Christine Lacy | Kindergarten

Christine Lacy | Kindergarten

November 25th

Please remember that teacher conferences are this week.  If you have not signed up, please do so.  The children will be dismissing at 12:00pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Monday and Friday are regular school days.

The children will be learning the letter i this week with the Superkid Icky.  I will be handing out the Big Book of Blending at conferences for you to use at home.  Tomorrow night I will send home a very short video on how you can use the book.  Please take a look at it before conferences that way you can ask any questions you have when we meet.  I did this last year and it seemed to help.

In math, the children will begin to explore addition.  Of course, we will be talking about Advent in Religion and getting ready for Christmas.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends and I look forward to meeting with you this week.

Mrs. Lacy

November 19th

This week is a review week.  We will be reviewing sounds taught and using the Big Book of Blending.  You will receive a Big Book of Blending next week when we meet for conferences.  I will send home an email next week with a short video on how to use this book.  Please take a few minutes to look at it before we meet in case you have any questions or need clarification on how we use it in class and how you can use it at home too.  Math will be a review this week as well. Please do not start chapter 5 yet.  We will begin that chapter next week.

Our Thanksgiving centers will be tomorrow in the gym.  The children will be playing Native American and pilgrim games, using a bow and arrow to try and shoot a turkey, sewing and making Squanto’s Dirt for a snack.  These centers are always a good time and I hope you ask your child about it tomorrow night.

Dismissal is at 12:00 pm on Wednesday and there is no aftercare.  It is also a $1.00 dress down day.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends.


November 11th

Dear Parents,

I am returning to school on Tuesday. Please know that when I was out sick I was in communication with the substitute teachers.  I write the plans that the subs teach and coordinate all of the material.  I grade all papers.  The subs did a great job.  I gave a Superkid’s and  math assessment on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week and the children overall did very well. 

  Monday a permission slip will be sent home for the class trip to the movies on December 12th.  I know a cover letter was sent home on Friday.  Please complete the permission slip and return it to school as soon as possible.  It is a two sided permission slip.  You can pay for the trip through FACTS.  We can only take two parents with us due to seating constraints and they have been assigned.    We did this last year and it was a great time and we were hopeful it could be coordinated again.  Thanks to Shannon Crawford (2nd grade) it will happen.  

This week; 

Religion: Learning about the first Thanksgiving and being thankful.  Remember our class is collecting cereal and oatmeal for the local food bank.

Superkid’s : There is a new Superkid named Lily.  Blending the sounds c,o,g,a,d,s and l to make words.

Math: Counting on from a number to 10 and comparing numbers up to 10.  Please do not go past lesson 4.6 this week.  

Science: Exploring how animals make homes.

Have a great week and I look forward to seeing the children on Tuesday.

Mrs. Lcy

November 5th

The children used popcorn today to learn about their five senses.  They worked in small groups to identify the fives senses and log their information.  It was a productive afternoon working as a team. The children understand that God gave us five senses to learn about the world.

I will be testing the children on Chapter 3 numbers 6-9 this week.  They took a performance assessment today and overall did very well. I will begin Chapter 4 on Thursday.  If you are working in the practice book please only complete up to and including lesson 4.2.

The children will also take a Superkid’s assessment this week on the letters a and d.  They are beginning to blend now.  Please review your child’s Superkid book when he or she brings it home.

Our school outreach this month is for the county food bank.  Each class is responsible for collecting items.  Our class is responsible for cereal and oatmeal.  Please be as generous as your means allow.  Our class did collect 89 pair of socks for Socktober.  Thank you.

October 30th

Wednesday is Halloween.  We will be having a little celebration in our room but the children will not be wearing Halloween costumes.  The children are to wear their school uniforms.

This week the children are beginning to blend to read this week. They will also be meeting a new Superkid called Sal.

They will finish Chapter 3 in math if you are working in the workbook.

They also completed the lesson on how God created the world.

