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Wow! It’s hard to believe the school year is over.  Friday is FUN Day/Spirit Day & 11:30 dismissal.  7H will get pizza from Chris Catona for his birthday.  Enjoy a happy, safe summer with your children…don’t forget sunscreen:)

**REMINDER** on  Aug. 21 there will be a solar eclipse across the USA from Oregon to Virginia (total viewing)–we in NJ will see a partial one-Not as spectacular but nevertheless still exciting!  DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN/moon eclipse!

PS. For my current students, I’ll be adding about 6 new states to my list!! Stay tuned til Sept. to see which ones I still have left to visit!

**Reminder** Friday, 6/9 is an early dismissal/faculty meeting & 7th -8th grade dance.

Grade 6–Mon.-Chapter test on Weather, open notes; Tues.-continue work on solar cookers; Wed.-solar cookers; Thurs-solar cookers…we will try to cook the sunniest day; I’ll let the students know as it gets closer…it may go into next week (6/12-14).

Grade 7–We’ve completed all systems of the human body, made life-size bodies, made body booklets, and did a memoir writing.  I’m confident the 7th graders are prepared & knowledgeable about their body.  I hope we have some future physicians & nurses!  This week we are watching a movie that encompasses all the body systems-Osmosis Jones.  The students may bring in popcorn & a drink to consume while watching the movie.  You may send in microwave popcorn, and I will cook it.

The last week of school grade 7 may decorate their yellow/blue t-shirt for Spirit day as this is their last one!  They can use an old T or a new one; I have some puffy paints, markers, beads.  They may bring in others items to decorate their shirt.  **This is optional–they don’t have to do this activity.**

June 8–Awards Night-7:00

June 9–Farewell Dance-7:00

June 12–Piano recital-9:00 & Graduation-7:00

June 15–out 1:00

June 16–Spirit Day!!

I hope you enjoyed your long weekend–despite the unseasonable weather.  Three weeks left of school!

Grade 6–Tues. Weather patterns, worksheet pg. 44 for homework; Wed. lesson 3-Weather Forecast packet, Chapter review pg. 480-1 for homework; Thurs. worksheet 55-6 on weather forecast, do quiz pg. 60 for homework; Fri-hand in quiz–no class due to school closing mass.

Grade 7–Tues. Begin Body Systems booklet; Wed. continue booklet-coloring & cutting; Thurs. hand in completed Body booklet; Fri. do a 6 work memoir on index card to summarize body systems.

Grade 8–we made milkshakes & ice cream last week! Tues. Lesson 2 of Sound; Wed. Chapter 17 review; Thurs. Chapter 17 Test on Sound–last one!

**Reminder** Tuesday, 5/23 is our Open House/Super Fair 6-8pm; come hear the Band, see Art work, Science fair projects and much more.  Also,  Thursday, 5/25 is the Feast of the Ascension, mass is 10:00 please join us!

Grade 6–Mon.- Weather Patterns & Fronts; Tues/Wed lab day–begin making solar cookers from pizza boxes; Thurs.-Mass; Fri.-science fair for school.

Grade 7–Mon.-Chapter 22 review on Reproduction; Tues/Wed-doubles-chapter 22 test, then begin making body books; Thurs.-finish up body book; Fri.-science fair for school.

Grade 8–Mon.-lesson 2-What is music? Gather ingredients for ice cream; Tues.-Percussion, woodwinds & brass; Wed./Thurs.-make ice cream! Bring in a towel, cooler full of ice, sugar, vanilla, heavy cream all in cleaned coffee can, duct tape, toppings & gloves! Fri.-write up lab on ice cream.

Other dates: Mon. 5/29 Memorial Day–Off

Fri.-June 2 school closing Mass 10:00

Thurs.-June 8 Awards Night for 8th grade 7:00

Fri.-June 9 Piano recital 9:00, out 1:00, $1 dress down, Farewell Dance 7th & 8th grades 7:00

Mon.-June 12 8th Graduation 7:00

Thurs.- June 15 out 1:00

Fri.-June 16 Spirit Day–Last Day of School!

