Donna Hink | Science

Donna Hink | Science

Week of 10/22–10/26/18

I hope you enjoying this Fall weekend; especially with Monday an extra day off for students!  Don’t forget–Tuesday begins winter uniforms.  Also please send in socks for our 60 socks for Soctober…we currently have 26.  School pictures will be Friday, 10/26–send in form & money.

This week we will have doubles on Tues/Thurs.

Grade 6–Tues/Th 10/23 & 10/25 designing a travel brochure for the planet they picked; Wed 10/24 looking at the Outer planets; Fri 10/26 Dwarf Planets & other objects.


Grade 7–Tues/Th 10/23 & 10/25 Draw character whose phenotype matches the determined traits; Wed 10/24 Heredity practice & Zork genetics; Fri 10/26 Genetics since Mendel.


Grade 8–Tues/Th 10/23 & 10/25 Calculate water pressure; Wed 10/24 lesson 1 on Pressure; Fri 10/26 Buoyant force-lesson 2.

Week of 10/15–10/19/18

Happy Fall weather.  Reminders:  1-We are collecting 60 pairs of socks per grade for “Soctober”-please send them in; 2-Winter uniforms begin Tuesday 10/23; 3-No school for students Monday 10/22 due to teacher’s in-service.  We will have doubles/lab Tues/Th this week.

Grade 6-Mon 10/15-Matching planets with correct facts; Tues/Th 10/16 & 10/18 Making an 8 flap foldable on the planets; Wed 10/17 quiz on lesson 2 facts about the Inner planets; Fri 10/19 Lesson 3 the Outer planets.


Grade 7-Mon 10/15-Review for chapter 3 Cell Processes Test; Tues/Th 10/16 & 10/18 Test; Wed 10/17 begin chapter 5 Genetics; Fri 10/19 Mass then worksheet on genetics.


Grade 8-Mon 10/15-quiz on Newton’s 3 laws of motion; Tues/Th 10/16 & 10/18 review main ideas of chapter 11-Forces & Newton’s laws for test; Wed 10/17 continue chapter review; Fri 10/19 Chapter 11 Test.

Week of 10/8–10/12/18

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  Reminders:  Monday 10/8 is a 12:00 dismissal, bring socks in for ‘Soctober’, Family Fall Fest is 5-8p on Friday, 10/12/18, if you haven’t sent in your $30 class fee please do so.  Thanks.

Grade 6–Mon. 10/8-Solar System packet; Tues/Th 10/9 & 10/11 lab days-watch video & list facts about 8 planets; Wed 10/10 Inner Planets; Fri 10/12 Inner Planet worksheet 55-61.


Grade 7–Mon. 10/8 Moving Cellular material; Tues/Th 10/9 & 10/11 lab days-Observing Osmosis & Diffusion; Wed 10/10 Active & Passive Transport; Fri 10/12 Energy for Life packet.


Grade 8–Mon. 10/8 Understanding Gravity worksheet; Tues/Th 10/9 & 10/11 lab days-Stations demonstrating Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion; Wed 10/10 Lesson 3-Newton’s 3rd Law worksheet 21-22; Fri 10/12 quiz determining which law of motion it is.

Week of 10/1–10/5/18

Happy October!  Where did September go?!  For the month of October SJRS is collecting new socks for the needy–Socktober:)  Please send in the socks any time you get them.  Reminder:  Please pay your class fee of $30.00 (if you haven’t already done so).

Remember Friday 10/5 is a 12:00 dismissal/faculty meeting; and Monday 10/8 is also a 12:00 dismissal.  Have a wonderful week enjoying this glorious weather!

NO labs/doubles this week.

Grade 6–Mon. 10/1 chapter review/test prep; Tues. 10/2 Review for test; Wed. 10/3 Chapter test on Sun-Moon-Earth system; Thurs. 10/4 Begin the study of the Inner Planets; Fri. 10/5 no class due to school Mass.

Grade 7– Mon. 10/1 do Chapter 2 review; Tues. 10/2 Review for chapter test; Wed. 10/3 Chapter 2 test on Cells & organelles; Thurs. 10/4 begin chapter 3-Chemistry of Life; Fri. 10/5 Organic Compounds.

Grade 8–Mon. 10/1 Begin Balanced & net Forces; Tues. 10/2 Newton’s 1st law of motion; Wed. 10/3 Gravity & balanced/unbalanced forces; Thurs. 10/4 Newton’s 2nd law of motion; Fri. 10/5 worksheet of Newton’s laws.

Week of 9/24–9/28/18

IMG_2599IMG_2586IMG_2586IMG_2586Good morning!  I hope everyone got to enjoy our last beautiful day of summer yesterday.  I want to thank everyone who attended Back-to-Night.  We had a wonderful turn-out! Pictures are 6th grade Moon Phases lab:)

This week:  NO labs.

