Donna Hink | Science

Donna Hink | Science

Week of Feb. 18–22, 2019

I hope everyone enjoys their long President’s Day weekend.  This upcoming week I will be reminding students that their question & hypothesis for their Science Fair project will be due on the 28th of Feb.  We’ve been discussing it in classes, and many have gotten a tentative approval.  Please ask your child about it. There will be NO doubles/lab this week.

A BIG shout out & THANK YOU to the Tampellini family for taking care of all the Valentine grams!!

Please support the Thirty-one fundraiser online–SJRS receives 30% of all sales!  Also don’t miss out on our annual SJRS GALA–hope to see many families there.  And if you can’t attend, perhaps make a donation.


Grade 6–Tues 2/19  Shake, Rattle & Roll worksheet; Wed 2/20 chapter 3 wrap-up worksheet pgs. 197-200; Thurs 2/21 review for chapter test on earthquakes; Fri 2/22 chapter test on earthquakes.  Nest chapter–Volcanoes!


Grade 7–Tues 2/19 Nutrients & Digestion chapter test!; Wed 2/20 begin Circulatory system and the path the blood travels around the body; Thurs 2/21 worksheet on the way your blood travels through your heart; Fri 2/22 working of the heart-color code oxygenated/unoxygenated blood flow.


Grade 8–Tues 2/19 Chapter test on Matter part II; Wed 2/20 begin chapter 4-The States of Matter, worksheet 135-6 for hwk; Thurs 2/21 lesson 2 Thermal Energy & Temperature; Fri 2/22 changes in Thermal energy to changes of State-worksheet 132-3.



Week of February 11–15, 2019

Wow last Thursday we celebrated day 100 of school!  That means as of Monday there are only 88 school days left.  Let’s make the most of marking period 3!  Enjoy your weekend, and stay warm-more cold weather upon us!  There are doubles this Tues/Thurs.


Grade 6– Mon 2/11 quiz on lesson 1 earthquake types; Tues/Thu 2/12 & 14 make a seismograph,worksheet scramble & earthquake video; Wed 2/13 vocab worksheet; Fri 2/15 diagram different types of earthquake waves.


Grade 7–Mon 2/11 digestion quiz; Tues/Th 2/12 & 14 place digestive organs on life-size bodies; Wed 2/13 chapter 18 Digestion review; Fri 2/15 no class due to mass.


Grade 8–Mon 2/11 Chapter 3 review & quiz on elements & their symbols; Tues/Th 2/12 & 14 correct chapter review, begin designing Wanted poster of your element; Wed 2/13 review for chapter 3 test; Fri 2/15 Chapter 3 test on Matter.

All grades–should be thinking about  and researching a topic for their Science Fair question & hypothesis…due in 2 weeks!!


Welcome February!  We had a wonderful Catholic Schools week-as I’m sure you saw from the many pictures posted.

This upcoming week all classes will have doubles Tues. & WEDNESDAY.

Grade 6–Mon 2/4 Begin Chapter 9 on Earthquakes; Tues/Wed lab 2/5 & 2/6 plot where earthquakes occur on a world map; Thurs 2/7 learn how scientists monitor earthquake activity; Fri 2/8 answer worksheet 19-20 on what earthquakes are & where they occur.


Grade 7–Mon 2/4 begin the Digestive system, worksheet 72-3; Tues/Wed lab 2/5 & 2/6 demonstrate digestion lab & varies tastes lab; Thurs 2/7 digestion worksheet; Fri 2/8 chapter 18 review.


Grade 8–Mon 2/4 interpret questions about the periodic table; Tues/Wed lab 2/5 & 2/6 create words using periodic symbols; Thurs 2/7 lesson 3 Identify compounds & different types of mixtures; Fri 2/8 Chapter 3 review.

Week of 1/28–2/1/19

Happy Catholic Schools Week!  Thank you so much for choosing St. Joseph Regional School for your child’s Catholic education!  Grade 7H is assigned the Book Fair on Monday afternoon; also there is Tues. eve during our open house 6-7:30pm, and after the Buddies & Brownies Bingo Wed. 3:15-4:15 to peruse and buy wonderful books for all ages!

**Remember we have 12:00 dismissal/faculty meeting on Fri. Feb. 1,2019.

**No doubles this week due to all the Catholic Schools Week activities.

Grade 6–Mon 1/28 no class due to assembly; Tues 1/29 Lesson 4 Continent Building, worksheet 71, 75 for homework; Wed 1/30 lesson 4 quiz; Thurs 1/31 Earth’s Dynamics chapter test; Fri 2/1 no class–Mass.