Happy Mother’s Day!  Here’s hoping God blesses you with sunshine, laughter, and a fun-filled day.

**REMINDER** 7th grade trip to Aquarium Monday 5/15.  Buses leave 8:30, return 2:30.  Your child may dress down, bring a phone, bring a bagged lunch (no glass bottles please!), and perhaps some money for the gift shop.  Looking forward to a fun-filled class trip.

SCIENCE FAIR–students may bring in their projects when they are completed; we will have presentations during class time.  On Tues., 5/23 I will have many of the projects displayed in the Science lab, along with the students who did the project.  On Friday 5/26 all the projects will be set up in the gym for the entire student body to view during the morning; students will take projects home that day.


Grade 6–Mon.-finish making Mt. Manaza flip book; Tues.- begin Weather chapter; Wed.-worksheet on weather; Thurs.-quiz on weather; Fri.-continue weather.

Grade 7–Mon.-class trip!; Tues.-finish up the Reproductive System; Wed.-Birth to adolescence; Thurs.-continue Aging; Fri.-finish up the Aging Process.

Grade 8–Mon.-no class; Tues.-begin new chapter on Sound; Wed.–Fri.-continue Sound chapter.

**Reminder** Fri. 5/12 is a $1 dress down, 1:00 dismissal/faculty meeting.

Grade 6–Mon.-Volcanoes testing review worksheet; Tues.-Chapter test I on earthquakes & volcanoes; Wed.-Test II on earthquakes & volcanoes; Thurs.-working on Mt. Mazama flip book; Fri.-complete flip book & hand in for grade.


Grade 7–Mon.-Begin chapter 22 The Reproduction System, male system; Tues.-female reproduction system; Wed.-worksheet 44 on reproduction; Thurs.-finish up Reproduction; Fri-lesson 3 packet-Human Life Stages.


Grade 8–Mon.-Chapter 7 review on Chemical Reactions; Tues.-Chapter 7 test on Chemical Reactions; Wed.-hand back tests, make-ups, go over answers; Thurs.-8th grade trip; Fri.-no 8th grade.


**Reminder II** 2 weeks until Science Fair!!  IF YOUR CHILD HAS NOT STARTED, TELL THEM TO SEE ME!!  Projects-Science boards & report can be brought in Fri. 5/19, Mon. 5/22, or Tues. 5/23.  Science/Super Fair is Tuesday, May 23rd, 6-8… all 6,7,8th graders MUST be present.

Happy May!  Wow it’s hard to believe we have a little over a month left of school.  And a lot of exciting things are happening.  Some important dates for you:  5/5 10:00 May crowning Mass; 5/12 early dismissal/faculty meeting 1:00 & $1 dress down; 5/15–7th grade Camden Aquarium field trip; Tues. 5/23-Science & super Fair 6-8–all 6-8th grades MUST attend; 5/25 10:00 Mass Feast of Ascension; 5/29 Memorial Day-OFF; 6/2 10:00 school closing Mass; 6/8 Gr. 8 Awards Night 7:00; 6/9 Piano recital 9:00, $1 dress down, 1:00 dismissal, 7 & 8th Farewell Dance 7:00; 6/12 8th Graduation 7:00; 6/16 Last Day/ Spirit Day!


Grade 6–Mon.–field trip!; Tues.-Make a tri-fold of volcanoes for study guide; Wed.-quiz on volcanoes; Thurs.-Chapter review on volcanoes; Fri.-no class due to May crowning Mass.


Grade 7–Mon.-Infectious Disease-up to pg. 660; Tues. continue infectious disease to pg. 664; Wed.-Non-infectious diseases pgs. 666-671; Thurs.-Chapter 23 review sheet; Fri.-Chapter 23 open notes Immunity & Disease Test.


