Donna Hink | Science

Donna Hink | Science

Science Fair Sites

Good evening.  Here are a few good websites if you are looking for great science fair ideas;;;;  .  If you have any questions you may contact me, or have your student ask me in class.  Enjoy working on the project with your child.


I hope you are enjoying your weekend.  Upcoming week is a full week with doubles on Tues/Thursday for all classes.  If anyone is interested, before sunrise-5-6:00 am, a meteor shower may be visible!

Grade 6  Mon 4/23-Weather lesson 1 quiz; Tues/Th lab-make recycled paper & make weather in a cup; Wed 4/25 lesson 2 Weather Patterns; Fri 4/27 no class due to Marine Mammal Stranding Assembly.


Grade 7 Mon 4/23-How Hiccups happen; Tues/Th lab-effects of smoking on lungs & worksheet; Wed 4/25-Excretory/Urinary system; Fri 4/27-no class due to Mass.


Grade 8 Mon 4/23-Chapter 4 review; Tues/Th lab-make a buoyancy diver; Wed 4/25-quiz on States of Matter; Fri 4/27-Chapter 4 Test on States of Matter.


Continue to research ideas for a Science Fair project!

Week of 4/16–4/20/18

Grade 6–Mon 4/16 Begin chapter on Weather; Tues/Th doubles lab -make a Volcano flip book; Wed 4/18 explain how weather is related to water cycle; Fri 4/20 explain the water cycle.


Grade 7–Mon 4/16 begin the Respiratory system; Tues/Th doubles lab-effects of smoking on respiratory system; Wed 4/18 structures of the respiratory system; Fri 4/20 flow chart about respiratory system & what hiccups are.


Grade 8–Mon  4/16 Behavior of fluids; Tues 4/17 how pressure is transmitted through fluids; Wed. 4/18 behavior of fluids worksheet;  Thurs/Fri no classes due to trip!

**Reminder** every student needs to get their Science fair project approved!  Topic approval due by May 1.

Enjoy a good week!

Week of 4/9–4/13/18

Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a blessed Easter and enjoyed tons of family time.  The calendar says April, but the weather feels like winter still:(

Hopefully it will warm up by the end of the week.

**Science Fair**  Every 6th, 7th, & 8th grade student must participate in a science fair project.  Please start looking up some ideas-there are so many fun & exciting things to do; choose a topic that interests your child & research with them.  Once you have an idea, just run it by me so I don’t have any repeats.  Your child may work with another student-any class, or alone.  Please work with them (IF they want the help!). The Fair will be at the end of May so you have over a month to research, obtain a topic, get approval, and begin the fun.  Think outside the box!

*Reminder-Friday the 13th is 1:00 dismissal/faculty meeting.

** $1 Dress-down is Thursday 4/12/18.

Grade 6–Test on Volcanoes -part I Thur 4/12; and part II Fri 4/13.

Grade 7–We just began Control & Coordination chapter; test will be next week.

Grade 8–States of Matter chapter 4 was started today.

March Madness–week of 3/19-3/23/18

I hope you are enjoying a beautiful, rest-filled weekend. This upcoming week is a 4-day week and the third marking period is coming to an end.  Please check Cornerstone for your child’s grades and any missing assignments.

**Reminder-All 7th graders need to return the AtlantiCare permission slip for class demonstration on Monday!

**ReminderII-Friday 3/23 school is closed due to teacher retreat day at Paul IV High School.

**Reminder III-SJRS Annual Gala is next weekend, 3/24…there are some awesome prizes, a fun night, and a wonderful chance to support our school.  Hope to see many of you at The Flanders in Ocean City (where Mr. Hink & I had our wedding reception 38 years ago!).


Grade 6–Mon 3/19 Predicting volcanic eruption types, worksheet pg. 40; Tues 3/20 Mt. Mazamba flip book; Wed 3/21  lesson 2 quiz on predicting eruptions; Thurs 3/22 Eruption styles & chapter review worksheet. No school Fri 3/23.


Grade 7–Mon 3/19 AtlantiCare Healthy Schools demonstration on nutrition (permission slip necessary); Tues 3/20 review main ideas of Circulation, Blood & the Lymphatic system; Wed 3/21 Chapter 19 test on Circulatory & Lymphatic Systems; Thurs 3/22 continue work on life-size body; Fri 3/23 no school.


Grade 8–Mon 3/19 review elements of matter–research your chosen element for Wed; Tues 3/20 Chapter 3 test on Matter; Wed 3/21 design Wanted Element poster; Thurs 3/22 complete Wanted poster; Fri 3/23 no school.