Grade 7–Mon 1/28 Nutrition & Digestive System chapter 18; Tues 1/29 worksheet 44 on the food pyramid; Wed 1/30 Bring in a snack with a nutrition label to compare; Thurs 1/31 parts of the Digestive System worksheet 70-71; Fri 2/1 5 connected parts of the Digestive system worksheet.


Grade 8–Mon 1/28 Interpret the Periodic Table worksheet; Tues 1/29 quiz on 25 elements & symbols; Wed 1/30  complete STEMconnector survey; Thurs 1/31 Talent Show-no class; Fri 2/1 solve the riddles to find the elements.



Week of 1/21–1/25/19

Enjoy this three-day weekend, but stay warm & dry!  Next week no doubles due to shortened week & upper classes have Mass.  2nd Marking Period ends 1/25/19–Please check your child’s grades.

Don’t forget to have your child take a selfie at church this weekend!!:)

Information about the Science Fair will be given on Tues. detailing each step of the process and dates that each step is due.  Please discuss with your child.

Grade 6–Tues 1/22 lesson 2 Features that form where plates meet; Wed 1/23 concept builder on features of plates; Thurs 1/24 lesson 3 Mountain Building-worksheet 57-58 for homework; Fri 1/25 lesson 3 quiz on Mountain building.

Grade 7–Tues 1/22 lesson 3 The Skin & chapter review for homework; Wed 1/23 review for chapter test; Thurs 1/24 Chapter 17 test on Structure & Movement; Fri 1/25 no class due to Mass.

Grade 8–Tues 1/22 lesson 2 The Simplest Matter packet; Wed 1/23 Color coding the periodic table; Thurs 1/24 Mendeleev worksheet & name the element quiz; Fri 1/25 worksheet on periodic table-Find the Animals; begin to learn 25 elements & their symbol.

Week of 1/14–1/18/19

Wow it was a long week–but there was plenty of learning going on!  Next week is another full week-the last one before the marking period ends. No doubles next week.

Remember to send in hats, scarves, & gloves/mittens for our January outreach.

Grade 6–Mon 1/14 Chapter review of plate tectonics; Tue 1/15 study guide pg. 51 & review for test; Wed 1/16 Test on plate tectonics; Thurs 1/17 begin chapter 8-Earth’s dynamics; Fri 1/18 what forces can change rocks.


Grade 7–Mon 1/14 Joints & their functions; Tues 1/15 quiz on human body; Wed 1/16 major functions of the muscular system; Thurs 1/17 Exercising your skeletal system; Fri 1/18 Function of the skin.


Grade 8–Mon 1/14 Chapter 15 review worksheet; Tues. 1/15 review for test; Wed 1/16 Chapter 15 test on Thermal Energy; Thurs 1/17 begin Chapter 3 Structure of Matter; Fri 1/18 quiz on Matter.

Have a wonderful weekend!  Stay warm & keep your eyes to the skies for those snow flurries.

Week of 1/7–1/11/2019

Happy New Year!  We have a full, uninterrupted week ahead, so we Will have doubles/lab on Tues/Th for each grade.  Enjoy a mild weekend!

Grade 6–Mon 1/7 lesson 2  on Seafloor spreading; Tues/Th 1/8 & 10  demonstrate 3 types of plate tectonics in motion; Wed 1/9 lesson 2 quiz on seafloor spreading; Fri 1/11 lesson 3 Theory of plate tectonics.


Grade 7–Mon 1/7 skeletal system worksheet; Tues/Th 1/8 & 10 dissect owl pellets; Wed 1/9 Bone marrow & joints worksheet; Fri 1/11 bone fractures.


Grade 8–Mon 1/7 Chapter 15 Thermal Energy-how temperature is related to kinetic energy; Tues/Th 1/8  & 10 match energy changes on worksheet & build a pyramid puzzle on thermal energy; Wed 1/9 lesson 2 -learn difference between thermal energy & heat, and insulators & conductors; Fri 1/11 lesson 3-Engines & refrigerators, describe what a heat engine does.

Merry Christmas!

Wow!  We made it…and what a fun last week of school we had!  We watched many Christmas shows; practiced for the 6,7,8 show, performed our show twice! it was awesome:) A big thanks to our room parents for organizing and cooking the yummy home-made waffles for our delicious annual Waffle Breakfast!! Finally the week ended with a beautiful piano recital; then we cleaned up the classroom & left for a wonderful Christmas break.

Thank you for all the delicious, wonderful, generous gifts I received!  I have the Best students & families around!  May you have a Blessed & Holy Christmas with your family.  Be safe, enjoy your break, Happy New Year, and I’ll see everyone Wednesday, January 2, 2019.