Grade 8–Mon.-Classifying & Balancing chemical reactions worksheet #1-18 for quiz; Tues.-Lesson 2 Rates of Chemical Reactions pgs. 200-206; Wed. Compounds & Mixtures packet for quiz grade; Thurs.-Chapter Review pg. 212, 35,36; Fri.-go over answers to review homework.

Grade 6–Mon.- Predicting Eruptions, do crossword sheet & pg. 31/35 for homework; Tues.-Volcanoes vacab. worksheet 40-41 for quiz grade; Wed.-Build a flip book of Mt. Mazama becoming a Crater lake!; Thurs.-worksheet pg. 44-45; Fri.-make tri-fold of 3 types of volcanoes.

Grade 7–Mon.- Review for Chapter 21 test; Tues.-Chapter 21 test “Control & Coordination” -open notes; Wed.-Begin Chapter 23-Immunity & Disease-read pgs. 652-56, do mini lab pg. 655; Thurs.-Lesson 2 Infectious Diseases pgs. 657-661; Fri.-Sexually transmitted diseases pgs. 662-664, answer ques. #1-5 pg. 664.

Grade 8–Mon.-Begin Chapter 7-Chemical Reactions pgs. 190-194; Tues.- Balancing Chemical Equations pg. 194-195; Wed.-Classifying & Balancing chemical reactions worksheet; Thurs.-

**Reminder–$1 dress down day on Wed. our 1:00 dismissal.


Grade 6–Mon.- Types of Volcanoes worksheet; Tues.- Composite cone volcano worksheet; Wed.-finish coloring 3 types of volcanoes.

Grade 7–Mon.-Smell & Taste pgs. 608-611; Tues.- Chapter 21 review worksheet pg. 616, L2 for homework; Wed.- Living Stations & Last Supper.

Grade 8–Mon.-Chapter 6 Review pg. 184-5; Tues.-Chapter 6-Chemical Bonds Test–open notes; Wed.- complete test.

**Science Fair Reminder–Please get your topic approved before Easter break as there will be about 4 weeks left when we return!

April 13-Holy Thursday–OFF; April 14-Good Friday–OFF; April 16-Easter!  Off until Monday, April 24th.  Enjoy a blessed Easter vacation with your family.


**Reminder** 1st Friday Mass on Friday, 4/7/17 at 10:00 am. Please join us!

Grade 6–Mon.- begin study of Volcanoes; Tues/Th lab day-build an earthquake-proof structure!; Wed.-continue Volcanoes-worksheet for homework; Fri.-no class due to Mass.

Grade 7–Mon.-Review for Chapter test; Tues/Th Chapter Test on Respiratory & Excretory Systems; Wed.-begin the Nervous System; Fri.-lesson 2, the Senses.

Grade 8–Mon.-Lewis Dot diagrams worksheet; Tues/Th lab-make magnetic slime & do Lewis dot diagram for chemical bonds & ionic bonds; Wed.-lesson 2 How elements bond; Fri.-Polar & non polar molecules pgs. 174-78.

**Notice** Every 6th, 7th, & 8th grade student must participate in the Science fair.  They may choose to do it with a partner from any grade.  Each project/topic MUST be approved by me Before they begin!  Please encourage your child to start researching an interesting topic; Easter break will be upon us in 9 days, & we return April 24th…that will leave about a month before the Super Fair in May!

**Reminder**  third marking period ends this week–all projects, homework, and make up tests must be completed by Friday, 3/31/17.


Grade 6–Mon.-quiz on earthquake vocab words; complete worksheet “shake, rattle & roll” pg. 197-200 for homework; Tues.-complete pg. 27-8 worksheet on earthquakes for homework; Wed.-Earthquake quiz; Thurs.-review Earthquakes for chapter test; Fri.-Test on Earthquakes.