Week of March 12-16, 2018

Boy what an exhausting week!  The Iowa & CogAts are 100% completed in 7H…thank you everyone for being at school for the testing-it’s so important!  And enough with the crazy weather!  At least the extra daylight will make it seem closer to springtime.  Have a good week.  Grades 5–8 go to confessions on Tues. 3/13.

Grade 6-Mon 3/12 review for earthquake test; Tues 3/13 Chapter test on earthquakes (if we have returned from confessions); Wed 3/14 begin study of volcanoes; Thurs 3/15 types of volcanoes; Fri 3/16 color 3 types of volcanoes.


Grade 7-Mon 3/12 begin the study of Blood; Tues 3/13 confessions; Wed 3/14 wkst 39-40 & 15,21 on blood types; Thurs 3/15 functions of lymphatic system; Fri 3/16 wkst 17-18 on lymph system.


Grade 8-Mon 3/12 lesson 3 Compounds & Mixtures; Tues 3/13 chapter review; Wed 3/14 Chapter 5-8 wksht. pg. 31-2; Thurs 3/15 wksht. 55-6 on vocab definitions; Fri 3/16 review for chaper 3 test on Matter.

IOWA testing week March 5-9, 2018

I hope everyone has their hatches battened down for winter storm Riley! Enjoy your weekend, remember Monday begins Iowa testing.  Please have your child get plenty of rest, EAT breakfast, and bring a pencil or 2.  The 7th grade take IOWA’s Mon-Thurs mornings, and on Fri they take the CogAts in the morning. They will only see limited teachers/classes nest week due to all the testing.  PLEASE have your child attend school, unless they are really sick.

**Reminder** Friday, 3/9 is a 1:00 dismissal/faculty meeting.

Grade 6-I will only see them on Tues. & Thurs due to testing; they will do a Changing Earth quiz part I & II each day.

Grade 7-I will see them all week for testing, but there will be no homework. Tues. 3/6 they will receive a presentation by Mr. Anthony at 12:15, then they will go participate in the Barn Hill Preserve Zoo at 1:00. Fun!

Grade 8-Each person needs a 1/4 sheet poster board for Tuesday. They will choose a number, research their element, and make a Wanted Poster. On Wed. they will do their 50/75 elements & symbols test. Study the elements with them! Let them show you how many they know.

**The Barn Hill Preserve Zoo will bring a baby Joey, a tortoise, and a bearded dragon to educate all students at SJRS on Tuesday, March 6, 12:30-1:30.  How exciting!  Be sure to sign permission slip; perhaps buy a photo of your child holding one of the animals!

week of 2/26–3/2/18

2nd week of Lent.

**Reminder-Iowa testing begins the following Monday, March 5-9.

Grade 6–Mon 2/26-Plot earthquakes & volcanoes on world map; Tues/Th 2/27 & 3/1–doubles lab-design a quake-proof building; Wed 2/28-worksheet locating the ring of fire; Fri 3/2-no class due to school mass at 10:00.


Grade 7–Mon 2/26-compare/contrast arteries/veins/capillaries; Tues/Th lab-learning & taking blood pressure; Wed 2/28-Blood moving through the heart; Fri 3/2-heart blood flow worksheet.


Grade 8–Mon 2/26-interpreting a hypothetical periodic table; Tues/Th doubles-quiz on 50 elements & symbols & designing a word from the elements; Wed 2/28-periodic table worksheet quiz; Fri 3/2-formal assessment of elements & symbols.

**Reminder II-Fri. 3/2 soup & stations by SJRS Staff-6:15 for soup, stations to follow.  Please try to join us!

President Day Weekend 2/19–2/23/18

I hope you are enjoying a pleasant 3-day weekend with your family.  I’ve noticed little green sprouts peaking from the ground…warmer weather spring aren’t far behind!

Grade 6  Tues 2/20-Determining earthquake magnitude; Wed 2/21-Earth shaking language arts reading; Thurs 2/22 quiz on lesson 1 earthquakes; Fri 2/23-defining earthquake vocab.


Grade 7  Tues 2/20 Review for chapter 18 test on Nutrients & Digestion; Wed 2/21-Chapter 18 test on Nutrients & Digestion; Thurs 2/22 begin Circulatory System, how a heart works; Fri 2/23-worksheet matching heart vocabulary.


