeze into those days.  Thursday the children will meet with their 8th grade buddies for the last time.  They have made the buddies a bookmark for them to use in high school.  This can sometimes be an emotional day for the kinders as well as the 8th grade.  Friday is a 1:00 dismissal and a $1.00 Dress Down Day.

Monday is Dress Like Your Favorite Superkid and we will be having an ice cream sundae party in the afternoon.  The children will also be attending the piano recital.  Next Thursday, June 15th is a 1:00 dismissal and Friday, June 16th is the last day of school.  Dismissal is at 11:30am on this day.  It is also Spirit Day.  Our class color is blue.

We are waiting for a nice clear day to harvest our lettuce and enjoy a good salad.  We are also finishing up a science unit on the weather.  Next Thursday, we will have The Great Kindergarten Giveaway.  I will apologize now because this is the day that I raffle off all sorts of interesting things in my room.  Some things are more interesting than others(like books) but others are just interesting.  Everyone gets multiple turns to pick from our accumulation.  The children traditionally love this day.  I hope you understand:)

Lastly, anyone who has a summer birthday is welcome to send in a book next week to share with the class.  We will be singing Happy Birthday and your child will get a birthday crown and bracelet.  Please no snacks.  I will let you know if any other information comes my way as the end of the year approaches.  Enjoy the last days, I know that I am enjoying it with your children.


I hope your children had a chance to talk to you about the Atlantic City Bomb Squad visiting today. Both the police and children were very enthusiastic about the visit.

We also went outside to harvest our radishes today.  The children got a chance to taste them and see if they like them or not. Our lettuce isn’t quite ready.  It should be ready in about a week so we will have a chance to have a salad one day.

We will be finishing the Superkid’s Club this week.  The children took an assessment today and will take an end of year assessment next week in the computer lab.  We will be exploring the Supersmart section from now until the close of school.  This is the online informational text portion of the program.

The children will also be taking a math assessment on measurement this week.

Our class color for Spirit Day is blue.  Spirit Day is on the last day of school.  We do have one more special event coming up.  Unfortunately, we don’t have a date yet but you might want to talk to your child about it now.  It is Dress Like Your Favorite Superkid Day.  The children love this day and it has come to be a favorite in kindergarten.  When I have the exact date I will let you know but I thought you might want to find out how your child wants to dress.  They can come dressed as any one of the fourteen Superkids.

We will have our last school wide Mass on Friday.  I will also be talking to the children about Pentecost which is this Sunday.

Enjoy the week.

Thanks to all the parents that helped chaperone our class trip to the ACUA.  The children had a good time and got to see recycling in action and even some rats.

Tuesday is the Super Fair at 6:00 pm.  Thursday is Ascension Thursday and the children will go to Mass at 10:00 am.

This week and into next week the children will be finishing the Superkid’s Club.  They will take their last assessment next week.  You can now use all of the stories and all of the Big Book of Blending to review with your child.

In math, we are talking about measurement.  It is really an introduction to measurement.  The children will be talking abut comparing words like longer and shorter.

Have a nice week.

Don’t forget that this Friday is our class trip to the ACUA.  If you are chaperoning the trip please be at school by 9:15 am.  The bus will be leaving at 9:30.  We will be eating at the recycling center so please remember to pack a lunch for your child.  We will not have hot lunch that day.  We will return to school around 12:30 pm.  Your child should wear their school uniform on Friday. I am hoping it will be an interesting trip.

The children began the letter Z today.  You can now use all of the pages of the Big Book of Blending with your child.  They will take an assessment on 3D shapes tomorrow.

The children brought home a set of rosaries yesterday that Sister Judy so kindly gave them.  They even wrote her a thank you note.   Thank you for all of the flowers that have been coming into school to honor Mary this month.  They are beautiful and the children genuinely seem to be enjoying this activity.  We are talking a lot about taking care of God’s earth and our trip the the ACUA will  help put this idea into action.


The children began their last Superkid’s book today.  They will be read two stories called The Big Box Fix-up and The Superkid’s Album over the last few weeks of school.  The letters covered are the letters X,Y and Z.  You can use the Big Book of Blending up to and including letters x and y.  The children will take a Superkid’s assessment tomorrow.