Grade 7–Mon.-Physical effects of smoking & the Respiratory System worksheet 29/55; Tues.-Excretory system worksheet; Wed.-quiz on Respiratory System; Thurs.-Chapter review pg. L2; Fri.-Chapter review pgs. 588-9 for chapter test next week.


Grade 8–Wanted Element poster due!  Mon./Tues. chapter 5 review worksheet; Wed.-review for test-play bell game; Thurs.-Chapter 5 Test on Physical & Chemical Changes.

Monday, 3/20 Teacher’s In-Service–School CLOSED.

Grade 6–Tues. -Chapter 9 Lesson 1-Earthquakes pg. 290-296 & definition paper; Wed.- Beauty & the Beast Play @HSHS!; Thurs.-Earthquake worksheet, & Enrichment pg. 23-4; Fri.-Earthquake quiz.


Grade 7–Tues.- Chapter 19 Test-Circulatory System; Wed.-Beauty & the Beast Play @HSHS!; Thurs.-Chapter 20 The Respiratory System pgs. 568-576; Fri.-Respiratory worksheet.


Grade 8–Tues.-Physical & Chemical Changes pg. 143-48 & worksheet pg. 145-6 due on Thursday; Thurs.-Physical & Chemical Changes worksheet for quiz; Fri.-Measuring Mass mini lab.

Reminders: Please send in permission slip for attending Beauty & the Beast play @HSHS on Wed. 3/22!

Marking period ends 3/31…my grades close 3/24/17.

After Friday’s CoGats, our testing will be finished!  And we have a 1:00 dismissal/faculty meeting.


Grade 6–Mon.-Chapter 8 test “Earth’s Dynamics”; Tues/Th-doubles-Plotting the world’s earthquakes & volcanoes using longitude & latitude; Wed.-Chapter 8 test part II; Fri.-Feast of St. Joseph Mass 10:00 am.


Grade 7–Mon.-The Lymphatic System, do worksheet pg. 15,21 on Immunity & Chapter Review; Tues/Th-doubles-work on bodies, completing the digestive and circulatory systems; Wed.-Chapter Review for test; Fri.-Circulatory Test.


Grade 8–Mon.-Begin chapter 5-Physical Properties of Matter, #1-4 pg. 138 for homework; Tues/Th-doubles-complete Element Poster; Wed.-Chemical Properties, do #1-4 pg. 142 for homework; Fri.-Physical & Chemical Changes, do #1-4 pg. 148.

All week the 7th grade will be testing; Mon.-Thurs. taking the Iowa tests, Fri.-taking the CoGats.  We test all morning.  Please be sure your child 1) Gets to school on time, 2) has several #2 pencils, and most importantly 3) gets a sufficient amount of sleep each night, “unplugging” early enough from electronics.

The students will continue to have Specials & their afternoon classes (Lit. & Grammar) all week.

**REMINDER** Friday, 3/10 is a 1:00 dismissal/faculty meeting.

Grade 6-we will meet for Science on Tues. & Thurs.-reviewing for a Chapter 8 Test next week-Forces that Shape Earth.

Grade 8–Mon.-Chapter Review pg. 35-6; Tues.-Chapter 4 review pg. 128-9; Wed.-Review for chapter 4 test; Thurs.-Chapter 4 test on States of Matter; Fri-get tests back & go over answers.


Grade 6–Mon.-Mountain building pg. 55,57; Tues/Th-Lab about Continent building & worksheet pg.63,71; Wed.-worksheet pg. 75,80; Fri-Chapter 8 review pg. 286-7.


Grade 7–Mon.-Blood pressure crossword puzzle & “Real Facts” matching; Tues/Th-lab taking blood pressure & pulse; Wed.-no class-Mass/ashes 8:30am; Fri.-Iowa pre-testing & data sheets.