We will also begin Mystery Science this week.

Have a nice week.

October 22nd

This Friday, October 26th school pictures will be taken.

The children will continue to explore the numbers 6-9 as numbers, words and objects.  We will complete up to and including lesson 3.6 this week.

The children met the new Superkid Doc last week and will begin to blend letter sounds this week.  Please continue to have your child practice writing his or her name.  Some of the children are finding writing their names with only one capital letter challenging.  Also, don’t forget to check out the Superkid’s website for games, stories and songs.

We will continue to talk about creation in Religion this week.

Enjoy the week.

October 15th

This week is a full week of school.  School will be closed next Monday for a teacher inservice.

Today I began to teach the children about creation.  I will focus on taking care of God’s creation by taking care of the earth and all of it’s inhabitants. Please don’t forget that we are collecting socks for those less fortunate.

The children took their second math assessment and overall they did very well.  Look for it in your child’s folder tomorrow.  We will begin chapter 3 tomorrow and we should get to chapter 3.4 by Friday if you are following along in the workbook.

The children are working on the short a sound right now.  Tomorrow they will be listening for /a/ in the middle of words.  The Superkid’s games are a great way for your child to practice at home.  I hope you check it out.

Enjoy the week.

October 8th

Your students will take their first Superkid’s assessment this week.  They will then begin the short a sound as in the Superkid Alf.  If you have not used the games portion of the Superkid’s site please check it out.  It has been updated this year and has many improvements.  It really reinforces many of the skills the children are learning in class.

The children will also take another math assessment at the end of the week.  It will cover comparing numbers from 0-5.  The words same, less and more will be applied.

The children will also be learning how to function in centers while reinforcing number writing, letter writing, and alphabetical order.

This Friday is the Fall Festival from 5:00-8:00 pm on the school grounds.  There is also a $1.00 Dress Down Day on Friday.

Lastly, our monthly school wide outreach is collecting new socks for people in need in our community.  Sister Judy is coordinating this for the school with each class having a goal of collecting 60 pair of socks.  Please be as generous as your means allow. Thanks for your help.

October 1st

Please check your child’s sweatshirt.  A few parents are missing sweatshirts and you may have one that belongs to another child. Thanks.

Please don’t forget that we will be celebrating the Feast of St. Francis on Thursday with the blessing of the animals. Please send in a picture of your child’s pet by Thursday.  If you do not have a pet, your child can bring a small stuffed animal to be blessed.  We will be participating with the other kindergarten class and the first grade.

I gave the first math assessment today.  The tests will be coming home tomorrow.  Please look over your child’s test.  Overall the children did very well.  This test is not easy since it includes number words. We will begin Chapter 2 tomorrow.  If you are using the practice book please do not go past Lesson 2.2. this week.

I will also be introducing a new Superkid tomorrow named Golly.  Golly teaches the hard g sound.

Have a nice week.

September 24th

Today I talked to the children about St. Francis of Assisi and how Pope Francis chose the name of this popular saint.  The children brought home a book about St. Francis and and a St. Francis puppet.

The children are continuing to explore the numbers 1-5 and are responsible for recognizing the numbers1-5, the words one to five and show those numbers with objects.  We will be finishing Chapter 1 this week and you can use these pages at home.  This is strictly optional and there is no need to send the pages to school.

The children met the second Superkid named Oswald.  Oswald helps the children learn the short o sound.  Oswald likes animals.

The children also began centers today and they worked nicely together.  The first week is just learning procedures while practicing number writing, name writing, and color recognition.  I will send home your child’s secret picture for their Superkids’  login later this week.  Look for it in your child’s folder.

Thanks again for attending our Back to School Night last week.  It was a pleasure to meet you.