The math the children are working on right now includes 3D shapes.  They should be able to identify cube, cone, pyramid, cylinder and sphere.  They should be able to identify if the shapes can roll, stack and slide.  They really seem to enjoy this lesson in geometry.

This month we will continue to talk about Mary and the rosary.  The children will be receiving a rosary this month courtesy of Sister Judy.

Please don’t forget that Friday is a 1:00pm dismissal for a teacher’s meeting.

The children completed the three act play called The Glum Princess last week.  When using the Big Book of Blending you can go up to and including the letter J beginning on Monday.

The children will also take a math assessment on 2D shapes this week and we will then begin 3D shapes.  This is chapter 10 if you are using the math practice book with your child.

Tomorrow is the first day of May.  May is the month we honor Mary.  I brought out our Mary statue on Friday and have it displayed in our classroom.  I have a little classroom tradition where I like to have fresh flowers all month around our classroom statue.  I do not want anyone to have to buy flowers just simply send in a few flowers from your yard if you have them.  It can be whenever you think about it during the month.  It always seems to work out and I have never been without flowers during the month:)  No pressure, just flowers.

Please don’t forget to send in a shoe box lid if you have one for our science project.  The children will be participating in two CAP (Child Assault Prevention) sessions this week.  They may come home telling you about it.  You can ask them how they can remain, “Safe, Strong and Free.”  The presentations are completely age appropriate and send a lasting message for the children on how to keep themselves safe.

Lastly, I sent home the permission slips for the class trip on Friday.  It is in your child’s folder.  The $14.00 is due along with the permission slip by Monday, May 8th.  You do not need to complete the back unless your insurance has changed since we went to the sing at the hospital in December.

Have a nice week.

The children had an enthusiastic first day back to school.  This week they will be reading a three act play titled, “The Glum Princess.”  We will continue to work with the Big Book of Blending on pages K, Qu.  Please use these pages at home as well.

In math, the children will continue to learn about 2D shapes.  They learned to identify a hexagon today. In religion, they will begin to take notice of Spring signs of new life and how it relates to the Easter season.

The children will need a shoebox lid next week for Science. They will be using the lid to create a maze using recycled materials.  If you have an extra lid and can spare it please send that with your child too. We will really appreciate having the extras in case we need them.

Our class trip to the ACUA will take place on Friday, May 19th.  Please look for a note in your child’s folder regarding the trip tomorrow.

Have a nice week.

Please don’t forget that this Friday, April 7th school is closed for kindergarten students only, to allow for conferences.  Report cards will be available on the Educate website on Friday.

The children will be exploring 2D shapes from now until Easter.  The children will also begin the letter K and Qu and will be reading the three act play called The Glum Princess.  We will begin this play this week but will not be completing the play until after Easter break.

I hope you had a chance to have your child read the story, Lily and the Wagwags, to you.  Their reading is coming along so nicely.  I am so proud of all  their hard work and enthusiasm.

In religion, we will talk about Palm Sunday this week and finish a beginning reader on the Stations of the Cross.  Have a nice week.

This week the children will be learning about Holy Week beginning with Palm Sunday.  They will be learning about the sequence of events in Our Lord’s life and death leading up to His Resurrection on Easter Sunday.

In math, they will continue to learn about the names and value of the coins: penny, nickel, dime and quarter.  This can be difficult for the children so making these coins available to your children to sort and name will be helpful for your child.  There are no corresponding GoMath pages for this unit.

The children will continue to read the story, The Pet Hospital and will work in centers reading other leveled readers.  When using the Big Book of Blending please use the pages corresponding with the letter v.


Please don’t forget that tomorrow there is no school for students.  It is an inservice for teachers.  School will resume on Tuesday.

This week the children will take another Superkid’s assessment.  They are reading the story, The Odd Picnic.  Please take note when your child’s workbooks come home that there are stories in them that they can read to you.  Please continue to work with the Big Book of Blending using the pages up to and including the letter P.