Love and Peace, Mrs. Donna Hink

Week of 12/17–12/21/18 3rd week of Advent

Good evening and happy 3rd week of Advent.  We are down to the last week before break.  Grades 6 and 8 had their chapter tests this week, so we will not begin any new chapters next week; grade 7 will complete their chapter when time allows next week, as we have many Christmas shows we will be attending!  Grade 6,7,8 Christmas play will be Wednesday eve; students need to be at school by 5:30.  Thank you to all the parents who adjusted their schedules to pick up their children after our rehearsals!  Reminder: Friday the 21st is a 12:00 dismissal.

Have a wonderful weekend–stay dry!

Week of 12/10–12/14/18 2nd Week of Advent!

I hope you had an enjoyable weekend! NO DOUBLES this week.

Grade 7 NYC trip Wed. 12/12.

Wed. 12/12 Play rehearsal for grade 8 & 6 3-5:00 pm.

Thurs. 12/13 Play rehearsal for grades 6,7, & 8 3-5:00 pm.

Wed. 12/19 Christmas play grades 6,7, & 8 6:00pm.

Grade 6–Mon 12/10 worksheet 56-7; Tues 12/11 quiz on lesson 3 absolute dating; Wed 12/12 Rock cycle pages; Thurs 12/13 Archaeology pages; Fri 12/14 Chapter 10 test on Geologic Evidence-open notes.


Grade 7–Mon 12/10 chapter 6 test on Adaptations over time; Tues 12/11 no class due to confessions; Wed-NYC trip; Thurs 12/13 begin Animal behavior; Fri 12/14 Behavioral adaptations.


Grade 8–Mon 12/10 Begin Energy & Resources chapter; Tues 12/11 lesson 2 Energy Transformations; Wed 12/12 concept map on various energy forms; Thurs 12/13 lesson 3 Sources of Energy; Fri 12/14 cont. Sources of Energy.

Week of 12/3–12/7/18

Happy 1st week of Advent!

I have to apologize for not posting anything last week.  It was a very emotional week for the Hink family, as we buried my mother-in-law of 94 years on Nov. 28 and then welcomed our first granddaughter into the world on Nov. 30! Truly a circle of life experience within a week.

But now the December calendar has been flipped, the first advent candle has been lit, and we have many fun and exciting activities planned during the upcoming season!  For 7th grade we shop at the Secret Santa Sale on Tues. 12/4; and on Fri. 12/7 is our school Mass and 12:00 dismissal/faculty meeting.  Enjoy a wonderful week.

NO Doubles this week.

Grade 6–Mon 12/3 learning about Relative age dating of rocks; Tues 12/4 worksheet 26; Wed 12/5  lesson 2 quiz; Thurs 12/6 Radioactive decay of rocks; Fri 12/7 no class due to mass.


Grade 7–Mon 12/3 Chapter 6 Ideas about evolution packet; Tues 12/4 identify fossils as evidence of evolution; Wed 12/5 no class due to Santa letter writing with Pre-K4; Thurs 12/6 lesson 2 Evidence of Evolution packet; Fri 12/7 cont. Evidence of Evolution packet.


Grade 8–Mon 12/3 How are Voltage,Current & Resistance related?; Tues 12/4 Chapter review; Wed 12/5 review main ideas of Electricity; Thurs 12/6 Chapter test; Fri 12/7 build a circuit.


Week of 11/19–11/23/19

As we start this short week, I’d first like to wish everyone a happy & safe Thanksgiving.  We have so much to be thankful!  Congratulations on all the Honors, 1st Honors, & Principal Honors that 7H earned!  Keep up the good work.

**Reminder 12:00 dismissal Wed. 11/21.  No doubles this short week!

Grade 6–Mon 11/19 Galaxies lesson 4 & worksheet 71-72; Tues 11/20 quiz on star life cycle & study guide pg. 834-5; Wed 11/21  begin reviewing chapter.

Grade 7–Mon 11/19 Worksheet on Genes & DNA; Tues 11/20 DNA quiz; Wed 11/21 begin review of Cell Reproduction Chapter.

Grade 8–Mon 11/19 Review main ideas of Electricity & Magnetism; Tues 11/20 Chapter Test; Wed 11/21 finish up Test.

Week of 11/12–11/16/18

Happy windy & chilly Saturday!  A few reminders:  1)We are still collecting food for our November outreach–we’d like to collect 60 items, we have 19.  We will continue collecting only until Tues. 11/13;  2)Report cards will be available Friday and conferences will be the following week; 3) Our fun 60 cakes for 60 years Tea is next Sunday 11/18-join us for some fun & great cakes & pies!!

