Donna Hink | Science

Donna Hink | Science

3rd week of Advent 12/18-12/22/17

I hope you enjoyed the snow we’ve experienced!  And thankfully it’s gone & we’ll have a warmer week.  This upcoming week is a week of celebrating, sharing & participating in all the joy of the Christmas Season at St. Joseph.

Please check the calendar for important times & dates of upcoming events, as there are many & they differ per grade.

There are no formal tests for grade 6 or 7; 8th has a Chapter 21 test on Magnetism-either Mon. or Tues.

**Reminder for 7th grade–please bring in a waffle iron for Tuesday breakfast feast!!

The 6,7,8th grade performance , their gift to you,  is Thursday, 12/21 at 6:30.

***Reminder for Friday 12/22–1:00 dismissal & off until Tuesday, January 2, 2018!


Have a very Blessed Christmas, be safe in your travels, enjoy your family time, and a healthy 2018 for all of us!

2nd week of Advent! 12/11–12/15/17

Hello, I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend, snow flakes falling, and time with your family.

*Reminder: 7th grade will shop at the Santa Secret Sale on Thurs. Dec. 14th after lunch; please send in appropriate money if you want them to purchase items.

**Reminder II: grade 6,7,8 Christmas play/concert is on Thurs. 12/21 at 6:30pm.


Grade 6–Mon. do Archaeologist packet & questions; Tues/Thurs Doubles–lab demonstrating the rock cycle; Wed. Chapter 10 Clues to Earth’s Past test-open notes; Fri. collect tests & go over answers.


Grade 7–Mon. Begin Chapter 17 Structure & Movement of the Skeletal System; Tues/Thurs Doubles–choose groups, choose 1 person to trace their body; Wed. Skeletal system worksheet; Thurs-meet with Pre-K buddies to give Santa letters!  Fri-school b’fast then types of joints in the body worksheet.


Grade 8–Mon. lesson 2 Electricity & Magnetism; Tues./Thur doubles-chapter review , then assemble an electromagnet; Wed. Using magnets quiz; Fri Chapter 21 test on Magnetism-open notes.

December 4-8, 2017

Happy 1st week of Advent!  And reminder, Friday Dec. 8th is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception-school is closed.


Grade 6–Mon. lesson 2, Relative-age dating quiz; Tues. lesson 3 on Absolute age & Radioactive decay; Wed. Absolute dating quiz; Thurs. Rock Cycle & Archaeology packets.


Grade 7–Mon. Chapter 6 open notes test on Adaptations; Tues. begin Animal Behavior chapter 16; Wed. lesson 2 on Behavior interactions; Thurs. Chapter Review.


Grade 8–Mon. Review chapter answers & begin chapter test on Electricity–open notes; Tues. complete chapter test; Wed. begin magnetic discovery; Thurs. Chapter 21 lesson 1 on Magnets.

Nov. 27-Dec. 1, 2017

Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving and enjoyed your extra time with your families.  I sure did!

Now for a good week of learning;

Grade 6–Mon. begin Chapter 10 Fossils and Clues to Earth’s past; Tues. ancient environments-do worksheet pg. 16 for hwk; Wed. lesson 1 quiz on fossils; Thurs. lesson 2 Relative age dating; Fri. no class due to Mass.


Grade 7–Mon. begin Chapter 6 Adaptations lesson 1 ideas about evolution; Tues. Clues about evolution; Wed. lesson 3 Evolution of primates; Thurs. Chapter review-complete for hmwk; Fri review main ideas about evolution, go over chapter review.


Grade 8–Mon. begin Chapter 20-Electricity-distinguish between conductors & insulators; Tues. read about electricity, answer questions 1-12; Wed. lesson 2 Electric Current; Thurs. lesson 3 Circuits-learn difference between series & parallel; Fri. lesson 3 cont., how to avoid electric shock.

**Reminder–our Outreach gifts for the needy (the slips you received with ideas on it) are due this Friday, Dec. 1.

***Our goal of 500 books is continuing–they may be placed in the large container outside the gym for another 2 weeks.


Brrr, I  hope you are enjoying your weekend–and don’t forget about those outside water lines–I’ve seen 2 examples of frozen-then-burst pipes already, and it’s not even winter!!

We have two shortened weeks ahead, so I am going to post both today.

*Conferences are on Thursday, 11/16; looking forward to seeing many of you; then enjoy the day with your children on Friday, 11/17.