Grade 8–Mon.-Buoyancy quiz; Tues/Th-Pressure & Volume lab-bring 2 liter bottle & ketchup packets; Wed.-Kinds of Matter worksheet 139,140; Fri.-Characteristics of Matter test practice sheet pg. 171.


**Reminder** Mon. $1 RED dress down; Tues. crazy sock with uniforms; Wed. uniforms; Thur. crazy hat day with uniforms; Fri. $1 GREEN dress down.

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weekend!  For the week of February 21-24:

Grade 6–Tues.- Forces that Shape Earth pg. 19 & 26; Wed -Landforms at Plate Boundaries packet; Thurs.-Landforms worksheet pg. 43-44 for homework; Fri.-Mountain Building packet.  No doubles this week.


Grade 7–Tues.-Begin the Circulatory System; Wed.- How Blood travels through your body; Thurs.-How your heart works; Fri.-The Circulatory System packet. No doubles this week.


Grade 8–Tues.-Behavior of Fluids packet; Wed.-Accidents in Science & Chapter 4 study guide; Thurs.-Chapter 4 Review worksheet-complete for homework; Fri.-Review answers & begin chapter 4 review for test next week.  No doubles this week.


Upcoming dates:  Wednesday, March 1 is Ash Wednesday; grades 6-8 Mass 8:30.

Monday, March 6–Friday, March 10  IOWA TESTING WEEK!

Friday, March 10 is 1:00 dismissal

Friday, March 17-Feast of St. Joseph Mass 10:00am

Saturday, March 18-SJRS GALA in Ocean City at Flander’s Hotel

Monday, March 20-school CLOSED–teacher’s in-service.

Friday, March 31-end of the 3rd Marking Period!



**Reminder** Call Governor Christie’s office Thursday, 2/16/17  609-292-6000, between 9am-4pm about nonpublic transportation!

Friday, 2/17/17, grades 4-8 Mass- 8:30am…please join us!

Monday, 2/20/17, school CLOSED-President’s Day!

The Book Fair continues through Fri, 2/3//17 in the library.

Teacher Appreciation Day is Thursday…even though we feel appreciated Every day!

Friday morning 7th & 8th grades are making PB & J sandwiches for our service project.

Our school Mass is 10:00 am Friday, 2/3/17; join us if you can!


Next week…Friday, 2/10/17 is a 1:00pm  dismissal/faculty meeting.

And Monday, 2/20/17 school is closed for President’s Day!



Grade 6–Monday-Theory of Plate Tectonics content vocab pg. 45,56; Tues/Thurs–doubles, lab demonstrating plate tectonics; Wed-Enrichment worksheet pg. 58-9; Fri-Plate tectonics quiz.


Grade 7–Monday-Digestive System worksheet; Tues/Thurs–doubles-continue working on bodies; Wed–continue digestion; Fri–quiz on digestion.


Grade 8–Monday-Elements quiz-symbol & names of 50; Tues/Thurs–doubles; Wed–Chapter 9 Review, worksheet pg. 53-4; Fri–Part I of test on Periodic Table & Elements.

Grade 6–Monday–Cenozoic Era pg. 78-9 quiz; Tues–Geologic Time Test; Wed–Begin Unit 4-Plate Tectonics, answer ques. #1-6 pg. 222; Thur–Continental Drift Hypothesis pg. 13, 17; Fri–Alfred Wegener pg. 20.


Grade 7–Monday–review for chapter 17 test, Structure & Movement; Tues–Owl Pellet dissection; Wed–Chapter 17 test; Thurs–Begin The Digestive System & Nutrition; Fri–grade 4-8 Mass 8:30.


Grade 8–Monday–quiz-name 20 elements of the Periodic Table & their symbol; Tues-“Name that Element” worksheet & Chemistry Gossip worksheet for lab grade; Wed–define/answer Periodic Table worksheet; Thurs–Interpreting the Periodic Table questions; Fri–Periodic Table puns.  **Reminder** students should start learning 50 elements & symbols; use for practice.


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