There will be doubles Tues/Thur this week.

Grade 6–Mon 11/12 Lesson 2 How stars are layered; Tues/Th 11/13 & 11/15 make a constellation; Wed 11/14 quiz on lesson 2; Fri 11/16 lesson 3 Life cycle of a star.


Grade 7–Mon 11/12 stages of Meiosis; Tues/Th 11/13 & 11/15 observe sugar creating energy in yeast lab & diagram mitosis; Wed 11/14 Cell reproduction; Fri 11/16 parts of a DNA molecule.


8th grade learning about Thrust with balloon rockets!

7th grade working with Genetics & Cells

Grade 8–Mon 11/12 lesson 2 Electricity & Magnetism; Tues/Th 11/13 & 11/15 electricity lab & magnets worksheet; Wed 11/14 NYC trip; Fri 11/16 magnets quiz.


Hello, I sure hope everyone is enjoying a beautiful Fall weekend.  The tree/leaf colors are spectacular, and I didn’t have to drive to PA or New England to witness!

This upcoming week we will have Tues/Th doubles, Chapter tests for all grades, and the end of the 1st marking period.

**Reminder–we are collecting canned/boxed goods for the food pantry.


Grade 6–Mon 11/5-Review for chapter test; Tues/Th 11/6 & 11/8-Solar System chapter test; Wed 11/7-begin Chapter 22 The Night Sky, worksheet 13,19 for homework; Fri 11/9-how stars shine-lesson 2.


Grade 7–Mon 11/5-Review for chapter test; Tues/Th 11/6 & 11/8-Chapter 5 test on Heredity; Wed 11/7-begin chapter 4 Cell Reproduction; Fri 11/9-lesson 2 Mitosis.


Grade 8–Mon 11/5-review for chapter test; Tues/Th 11/6 & 11/8-lab with balloon rockets to explain thrust; Wed/11/7-Forces & Pressure chapter test; Fri 11/9-begin chapter 21 on magnets.

Week of 10/29–11/2/18

Wow October is nearly over!  I hope everyone stayed high & dry today.  Thanks to everyone who sent in socks for Soctober–we almost reached our goal of 60 pairs.  Next up, food for the Food Cupboard.  Send in any non perishable food item–boxed potatoes, green beans, canned gravy & sweet potatoes are all good.  This Tuesday St. Augustine Prep & Our Lady of Mercy will visit the 7th & 8th grade students.

REMINDER: Friday is a 12:00 dismissal/faculty meeting.

Reminder II-NO doubles this week!

Grade 6 Mon 10/29-worksheet on impact craters; Tues 10/30-features of the sun; Wed 10/31-Chapter 21 review; Thurs 11/1-no class due to Mass; Fri 11/2-Review for chapter test.


Grade 7 Mon 10/29-how genes control traits worksheet; Tues 10/30-high school visits; Wed 10/31-lesson 3 importance of genetics; Thurs 11/1-worksheet 58-9 summarizing key ideas; Fri 11/2-review main ideas of chapter.


Grade 8 Mon 10/29-Archimedes’ principle; Tues 10/30-lesson 3 doing work with fluids; Wed 10/31-chapter review; Thurs 11/1-chapter review; Fri 11/2-Forces & Pressure chapter test.

Week of 10/22–10/26/18

I hope you enjoying this Fall weekend; especially with Monday an extra day off for students!  Don’t forget–Tuesday begins winter uniforms.  Also please send in socks for our 60 socks for Soctober…we currently have 26.  School pictures will be Friday, 10/26–send in form & money.

This week we will have doubles on Tues/Thurs.

Grade 6–Tues/Th 10/23 & 10/25 designing a travel brochure for the planet they picked; Wed 10/24 looking at the Outer planets; Fri 10/26 Dwarf Planets & other objects.


Grade 7–Tues/Th 10/23 & 10/25 Draw character whose phenotype matches the determined traits; Wed 10/24 Heredity practice & Zork genetics; Fri 10/26 Genetics since Mendel.


Grade 8–Tues/Th 10/23 & 10/25 Calculate water pressure; Wed 10/24 lesson 1 on Pressure; Fri 10/26 Buoyant force-lesson 2.

Week of 10/15–10/19/18

Happy Fall weather.  Reminders:  1-We are collecting 60 pairs of socks per grade for “Soctober”-please send them in; 2-Winter uniforms begin Tuesday 10/23; 3-No school for students Monday 10/22 due to teacher’s in-service.  We will have doubles/lab Tues/Th this week.