In math the children will learn about money.  They will be expected to identify and know the value of pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters.  They did a great job with time to the hour and I hope they got a chance to tell you about the day we made a human clock.

In religion we will continue to talk about Lent.  Soon we will talk about Holy Week and how this leads up to Easter.  The children made cards for a couple from Somers Point who have been part of the Somers Point Fire Department for 55 years.  I will be delivering their cards this week as a thank you for their service to our school and community.

I sent home a note about conferences on Thursday.  If you haven’t had a chance to send in back to school please do so by Friday.  School will be closed for kindergarten students only on Friday, April 7th.

Looking ahead, our class trip to the Atlantic County Utilities Authority will be Friday, May 19th.  The children will get a tour of the facilities, a trip to the top of a landfill, meet Supercan the ACUA mascot and have a picnic at the playground.  This will tie in nicely with our Science unit on recycling.  More information will come home after the Easter break.

Have a nice week.

Please don’t forget that this Friday is 1:00 pm dismissal and it is not a Dress Down Day.

After a math assessment tomorrow the children will begin learning time to the hour using digital and analog clocks.

They are also reading a story called The Hunt.  Please make sure you are using the Big Book of Blending with your child at home.  We are currently on the letter M.  Also, please ask your child to read the stories in their workbooks when they bring them home.  They are working hard and their reading is coming along nicely.

We continue to talk about Lent.  Next week is St. Patrick’s Day on Friday.  I would like to do a potato research project with the children.  If you could please send a potato into school with your child, I would really appreciate it.  Variety is what we are looking for with the project.  Any size or type is appropriate.  The children need the potato by Friday.

We will also be going to Mass on Friday,  to celebrate the Feast of St. Joseph which is actually March 19th.


This week bring the start of Lent on Wednesday with Ash Wednesday.  The children will be receiving ashes and I will begin to talk to them about Lent.  I will be stressing that we pray, fast and give more during Lent and what that can mean for them.

It is also Dr. Seuss’ birthday on Thursday so we begin Read Across America.

Monday is $1.00 Red Dress Down day with proceeds going to the Spring Gala.

Tuesday is Crazy Sock Day with uniforms

Wednesday is Ash Wednesday.

Thursday is Crazy Hat Day.

Friday is a $1.00 Green Dress Down Day.

The children will be reading Dr. Seuss with their buddies on Tuesday.

When using the Big Book of Blending please use the letter N.  The children are really progressing nicely with their reading.

The children are currently exploring the numbers in the twenties and counting to 100.  If using the practice book you can start on lesson 8.3 and progress to lesson 8.6.

In Science, the children will continue to explore force as a push and and pull.  They will be using scooters in the gym and experimenting with their friends by pushing and pulling the.  (Fun!)

Have a great week.


This week the children will continue to explore the teen numbers.  I hope to give them an assessment on Friday.  If you are using the math workbook you can begin with lesson 7.9 tomorrow and use a lesson each day to finish.

The children began the second half of the Superkid’s program called The Superkid’s Club.  When using the Big Book of Blending please don’t go beyond the letter B this week.  Don’t forget that there are new games available on the website as well as the stories.

Tuesday is Valentine’s Day and if your child is bringing in valentines they need to do so by Tuesday.  We will also be having our ‘vowel surgery’ on Tuesday.  Please send in a big solid color T-shirt for your child to use like scrubs.  If you could send an adult size t-shirt that is best.  Nothing will happen to it and your child will bring it home Tuesday night.  The children will be dressing like doctor’s and it should be a lot of fun while they practice their middle vowel sounds.  They will also have a valentine exchange on Tuesday as well as a special snack.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Mrs. Malloy and I would like to thank you for the pretty flowers and generous gift certificates for Teacher Appreciation Day.  It was very kind of you to remember us.

If you haven’t had a chance to access your child’s report card please do so at your leisure.  You can do this with your Cornerstone login.  This should have been sent to you in September.  If you can not login you will need to contact Mrs. Harvey.  Unfortunately,  I do not have access to any parents login information for Cornerstone.

This week we will be finishing up the first half of the Superkids’ program called Meet the Superkids and will begin the second half called The Superkids’ Club.  Please continue to work with your child in the Big Book of Blending.  We are currently using up to and including the U pages.