September 17th

I am hoping you can help me solve a mystery that developed today.  It seems that we have quite a few left handed students in our class this year.    Now it seems as though quite a few student want to be left handed and others now want to be right handed.  Since the majority of student are usually right handed, could you please email me and let me know if your child is left handed? I know this is funny and I have never had this happen before but we just started handwriting and I would really like to be certain who uses what hand.  You do not need to email me if your child is right handed.  Just email me if your child is left handed or if your child is ambidextrous.  Thanks for helping me solve this very amusing mystery.

This week the children will continue to work with the Superkid Cass and the hard C sound.  Later in the week they will meet a new Superkid named Oswald and we will be talking about the short O sound.

In math, the children will continue to explore the number 1-5.  They will be expected to be able to write the numbers as well as identify the numbers 1-5 in numbers, words and objects.

The children brought home a cross today with numbers on it.  They also decorated it.  In addition they brought home a coloring sheet that shows them how to make the Sign of the Cross.  I told them to keep the cross someplace handy so that they can look at it and practice.  I also stamped their right hands to try and get  them used to blessing themselves with their right hand. They were very enthusiastic about learning how to do it.

Just a reminder that this Thursday, September 20 at 5:00pm is our kindergarten Back to School Night.  I look forward to seeing all of you then.

Have a good week.


September 10th

The children had a very smooth first full day of school.  Please don’t forget that our back to school night is next Thursday at 5:00pm.  I hope you can make it.

Here are a few things that will help your child before we meet next week.

*It can be chilly in out classroom.  Please send your child with his or her school sweatshirt.  He or she can keep it in the chair pocket and can wear it whenever he or she needs.

*We have a very short period of time for snack so please send only one item to eat at this time.   It is easiest to keep it in a bag separate from lunch.  The children put their snack in their cubbies and their lunch boxes on the shelf.

* I can not usually answer emails during the school day.  If you have a change of dismissal please call the office to ensure that I get the message.

We began our Superkid’s program today and the children really seemed excited to meet the first Superkid named Cass.  She will teach the children the hard c sound as in Cass and cat.

We will begin our first chapter in GoMath tomorrow.  This will include the numbers from one to five.  The children will be responsible for recognizing the number words from one to five as well as the actual numbers.  They will also learn to show the numbers with the correct quantity of objects.

The children brought home the prayer Grace Before Meals which we pray before snack each day.  They also brought home a paper lunchbox that they made that includes a little discussion on the back about rules in the cafeteria.  Each child has been assigned an 8th grade buddy that sits with him or her for the first few months of school to help.  Please talk to your child about the proper lunch room behaviors listed on his or her lunchbox.

Don’t forget that Friday is a 12:00 pm dismissal.

Have a great week.


June 21st

Thank you so much for the heartfelt class book.  I absolutely love it.  I will also enjoy the gift certificate this summer.

I hope you enjoy the summer with your children.  It has been a pleasure to get to know and teach all of them.


Christine Lacy

June 16th

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the parents who made yesterday’s ice cream party a success.  The children looked great dressed as the Superkids and the ice cream sundaes really topped off an exciting day.

Looking ahead to our last week of kindergarten please keep these things in mind.  School dismissal is at 1:00pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Dismissal on Thursday, the last day of school, is at 11:30 am.  Thursday is also Spirit Day.  Please make sure your child has sunscreen on before school as we will be outside all morning.  You may also want to consider bug spray.  I am not permitted to apply sunscreen or bug spray to your child.

I hope that you will keep your child reading all summer long.  Reading really is the key to preventing the summer slide.  With this end in mind, I am going to email you a pdf of 10 short stories that you can read with your child this summer.  There is even a coloring component after reading to check comprehension.  You could take one story each week and read it a few times a week to help your child increase his or her fluency.  I have done this with the children in the last week so they are familiar with it.  I timed them for 60 seconds and then let them know how many words they read in that time period.  Each and every one of your children increased by the fourth time. Look for this fluency drill in your child’s folder this week.  Also, look for the email from me with the pdf attachment of the stories.  I hope this is a simple way for your child to keep reading this summer in addition to the books he or she will read for complete pleasure.