Grade 6-Mon 10/15-Matching planets with correct facts; Tues/Th 10/16 & 10/18 Making an 8 flap foldable on the planets; Wed 10/17 quiz on lesson 2 facts about the Inner planets; Fri 10/19 Lesson 3 the Outer planets.


Grade 7-Mon 10/15-Review for chapter 3 Cell Processes Test; Tues/Th 10/16 & 10/18 Test; Wed 10/17 begin chapter 5 Genetics; Fri 10/19 Mass then worksheet on genetics.


Grade 8-Mon 10/15-quiz on Newton’s 3 laws of motion; Tues/Th 10/16 & 10/18 review main ideas of chapter 11-Forces & Newton’s laws for test; Wed 10/17 continue chapter review; Fri 10/19 Chapter 11 Test.

Week of 10/8–10/12/18

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  Reminders:  Monday 10/8 is a 12:00 dismissal, bring socks in for ‘Soctober’, Family Fall Fest is 5-8p on Friday, 10/12/18, if you haven’t sent in your $30 class fee please do so.  Thanks.

Grade 6–Mon. 10/8-Solar System packet; Tues/Th 10/9 & 10/11 lab days-watch video & list facts about 8 planets; Wed 10/10 Inner Planets; Fri 10/12 Inner Planet worksheet 55-61.


Grade 7–Mon. 10/8 Moving Cellular material; Tues/Th 10/9 & 10/11 lab days-Observing Osmosis & Diffusion; Wed 10/10 Active & Passive Transport; Fri 10/12 Energy for Life packet.


Grade 8–Mon. 10/8 Understanding Gravity worksheet; Tues/Th 10/9 & 10/11 lab days-Stations demonstrating Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion; Wed 10/10 Lesson 3-Newton’s 3rd Law worksheet 21-22; Fri 10/12 quiz determining which law of motion it is.

Week of 10/1–10/5/18

Happy October!  Where did September go?!  For the month of October SJRS is collecting new socks for the needy–Socktober:)  Please send in the socks any time you get them.  Reminder:  Please pay your class fee of $30.00 (if you haven’t already done so).

Remember Friday 10/5 is a 12:00 dismissal/faculty meeting; and Monday 10/8 is also a 12:00 dismissal.  Have a wonderful week enjoying this glorious weather!

NO labs/doubles this week.

Grade 6–Mon. 10/1 chapter review/test prep; Tues. 10/2 Review for test; Wed. 10/3 Chapter test on Sun-Moon-Earth system; Thurs. 10/4 Begin the study of the Inner Planets; Fri. 10/5 no class due to school Mass.

Grade 7– Mon. 10/1 do Chapter 2 review; Tues. 10/2 Review for chapter test; Wed. 10/3 Chapter 2 test on Cells & organelles; Thurs. 10/4 begin chapter 3-Chemistry of Life; Fri. 10/5 Organic Compounds.

Grade 8–Mon. 10/1 Begin Balanced & net Forces; Tues. 10/2 Newton’s 1st law of motion; Wed. 10/3 Gravity & balanced/unbalanced forces; Thurs. 10/4 Newton’s 2nd law of motion; Fri. 10/5 worksheet of Newton’s laws.

Week of 9/24–9/28/18

IMG_2599IMG_2586IMG_2586IMG_2586Good morning!  I hope everyone got to enjoy our last beautiful day of summer yesterday.  I want to thank everyone who attended Back-to-Night.  We had a wonderful turn-out! Pictures are 6th grade Moon Phases lab:)

This week:  NO labs.

Grade 6: Mon. 9/24–lesson 19 packet on Lunar eclipses-finish for homework; Tues. 9/25–Review lunar eclipses; Wed. 9/26–lesson 20 on Tides, complete pgs.119-121; Thurs. 9/27–quiz on eclipses & tides; Fri. 9/28  Chapter review of Moon, Sun, Earth System.


Grade 7:  Mon. 9/24–Photosynthesis process-complete for homework; Tues. 9/25–quiz on cell organelles; Wed. 9/26–no class due to Mass; Thurs. 9/27–Viewing cells-comparing compound light & electron microscopes; Fri. 9/28–Chapter 2 review on sections 1,2, & 3.


Grade 8:  Mon. 9/24–Chapter 10 review-complete for homework; Tues. 9/25–Forces & Motion review; Wed. 9/26–Review concepts of chapter 10-Forces & Motion for Test; Thurs. 9/27–Chapter 10 Test;  Fri. 9/28–go over chapter 10 results on Forces & Motion.

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