Grade 8  Tues 2/20 section 2 characteristics of elements-quiz on matter; Wed 2/21-periodic table worksheet-begin learning elements & symbols; Thurs 2/22 interpreting the periodic table worksheet;  Fri 2/23-worksheet on names/symbols of elements.

Week of 2/12–2/16/18

Boy what an exciting week we had; with the Eagles BIG superbowl win!, the victory parade in Philly, and the SpaceX launch & controlled upright landing of the boosters at Cape Canaveral! Such fun & interesting times.  Don’t forget about Designer Bag Bingo Saturday eve.

**Reminder-Valentine’s Day will be celebrated at St. Joe’s on Tuesday, as Wed. 2/14 is Ash Wednesday & the beginning of Lent.  Also, day 100 is Thursday, 2/15–only 80 more left of the school year–make them count!


Grade 6–Mon 2/12 Chapter 8 review for test; Tues/Th 2/13 & 2/15  Doubles-Chapter 8 test on Earth’s Dynamics; Wed 2/14 begin chapter 1 Earthquakes; Fri 2/16 vocab worksheet on earthquakes.

Grade 7–Mon 2/12 worksheet on digestive system; Tues/Th 2/13 & 2/15  Doubles put digestive system onto poster bodies;  Wed 2/14  Mass & ashes; Fri 2/16 review for digestive system test.


Grade 8–Mon 2/12 begin Chapter 3 Atoms, Elements,  Periodic Table; Tues/Th Doubles Explore & color-code the periodic table; Wed 2/14 lesson 2 Simplest Matter; Fri 2/16 lesson 2 cont. Simplest Matter.


**Reminder Mon. 2/19 -no school-Presidents’ Day.

Happy Superbowl Weekend! 2/5-29/18

Wow what a great week we had celebrating Catholic Schools Week!  Next up, celebrating the Eagles!!

*Reminder- Friday 2/9/18 is a 1:00 dismissal/faculty meeting.

**Reminder II-the flu has hit SJRS…please make sure your child gets extra sleep & stays home if they aren’t feeling well!

Grade 6-Mon 2/5 worksheet quiz on lesson 3; Tues 2/6 lesson 4 continent building, worksheet for homework; Wed 2/7 worksheet quiz on lesson 4; Thurs 2/8 Chapter 8 review; Fri 2/9 Chapter 8 test.


Grade 7-Mon 2/5 Chemical & Mechanical digestion; Tues 2/6 Parts of the Digestive System; Wed 2/7  single period lab on digestion; Thurs 2/8 Organs that help the digestive system; Fri 2/9 quiz on chemical & mechanical digestion.


Grade 8-Mon 2/5 Study guide & Chapter review on chapter 15; Tues 2/6 review answers from study guide; Wed. 2/7 Review Thermal Energy for test; Thurs 2/8 Chapter 15 test on Thermal Energy; Fri 2/9 complete puzzle on Heat & Thermal Energy.


Happy Catholic Schools Week! 1/29-2/2/18

As we begin our Catholic School week of celebration, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for choosing St. Joseph Regional School for your child.  Please check the school calendar for all the fun & exciting activities that are planned.  God Bless you.

*Reminder* visit the Book Fair held in the Library all week!

**Reminder** February 1 is day 90-school year 1/2 over!

Grade 6-Mon 1/29-no class due to PTA assembly!; Tues-1/30 lesson 2 Landforms at plate boundaries; Wed-1/31 lesson 2 worksheet; Thurs-2/1 lesson 2 quiz; Fri-2/2 no class due to School Mass!

Grade 7-Mon 1/29-Nutrients & Digestion-begin discussion; Tues 1/30-cont. Nutrients lesson pg. 516-521; Wed 1/31-Food Pyramid worksheet; Thurs 2/1-compare nutritional labels on snacks-bring in your favorite snack (with a nutritional label!); Fri 2/2-learn organs of the digestive system.

Grade 8-Mon 1/29-lesson 2 on Heat pg. 438; Tues 1/30-mini lab demonstration & ques. pg. 443; Wed 1/31-lesson 3 Engines & internal combustion; Thurs 2/1-lesson 3 cont. Refrigerators pg. 448, ques. pg. 449; Fri 2/2-no class due to Talent Show!

Week of 1/22–1/26/18

Hello!  I hope everyone is enjoying nicer, warmer weather this weekend.  This upcoming week is a normal, full week and end of the second marking period.  Please check students’ grades on Cornerstone & let me know if there are any errors.