Grade 6: Mon. 9/24–lesson 19 packet on Lunar eclipses-finish for homework; Tues. 9/25–Review lunar eclipses; Wed. 9/26–lesson 20 on Tides, complete pgs.119-121; Thurs. 9/27–quiz on eclipses & tides; Fri. 9/28  Chapter review of Moon, Sun, Earth System.


Grade 7:  Mon. 9/24–Photosynthesis process-complete for homework; Tues. 9/25–quiz on cell organelles; Wed. 9/26–no class due to Mass; Thurs. 9/27–Viewing cells-comparing compound light & electron microscopes; Fri. 9/28–Chapter 2 review on sections 1,2, & 3.


Grade 8:  Mon. 9/24–Chapter 10 review-complete for homework; Tues. 9/25–Forces & Motion review; Wed. 9/26–Review concepts of chapter 10-Forces & Motion for Test; Thurs. 9/27–Chapter 10 Test;  Fri. 9/28–go over chapter 10 results on Forces & Motion.

Week of 9/17–9/21/18

I hope you are enjoying a wonderful, sunny weekend!  For the upcoming week all grades have labs on Tues/Thurs, B group/A group.  Back-to-School night for grades 6,7,8 is Tuesday, 9/18 at 6:00pm.  Please go directly to your child’s homeroom, and you will rotate to each teacher’s classroom.  Looking forward to seeing you.

If you haven’t already signed & returned the technology form & picture permission form, please send them in–students may not use the computer lab until the form is completed.

Grade 6–Mon. 9/17 – lesson 2 quiz on Earth’s moon; Tues/Th 9/18 & 20 – lab on moon phases; Wed. 9/19 – lesson 17 packet on moon phases; Fri 9/21 Lesson 3 packet on Eclipses & Tides.


Grade 7–Mon. 9/17 -Plant & Animal cell vocab & function; Tues/Th 9/18 & 20 – lab on labeling & coloring a plant & animal cell; Wed. 9/19 – Photosynthesis packet; Fri 9/21 – quiz on cell parts.


Grade 8–Mon. 9/17 – Lesson 2 Acceleration, worksheet 55-6; Tues/Th 9/18 & 20 – lab exploring force, motion & acceleration; Wed. 9/19 – Lesson 3 Mass & Inertia, worksheet 61-2; Fri 9/21 – Chapter 10 Review.

Welcome to A New School Year!

Good Evening! I have to apologize for not posting before now.  My computer had a virus, IT reset, wrong setting…etc.  I am up and running.  For my homeroom, Thank you, thank you for all the supplies you’ve sent in-paper towels, wipes, and tissues.  If you haven’t sent them in yet-no worries, we are well stocked; you can send in at a later date!

Please read, print out, & sign the technology agreement form & picture use form.  The students need the tech form in order to use the computer lab.

To my new 6th grade parents: welcome to the upper unit!  Looking forward to seeing & meeting many of you at Back-to-school night Tuesday, 9/18/18, 6:00pm.

Starting with this weekend I will post the homework, quizzes, tests, & projects that each grade will be having for the upcoming week.

Grade 6:  We are studying Sun-Earth motion; students had an open-notes quiz on lesson 1 today; some students needed time at home to complete the task & return Thurs.


Grade 7:  We will be studying the Human Body-beginning with the study of Cells.  Students will need to know all the organelles of a plant & animal cell next week; remind them to review vocab regularly-don’t cram the night before!


Grade 8: We have started our chapter on Motion & Forces.  A worksheet for homework is due Thursday.

Thank you for patiently awaiting my posts.  Contact me with any concerns or questions.

Enjoy these nice warm days of September!

Welcome June!! Week of 6/4–6/8/18

Well it’s hard to believe it’s June!  We’ve come a long way.  This week is a sad/happy week for our 8th graders who finish up classes with us.  7th graders get ready to step up to the plate and take the lead as the eldest students.

6th grade- we will be making a solar cooker this week out of pizza boxes; please send any clean boxes to school.  We’re aiming for Thurs. 6/7 to cook outside in the cookers; however we will be watching the weather closely as we need a bright, sunny day for optimal results.  I will keep you posted as to what day the students need their food to “cook”.

7th grade- we will be making a solar cooker out of pizza boxes this week; please send any clean boxes to school.  We’re aiming for Thurs. 6/7 to cook outside in the cookers; however we will be watching the weather closely and will keep you posted as to when the students will need their food to “cook”.  The 8th grade Farewell Dance given by the 7th graders is Friday 6/8…hope to see every 7th grader there–it’s always a fun time!

8th grade- Well this is my last post for you!  For many of you we began our relationship back in 5th grade, before I made a switch to 6,7,8 Science!  For others, we’ve known each other 1,2,or 3 years.  Regardless, you will forever be part of “my kids”–my family of students spanning over 30 years!  Do yourself, your parents, your teachers, & SJRS proud;and keep in touch!  Love, Mrs. Hink

5/21–5/25, 2018

Happy weekend-hopefully we’ll see the sun sometime soon!  Many students have brought their Science Fair projects into school and handed in their reports; congratulations.  For the rest, please bring in Monday or Tuesday.  And Wednesday, 5/23 I need students at their science fair project table in the cafeteria at 5:30, for about an hour.