**Reminder-our Outreach canned goods drive ends Wed.-please send in those items for the needy.

***December Outreach project–new children’s books (unwrapped please), due by 12/15.

Wednesday, 11/22 we have a 1:00 dismissal for the long Thanksgiving weekend and return to school Monday, 11/27.  If I don’t see you, have a Blessed, safe Thanksgiving with your family.


Grade 6–Mon. 11/13 Lesson 4 packet; Tues. 11/14 quiz on types of galaxies; Wed. 11/15 chapter 22 study guide;  Mon. 11/20 Review for chapter test;  Tues. 11/21 Chapter 22 test on Stars & Galaxies; Wed. 11/22 return test & review answers.  Next chapter–Fossils!


Grade 7–Mon. 11/13 Multiple alleles; Tues. 11/14  worksheet on traits–Family Pedigree Project paper passed out–due Wed. 11/22 ;  Wed. 11/15 Advances in Genetics; Mon. 11/20 chapter review; Tues. 11/21 Chapter 5 test on Heredity; Wed. 11/22 give back tests & review answers–Pedigree charts due.


Grade 8–Mon. 11/13 lesson 2 How fluid produces buoyant force;  Tues. 11/14 Archimedes’ principle; Wed. 11/15 lesson 3-hydraulics; Mon. 11/20 Bernoulli’s principle;  Tues. 11/21 Chapter review;  Wed. 11/22 finish up chapter on Buoyancy.


I hope you are enjoying this beautiful fall weather!

*Reminder–for November we are collecting food for the Food Bank–sweet potatoes, gravy, veggies, or any other item!  Thanks for helping those not as fortunate as ourselves.

**Reminder II–Friday, 10th is 1:00 dismissal and end of the First Marking Period.  Please check your child’s grades for me as well as the other teachers; we all want to be sure your child has gotten the grade they’ve earned!

***Tues., 11/7 we have our School Mass at 10:00; please join us.

****Reminder III—if you have NOT returned your conference slip for Thursday, 16th, please do so, so we may start the scheduling process!


Grade 6–Mon. Lesson 2 worksheet 52/157 for homework;  Tues.-no class-Mass;  Wed. How Stars form-worksheet 52/58 for homework;  Thurs. quiz on how stars evolved;  Fri. Lesson 4-Galaxies, no homework.


Grade 7–Mon. Use a Punnett Square to make Zorks!; Tues. do Genetics paper on traits;  Wed. worksheet 47-8 completing a Punnett square;  Thurs. Crazy Snowman Genetics;  Fri. incomplete dominance.


Grade 8–Mon. Chapter 22 review;  Tues. Chapter 22 Assessment on Electronics & Computers;  Wed. begin chapter 12 Pressure;  Thurs. Buoyant Forces;  Fri.-continue Archimedes’ principle on buoyancy.


Hello, it’s hard to believe October is nearly over!  I hope the upper grade students enjoyed their Halloween dance.  Grade 7 will have their Halloween treat on Tues. 10/31 after lunch/recess.

*Reminder-we have Mass on Nov. 1 for all Saints’ Day, 10:00, please join us.

**Reminder II- Soctober is coming to an end–thanks for all the sock donations!  Beginning Tues. 11/1 we will be collecting food for the Food Band until Nov. 15th.  7th grade–gravy & sweet potaoes; any items will be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Grade 6–Mon. lesson 2-Sun & other Stars, worksheet 33/39 for homework;  Tues./Thurs. Lab day–Pictures in the Stars, make a constellation–do you know your zodiac sign?!;  Wed.-no class due to Mass;  Fri.-Worksheet 44-45 on lesson 2.


Grade 7–Mon. Chapter 4 Review;  Tues./Thurs–Lab day Chapter 4 Test on Cell Reproduction;  Wed.–Begin Chapter 5-Genetics;  Fri.–Genetics & Punnett square practice.


Grade 8–Mon. Electronics chapter-using semi conductors;  Tues./Thus. Lab day–investigate current; Wed.–lesson 2 on computers;  Fri.–Memory storage in a computer.  We will be disassembling various electronic items–if you have an old (small) CRT TV, VCR, VHS tape, even an old computer CPU, that you would like to donate, please just send in to school!  Thank you.



I hope everyone is enjoying this fantastic weekend–this 3-day weekend for students!

**Reminder-Monday 10/23 is a teacher In-Service day–no school for students.

**Reminder II-School Pictures are on Friday, 10/27/17.

***Reminder III-SJRS walk for hunger is next Sunday, 10/29/17–see Mrs. Dondero-Garvey’s web for details.


Grade 6–Tues./Thurs.  doubles lab, students will be making an 8-flap planet brochure with facts & illustrations; their brochure of the individual planet that they picked will be due on Friday, 10/27.  Wed. begin new chapter on Night sky & stars; Fri. worksheet on explaining the view from Earth.