**Reminder** Catholic Schools Week begins Sunday, 1/28/18; check the school website for details.

Grade 6-Mon. 1/22 Review for chapter 7 test on Plate Tectonics; Tues/Thurs  DOUBLES  Chapter 7 Test on Plate Tectonics; Wed. 1/24 begin chapter 8 on Earth’s Dynamics; Fri 1/26 do worksheet 13-14 explaining forces that shape the earth.


Grade 7-Mon. 1/22 Chapter 17 test on Skeletal & Muscular system & Skin; Tues/Thurs  Doubles  work on drawing, cutting & pasting bones to life-sized body;  Wed. 1/24  begin Nutrition chapter 18; Fri 1/26–upstairs class Mass at 8:30-no class.


Grade 8-Mon. 1/22 review main ideas of chapter 13-Energy & energy sources for test;  Tues/Thurs  Doubles Test on chapter 13; Wed. 1/24 begin chapter 15 on Temperature & thermal energy; Fri. 1/26 lesson 2 on Heat.

Week of 1/15–1/19/18

Wow what a whirlwind…that’s what 15 inches of snow does for the school week!  Hopefully that is all behind us.  Happy Dr. Martin L. King & 3-day weekend.

*Reminder–we are coming to the end of the 2nd marking period…Please review grades on Cornerstone before I finalize them after next week.

Have a safe & blessed weekend.


Grade 6-Tues. lesson 3 Plate boundaries; Wed. Forces causing plate motion; Thurs. World map & plates worksheet; Fri. Lesson 3 quiz about plate tectonics.


Grade 7-Tues. 3 types of muscles in body; Wed. Skeletal system’s response to exercise & questions; Thurs. Epidermis/Dermis lesson 3 packet; Fri Chapter 17 review.


Grade 8-Tues. Section 3 Advantages/disadvantages of Alternative resources; Wed. review main ideas of chapter 13 Energy & Energy Sources; Thurs Chapter 13 Test; Fri Heat & Thermal energy puzzle.

Happy New Year & week of 1/2/18-1/5/18

I’m sitting here watching the snow fall & cover everything in a fresh, new coat of white. The beautiful scene reminds me to ponder the past year, thank God for all His many blessings, and look forward to a new year-with a fresh start!  I hope you’ve enjoyed your time with your children.  Tuesday, 1/2 it will be time to regroup & get back to learning.


Grade 6-Tues. 1/2-Begin Continental Drift hypothesis, chapter 7- worksheet 17 for homework; Wed. 1/3-lesson 1 worksheet  22-3 quiz; Thurs. 1/4-Lesson 2 Development of a Theory; Fri-school Mass 10:00-no science.

Grade 7-Tues. 1/2-learning about joints of the body-study for quiz; Wed. 1/3-quiz on joints; Thurs. 1/4-worksheet on bone fractures-study for 26 bones of the body quiz; Fri.-1/5 bones quiz.

Grade 8-Tues.- 1/2 begin chapter 13-Energy & Resources-pg. 378 ques. for homework; Wed. -1/3 Lesson 2 Energy Transformations-pg. 385 ques. for hmwk; Thurs. -1/4 concept mapping on energy forms; Fri. -1/5Lesson 3 renewable, non-renewable & alternative forms of energy.


3rd week of Advent 12/18-12/22/17

I hope you enjoyed the snow we’ve experienced!  And thankfully it’s gone & we’ll have a warmer week.  This upcoming week is a week of celebrating, sharing & participating in all the joy of the Christmas Season at St. Joseph.

Please check the calendar for important times & dates of upcoming events, as there are many & they differ per grade.

There are no formal tests for grade 6 or 7; 8th has a Chapter 21 test on Magnetism-either Mon. or Tues.

**Reminder for 7th grade–please bring in a waffle iron for Tuesday breakfast feast!!

The 6,7,8th grade performance , their gift to you,  is Thursday, 12/21 at 6:30.

***Reminder for Friday 12/22–1:00 dismissal & off until Tuesday, January 2, 2018!


Have a very Blessed Christmas, be safe in your travels, enjoy your family time, and a healthy 2018 for all of us!

2nd week of Advent! 12/11–12/15/17

Hello, I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend, snow flakes falling, and time with your family.

*Reminder: 7th grade will shop at the Santa Secret Sale on Thurs. Dec. 14th after lunch; please send in appropriate money if you want them to purchase items.