In math we will continue to explore the teen numbers.  I will begin lesson 7.4 on Monday and should be able to complete up to and including 7.7 by Friday.  I just love the way the teen numbers are taught in GoMath and it really helps the children with their number sense.

Religion we will begin talking about Valentine’s Day and all the people we love  and how we show love for one another.  I would like to thank everyone for their kindness with our outreach project.  We collect many things for the new mother along with the second grade class.  This is a valuable lesson the children learned in giving and sharing what they have with someone not quite as fortunate as they are.  Thank You,

Next week is Valentine’s Day and you can begin sending in Valentine’s now. As I mentioned before the children will be exchanging  Valentine’s on February 14th.  I will also be doing a unit called Vowel Surgery on this day.  The children will be dressing up like doctors and performing surgery to identify what vowel belongs in each word.  It should prove to be exciting with masks, gloves, giant tweezers….  I am asking that you send a solid color t-shirt for your child to put on over his or her uniform.  It would be best if it is an adult t-shirt that you may already have.  They are going to pretend that they are in scrubs.  They will not get anything on the t-shirt and will be bringing it home the same day.  It is purely for fun.

Don’t forget that this Friday is 1:00 dismissal and a dollar dress down day.

Have a great week.

Mrs. Lacy

This just in: Tuesday is a free dress down day for students . Girls are to wear something red and boys wear something green. They will be going to the game show and playing in color groups. Thanks.

Here are a few dates coming up for Catholic Schools Week:

Monday 1/30:  Catholic School’s Week begins

Tuesday 1/31: Student Appreciation Day game show assembly.

Open House and Book Fair :  6:00-8:00

Wednesday 2/1: Open House 9:00-10:30 am

Grandparent Bingo 9:00-10:00 am grandparents can shop the book fair immediately following bingo.

Superkid visit grades K-2. (Shhhh , they don’t know)

Thursday 2/2: Teacher Appreciation Day

Friday 2/3 : Service Day

Mass 10:00 am

Talent Show

Report Cards available on Cornerstone


Just a quick note to all girl parents: please do not send your daughters to school with hoop earrings. Only nondangling post earrings are part of the dress code. They are also much safer for the playground. Thanks for your help.

I apologize for the lack of updates. I had website problems two weeks ago and was out sick most of last week but everything looks good to go now.

This week the children will be meeting their last Superkid, Hot Rod.  When using the Big Book of Blending please use the H pages.  If you have misplaced the Big Book of Blending please let me know and I would be happy to get another one to you and your child.  It is really important that the children use this tool a few times a week to help with fluency.

We will be finishing our chapter on subtraction this week with an assessment at the end of the week.  You can use any practice pages in chapter 6 in order to reinforce with your child.

In religion this week, we will be talking about Catholic School’s week and also be completing our unit on God made you special.  Please don’t forget that we will be collecting baby items for a new mother in need during Catholic School’s Week.  Please look for your child’s paper tomorrow explaining what he or she is responsible for purchasing. 

The children will be attending the Book Fair at school on Friday.  This is just a browsing day that they will attend with their 8th grade buddies helping them write a “wish list”. You are in no way obligated to buy the items on the list although it is a relatively inexpensive way to build your child’s library.  Please check the school calendar for all of the times and dates the Book Fair is open to parents, grandparents and children.

I know that some people shop early and may be ready to buy valentine’s.  Please feel free. I just ask that you keep the valentine’s at home until after Catholic School’s Week.  The children will be exchanging valentines on Valentine’s Day.  I ask that you do not address each valentine but simply have your child sign his or her name to each one.  We have 24 children in our class this year. I continue a tradition in my class that the first St. Joseph’s school kindergarten teacher, Carol Rossi began some thirty years ago.  The children sit in a circle with their Valentine’s bag that they have decorated themselves.  Each child gets a turn to drop a valentine in his or her classmates bag with each child expressing thanks to the giver.  Seems simple to you and me but it is always really popular with the children.  The children will also enjoy a special treat that day too.

Have a great week.



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