Grade 7–Tues./Thurs.  doubles lab, students make their own DNA strand;  Wed. complete DNA & Alphabet of Life packets; Fri. Inheritance & the importance of Genes–Chapter review for homework.


Grade 8–Tues./Thurs.  doubles lab, students work through various 3 laws of motion stations; Wed. Chapter 11 Test on Newton’s laws; Fri. begin Electronics chapter.

If anyone has an old, broken/not used electronic device that you could donate to the 8th grade to disassemble, please send in with your child.  I’m looking for VCR, small CRT tv(19″), computer keyboard, radio,floppy disks, CD’s, etc.  Please don’t send in something you want back!!  We will be working on Electronics the week of 10/30–11/3/17.  Thank you.

October 16-20, 2017

Winter Uniforms have begun!  Everyone is doing a great job conforming.

**Reminder for October we have the Soctober sock collection going on!

**New–for the Food Band collection  during November 1–15th 7th grade is asked to contribute gravy & canned sweet potatoes.  If those aren’t possible then peanut butter, jelly, cranberry sauce, canned veggies, pasta, boxed potatoes, stuffing…any of these would be terrific!  Thank you for helping those who are needy.


**Mass 8:30 for grades 4-8 on Friday, 10/20–join us if you can!


Grade 6–We are finishing the Solar System chapter; if all goes as planned, the chapter test will be on Friday, 10/20; next week we will work on Solar System foldable,  and the Planet brochure is due on Friday 10/27.


Grade 7–Chapter 3 test was graded, will be distributed Tues.; We’ve begun chapter 4–Cell Reproduction–quiz on steps of Mitosis Tues or Wed.; then learning steps of Meiosis.


Grade 8–Tues. quiz on Newton’s 3 laws of motion; worksheet 19-20 for homework; Wed. worksheet 21-22; Thurs. chapter 11 review, worksheet 334-5.

Week of 10/9–10/13/17

Happy Columbus Day!  I hope you enjoyed your weekend & extra day off.

**Reminder-Fri. 10/13 is a 1:00 dismissal.

Also–don’t forget those socks for the needy this month–Socktober!

Grade 6–they are learning about the outer planets & our solar system;  Tues. worksheet quiz on inner planets;  Wed. read about the outer planets;  Thurs. homework pg. 73-4 and 75-6;  Fri. complete Solar system packet for homework.


Grade 7–they have completed chapter 3 on Cell Processes; Tues chapter 2 review;  Wed. review for test; Thurs. Chapter 3 test on Cell Processes; Fri. begin chapter 4 on Cell Reproduction.


Grade 8–they are continuing the study of Newton’s laws;  Wed. learning Newton’s 3rd law; Thurs. work on Gravity and Balanced & Unbalanced Forces; Fri. quiz on predicting Newton’s laws.

Welcome October! Week of 10/2–10/6/17

Wow!  It’s hard to believe September is over.  I hope everyone is enjoying this gorgeous Fall weekend doing something outside.

This month we are collecting new socks for every size & age for our SJRS out-reach.  Socks may be placed in the container outside Dr. Fipp’s office.  Thank you for help with our Soctber event:)

**SJRS 1st Friday school Mass 10:00 on 10/6/17–join us if you can!


Grade 6-Everyone took their Sun-Earth-Moon chapter test & grades are posted on Cornerstone–please verify.  Monday-We begin our study of the planets; Tues/Th 10/3 & 10/5 are lab days; no class Fri. due to mass.

Grade 7-Everyone took chapter 2 test on the Cell & grades are posted on Cornerstone–please verify.  Monday we begin our study of the Cell Processes, chapter 3; Tues/Th are lab days this week; Fri is lesson 3 Energy for Life.

Grade 8-Everyone took chapter 10 test on Motion & Momentum & grades are posted on Cornerstone–please verify.  Monday-we begin chapter 11 on Newton’s Forces & the 1st Law of Motion;  Tues/Th are lab days this week;  Wed & Fri we learn about Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion.

Week of 9/25-9/29/17

I hope you enjoy your three-day weekend!  Next week is a five-day week.  We begin the week with Class Mass at 8:30am on Monday 9/25.  There will be NO labs this week.

To all my parents who have sent in the Activity Fee thank you; to my parents who still owe please try to get the $30 in this week.  Also save those Box Tops, and use Shoparoo!  All these little savings add up for our school.