**Reminder II: grade 6,7,8 Christmas play/concert is on Thurs. 12/21 at 6:30pm.


Grade 6–Mon. do Archaeologist packet & questions; Tues/Thurs Doubles–lab demonstrating the rock cycle; Wed. Chapter 10 Clues to Earth’s Past test-open notes; Fri. collect tests & go over answers.


Grade 7–Mon. Begin Chapter 17 Structure & Movement of the Skeletal System; Tues/Thurs Doubles–choose groups, choose 1 person to trace their body; Wed. Skeletal system worksheet; Thurs-meet with Pre-K buddies to give Santa letters!  Fri-school b’fast then types of joints in the body worksheet.


Grade 8–Mon. lesson 2 Electricity & Magnetism; Tues./Thur doubles-chapter review , then assemble an electromagnet; Wed. Using magnets quiz; Fri Chapter 21 test on Magnetism-open notes.

December 4-8, 2017

Happy 1st week of Advent!  And reminder, Friday Dec. 8th is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception-school is closed.


Grade 6–Mon. lesson 2, Relative-age dating quiz; Tues. lesson 3 on Absolute age & Radioactive decay; Wed. Absolute dating quiz; Thurs. Rock Cycle & Archaeology packets.


Grade 7–Mon. Chapter 6 open notes test on Adaptations; Tues. begin Animal Behavior chapter 16; Wed. lesson 2 on Behavior interactions; Thurs. Chapter Review.


Grade 8–Mon. Review chapter answers & begin chapter test on Electricity–open notes; Tues. complete chapter test; Wed. begin magnetic discovery; Thurs. Chapter 21 lesson 1 on Magnets.

Nov. 27-Dec. 1, 2017

Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving and enjoyed your extra time with your families.  I sure did!

Now for a good week of learning;

Grade 6–Mon. begin Chapter 10 Fossils and Clues to Earth’s past; Tues. ancient environments-do worksheet pg. 16 for hwk; Wed. lesson 1 quiz on fossils; Thurs. lesson 2 Relative age dating; Fri. no class due to Mass.


Grade 7–Mon. begin Chapter 6 Adaptations lesson 1 ideas about evolution; Tues. Clues about evolution; Wed. lesson 3 Evolution of primates; Thurs. Chapter review-complete for hmwk; Fri review main ideas about evolution, go over chapter review.


Grade 8–Mon. begin Chapter 20-Electricity-distinguish between conductors & insulators; Tues. read about electricity, answer questions 1-12; Wed. lesson 2 Electric Current; Thurs. lesson 3 Circuits-learn difference between series & parallel; Fri. lesson 3 cont., how to avoid electric shock.

**Reminder–our Outreach gifts for the needy (the slips you received with ideas on it) are due this Friday, Dec. 1.

***Our goal of 500 books is continuing–they may be placed in the large container outside the gym for another 2 weeks.


Brrr, I  hope you are enjoying your weekend–and don’t forget about those outside water lines–I’ve seen 2 examples of frozen-then-burst pipes already, and it’s not even winter!!

We have two shortened weeks ahead, so I am going to post both today.

*Conferences are on Thursday, 11/16; looking forward to seeing many of you; then enjoy the day with your children on Friday, 11/17.

**Reminder-our Outreach canned goods drive ends Wed.-please send in those items for the needy.

***December Outreach project–new children’s books (unwrapped please), due by 12/15.

Wednesday, 11/22 we have a 1:00 dismissal for the long Thanksgiving weekend and return to school Monday, 11/27.  If I don’t see you, have a Blessed, safe Thanksgiving with your family.


Grade 6–Mon. 11/13 Lesson 4 packet; Tues. 11/14 quiz on types of galaxies; Wed. 11/15 chapter 22 study guide;  Mon. 11/20 Review for chapter test;  Tues. 11/21 Chapter 22 test on Stars & Galaxies; Wed. 11/22 return test & review answers.  Next chapter–Fossils!


Grade 7–Mon. 11/13 Multiple alleles; Tues. 11/14  worksheet on traits–Family Pedigree Project paper passed out–due Wed. 11/22 ;  Wed. 11/15 Advances in Genetics; Mon. 11/20 chapter review; Tues. 11/21 Chapter 5 test on Heredity; Wed. 11/22 give back tests & review answers–Pedigree charts due.


Grade 8–Mon. 11/13 lesson 2 How fluid produces buoyant force;  Tues. 11/14 Archimedes’ principle; Wed. 11/15 lesson 3-hydraulics; Mon. 11/20 Bernoulli’s principle;  Tues. 11/21 Chapter review;  Wed. 11/22 finish up chapter on Buoyancy.

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