Have a nice week.


June 3rd

Please don’t forget that this Friday, June 8th is early dismissal at 1:00pm.

Friday, June 15 will be Dress Like Your Favorite Superkid Day in kindergarten.  Your child can come to school dressed as his or her

favorite or if he or she can opt out and wear the school uniform.  We will be having an ice cream sundae party that afternoon.  It will be

a great way to end the year.

The children will also be saying goodbye to their 8th grade buddies on this Thursday.  It is the 8th grade’s last day of school.

We will meet with them early in the morning and give each buddy a bookmark for high school. We will also be visiting for a while

and play card games in the 8th grade classroom.  This can be an emotional day for the kindergarteners.  It can lead to some tears as the

8th grade makes their way through the school at the end of the day.   Please don’t be surprised if your child comes home upset.  It is a bittersweet day

for all of the students and staff.

Have a great week.


May 20th

This week the children will continue to work in their last Superkid book on the letters x and y.  These are the pages that you can use in the Big Book of Blending.

They will also complete chapter 10 in math which is 3D shapes and will take an assessment at the end of the week.

The children will bring home a set of mission rosaries to keep.  Sister Judy very kindly gets these for the kindergarten and first grade students every year.  I will introduce the children to praying the rosary and the background of the mission rosary.  When the children complete praying the mission rosary they have prayed for people all over the world.

We will continue to have fresh flowers in our classroom for the Blessed Mother throughout the month of May.  If you have a bloom or two in your yard and would like to send them in please do.

Although I do not have a definite date yet, we will be having a Dress Like Your Favorite Superkid Day in June.  It will be sometime after the 8th grade graduates so that we can get access to the gym.  Your child may begin talking to you about it soon.  Your child  does not have to dress like a Superkid if he or she does not want to do so.

Have a great week.


May 6th

This week we will begin the letter J in our Superkid’s book.  Please use the Big Book of Blending up to and including J.  The children are really showing a lot of progress in their reading and writing. Make sure your child reads to you when he or she brings home a reader or his or her Superkid’s book.

We will complete 2D shapes this week and the children will take an assessment.  We will then begin 3D shapes.

I will be talking to the children about Ascension Thursday this week.  They may have mentioned to you that we have our Mary statue up in our classroom now.  I have vases for flowers to honor Mary this month.  If you have any flowers in your yard that you would like to send in with your child, we can add them to our vase.  Please don’t make a special trip to buy flowers just a bloom or two from your yard is perfect.  I will try and keep this up all month.  It is a nice way for the children to honor Mary this month.

Please don’t forget that Friday is early dismissal at 1:00pm.


April 24th

The children will be bringing home their latest Superkids’  book this week.  It contains the latest story called Lily and the Wagwags.  Ask your child to read it to you.  They loved reading this story and you will enjoy hearing them read it too.  Please continue in the Big Book of Blending on letters up to and including W this week. The children will also take an assessment this week.

In math, we will continue to work on 2D shapes.

The children planted lettuce, radishes, snap peas and marigolds for Earth Day yesterday. I am fairly sure that the lettuce and radishes can be harvested before school lets out for summer but the snap peas may not be ready.  We will have to see how it goes just like farmers do.   The children are also working on a project for Mother’s Day that has an Earth Day connection.  I wish I could tell you but it is a secret.

We are also talking about ways to take care of the world that God created for all of us.

Have a good week.

April 15th

This week the children will begin exploring two dimensional shapes.  We will talk about sides and vertices when describing the shapes: square, rectangle, triangle and circle.  We should complete up to and including lesson 9.4 by the end of the week.

Superkids will begin with the letter W this week and you can use the Big Book of Blending up to and including this letter.  Please remember that you can use the online games and stories.

In religion, we will continue to talk about Easter and signs of New Life.  The children will also be part of the CAP (Child Assault Prevention)program this week on Thursday and Friday.

Have a nice week.

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