Grade 6–  We completed a fun lab on phases of the moon (with cookies:) & a flip book; this week we will finish up the chapter on Sun-Earth-Moon system, review, and take the chapter test on Thursday. Fri. we begin the next chapter on planets.


Grade 7– Mon.-Mass; Tues- explore various types of microscopes; Wed. -discover what viruses are; Thurs.-Chapter review; Fri.-review for Test.


Grade 8–Mon.-continue working on Force, Motion & Inertia; Tues.-Chapter review; Wed.- review for chapter 10 Test; Thurs.-Chapter 10 Test; Fri.-begin Chapter 11-Newton’s Laws.

Week of 9/18–9/22/17

Well we made it through our first full week of classes, fire drills, evacuations, Mass, buses & traffic!

**Reminder to 7H homeroom–please send in your $30.00 activity fee as soon as you can.

**Friday, 9/22 Faith Formation Day for teachers–no school for students!


Grade 6–Mon. 9/18  Explore solar & lunar eclipses. Tues. 9/19 Lab Day for B group.  Wed. 9/20 Affect the moon & sun have on oceans & tides–homework worksheet pg. 50-51. Thurs. 9/21 Lab Day for A group.  Fri. 9/22–no school.


Grade 7–Mon. 9/18 Photosynthesis packet.  Tues. 9/19 Lab Day for B group.  Wed. 9/20 Worksheet on Cell organelles pg. 48.  Thurs. 9/21  Lab Day for A group.  Fri. 9/22–no school.


Grade 8–Mon. 9/18 Learning about Mass, Inertia, & Momentum.  Tues. 9/19 Lab Day for B group.  Wed. 9/20 Law of conservation of momentum–worksheet 59-61.  Thurs. 9/21  Lab Day for A group.  Fri. 9/22–no school.

Enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend!

Week of 9/11–9/15/17

Thank you to everyone who has sent in class supplies!  If you haven’t yet–don’t worry, we have a good stash, you can send it in at your convenience.

We have a classroom fee of $30.00 –$5 for IXL (math), $5 for Art, then the remainder $20 for classroom/science supplies for the entire year.  Please send in the $30 when you can- preferably check to SJRS.

**Reminder** this Thurs. 9/14 is upstairs Back-to-school night, 7:00pm in the gym/auditorium.  This is for parents only.


Homework:  Grade 6

Mon. worksheet pg. 17,18

Tues. no homework

Wed. worksheet pg. 33-34

Thurs. worksheet pg. 61-62


Homework: Grade 7

Mon–no class–Veteran’s Park 9/11 Ceremony

Tues. Questions 1-4 pg. 45

Wed. Pg. 46-47 in packet

Thurs. Complete colored Cell

Fri. Complete Plant Cell coloring & diagraming


Homework: Grade 8

Mon.-no homework

Tues. Worksheet on Speed, Time & Distance

Wed. review ques. pg. 292

Thurs.Worksheet on Momentum

Fri. no homework

Welcome Back!

I can’t believe I’m sitting at my computer welcoming all the SJRS students back to school for the 2017-18 year!  I would rather be at the beach grabbing those last rays of summer, but alas, the weather had different plans.  So after doing some shopping, then a little cleaning, I thought it was a good idea to send a note out for our week ahead at SJRS.

Remember, school begins on Wed. & we have 1:00 dismissal all week.

Don’t forget to bring LUNCH–you’ll be starving by 1:00 if you forget:)

Just bring a writing utensil & tablet so you can take notes for what each teacher expects.

Lastly, bring your SMILE and a great attitude for a fantastic year!

See you on Wednesday, 9/6/17 in the gym by 7:50.


Wow! It’s hard to believe the school year is over.  Friday is FUN Day/Spirit Day & 11:30 dismissal.  7H will get pizza from Chris Catona for his birthday.  Enjoy a happy, safe summer with your children…don’t forget sunscreen:)

**REMINDER** on  Aug. 21 there will be a solar eclipse across the USA from Oregon to Virginia (total viewing)–we in NJ will see a partial one-Not as spectacular but nevertheless still exciting!  DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN/moon eclipse!

PS. For my current students, I’ll be adding about 6 new states to my list!! Stay tuned til Sept. to see which ones I still have left to visit!

Welcome June!

**Reminder** Friday, 6/9 is an early dismissal/faculty meeting & 7th -8th grade dance.

Grade 6–Mon.-Chapter test on Weather, open notes; Tues.-continue work on solar cookers; Wed.-solar cookers; Thurs-solar cookers…we will try to cook the sunniest day; I’ll let the students know as it gets closer…it may go into next week (6/12-14).

Grade 7–We’ve completed all systems of the human body, made life-size bodies, made body booklets, and did a memoir writing.  I’m confident the 7th graders are prepared & knowledgeable about their body.  I hope we have some future physicians & nurses!  This week we are watching a movie that encompasses all the body systems-Osmosis Jones.  The students may bring in popcorn & a drink to consume while watching the movie.  You may send in microwave popcorn, and I will cook it.

The last week of school grade 7 may decorate their yellow/blue t-shirt for Spirit day as this is their last one!  They can use an old T or a new one; I have some puffy paints, markers, beads.  They may bring in others items to decorate their shirt.  **This is optional–they don’t have to do this activity.**

June 8–Awards Night-7:00

June 9–Farewell Dance-7:00

June 12–Piano recital-9:00 & Graduation-7:00

June 15–out 1:00

June 16–Spirit Day!!

Happy Memorial Day!

I hope you enjoyed your long weekend–despite the unseasonable weather.  Three weeks left of school!

Grade 6–Tues. Weather patterns, worksheet pg. 44 for homework; Wed. lesson 3-Weather Forecast packet, Chapter review pg. 480-1 for homework; Thurs. worksheet 55-6 on weather forecast, do quiz pg. 60 for homework; Fri-hand in quiz–no class due to school closing mass.

Grade 7–Tues. Begin Body Systems booklet; Wed. continue booklet-coloring & cutting; Thurs. hand in completed Body booklet; Fri. do a 6 work memoir on index card to summarize body systems.

Grade 8–we made milkshakes & ice cream last week! Tues. Lesson 2 of Sound; Wed. Chapter 17 review; Thurs. Chapter 17 Test on Sound–last one!

Week of 5/22-5/26/17

**Reminder** Tuesday, 5/23 is our Open House/Super Fair 6-8pm; come hear the Band, see Art work, Science fair projects and much more.  Also,  Thursday, 5/25 is the Feast of the Ascension, mass is 10:00 please join us!

Grade 6–Mon.- Weather Patterns & Fronts; Tues/Wed lab day–begin making solar cookers from pizza boxes; Thurs.-Mass; Fri.-science fair for school.

Grade 7–Mon.-Chapter 22 review on Reproduction; Tues/Wed-doubles-chapter 22 test, then begin making body books; Thurs.-finish up body book; Fri.-science fair for school.

Grade 8–Mon.-lesson 2-What is music? Gather ingredients for ice cream; Tues.-Percussion, woodwinds & brass; Wed./Thurs.-make ice cream! Bring in a towel, cooler full of ice, sugar, vanilla, heavy cream all in cleaned coffee can, duct tape, toppings & gloves! Fri.-write up lab on ice cream.

Other dates: Mon. 5/29 Memorial Day–Off

Fri.-June 2 school closing Mass 10:00

Thurs.-June 8 Awards Night for 8th grade 7:00

Fri.-June 9 Piano recital 9:00, out 1:00, $1 dress down, Farewell Dance 7th & 8th grades 7:00

Mon.-June 12 8th Graduation 7:00

Thurs.- June 15 out 1:00

Fri.-June 16 Spirit Day–Last Day of School!

Week of 5/15–5/19/17 Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!  Here’s hoping God blesses you with sunshine, laughter, and a fun-filled day.

**REMINDER** 7th grade trip to Aquarium Monday 5/15.  Buses leave 8:30, return 2:30.  Your child may dress down, bring a phone, bring a bagged lunch (no glass bottles please!), and perhaps some money for the gift shop.  Looking forward to a fun-filled class trip.

SCIENCE FAIR–students may bring in their projects when they are completed; we will have presentations during class time.  On Tues., 5/23 I will have many of the projects displayed in the Science lab, along with the students who did the project.  On Friday 5/26 all the projects will be set up in the gym for the entire student body to view during the morning; students will take projects home that day.


Grade 6–Mon.-finish making Mt. Manaza flip book; Tues.- begin Weather chapter; Wed.-worksheet on weather; Thurs.-quiz on weather; Fri.-continue weather.

Grade 7–Mon.-class trip!; Tues.-finish up the Reproductive System; Wed.-Birth to adolescence; Thurs.-continue Aging; Fri.-finish up the Aging Process.

Grade 8–Mon.-no class; Tues.-begin new chapter on Sound; Wed.–Fri.-continue Sound chapter.

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