Grade 6-Mon 5/21 & Tues 5/22 project class presentations; Wed 5/23 worksheet on What starts wind?; Thurs 5/24 High & Low pressure-Tornadoes worksheet; Fri 5/25 Hurricanes worksheet.

**Reminder-please save clean pizza boxes for solar cookers!

Grade 7-Mon 5/21 & Tues 5/22 project class presentations; Wed 5/23 complete Body Systems booklet; Thurs 5/24 review  all the systems of the body before watching Osmosis Jones; Fri 5/25 continue watching Osmosis Jones-discussing body systems seen.


Grade 8-Mon 5/21 & Tues 5/22 project class presentations; Wed 5/23 review main ideas of chapter 6; Thurs 5/24 Chapter 6 test-Why Atoms Combine; Fri 5/25 discuss states of matter in the process of ice cream making; discuss ingredients and tools needed for next week.

**Reminder-8th graders need a new gallon paint can with the handle removed or a gallon size coffee can.

Week of 5/14–5/18/18

Happy Mother’s Day!  I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  This upcoming week is a full week with Tuesday/Thursday lab days.

**Reminder-work on those Science Fair projects!  Bring in to school as soon as you finish it.


Grade 6–Mon 5/14 Weather Forecasts lesson 3; Tues/Th lesson 3 quiz & What’s the Forecast? activity sheet; Wed 5/16 Chapter 13 review; Fri 5/18 Chapter 13 test on Weather.


Grade 7–Mon 5/14 learning about development of an embryo; Tues/Th lab day-design a foldable of all the major systems of the human body; Wed  5/16 learn about developmental stages of infancy, childhood, adolescence & adulthood; Fri 5/18 chapter 25 review on Reproduction.


Grade 8–Mon 5/14 Why atoms combine-Chapter 6 packet; Tues/Th illustrate dot diagrams & science matters worksheet; Wed 5/16 ionic/covalent bonds; Fri 5/18 interpreting chemical shorthand.

Have a great week!


Happy Friday!  Our Super Fair is 2 weeks away…students should be busy with their projects.  Some still have not had their project approved!  Next week we have Ascension Thursday Mass & 1:00 dismissal/faculty meeting on Fri. 11th-which is SJRS beef ‘n beer raffle evening!  The following week, 5/14–5/21 students may begin bringing their projects in to present to the class.  REMINDER** a typed paper of the project must be handed in also.

Grade 6–Mon 5/7 studying severe weather; Tues 5/8 worksheet on Hurricanes; Wed 5/9 quiz on weather patterns; Thurs 5/10 (no class due to Mass); Fri 5/11 finish up weather patterns, discuss progress of/present science fair projects.

**Please save CLEAN pizza boxes for future solar cookers!

Grade 7–Mon 5/7 We begin the Reproductive System; Tues 5/8 Female reproductive system; Wed 5/9 study guide on male/female reproductive systems; Thurs 5/10 Human life stages; Fri 5/11 continue human life stages.


Grade 8–Mon 5/7 finish up pop-up book; Tues 5/8 physical/chemical changes worksheet; Wed 5/9 lesson 3 how physical/chemical changes happen; Thurs 5/10 how physical/chemical changes affect the world they live in; Fri 5/11 harm from acid rain.

**Each 8th grade student will need a new,clean gallon paint can for the ice cream lab on 5/29.


I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!


Week of 4/30–5/4/18

I hope you’ve enjoyed this beautiful weekend.  Upcoming for the first full week of May is lab/doubles on Tuesday/Thursday and school May crowning Mass on Friday.  **Reminder** Summer uniforms begin Monday–TOMORROW!

Also, your child will receive a paper about the Science Fair, so keep thinking & looking up great ideas.


Grade 6–Mon 4/30 Weather Patterns; Tues/Th 5/1 & 5/3  What is weather? & winter storm quiz; Wed 5/2 Severe weather; Fri 5/4 no class due to school liturgy.


Grade 7–Mon 4/30 Excretory system & worksheet 8; Tues/Th 5/1 & 5/3 work on full-sized bodies; Wed 5/2 Chapter 20 review; Fri 5/4 Chapter 20 Respiratory and Excretory System Test.


Grade 8–Mon 4/30 Chapter 5 Matter; Tues/Th 5/1 & 5/3 States of matter lab & Pascal’s ghosts; Wed 5/2 Chemical properties of matter; Fri 5/4 Physical and chemical changes.

Science Fair Sites

Good evening.  Here are a few good websites if you are looking for great science fair ideas;;;;  .  If you have any questions you may contact me, or have your student ask me in class.  Enjoy working on the project with your child.


I hope you are enjoying your weekend.  Upcoming week is a full week with doubles on Tues/Thursday for all classes.  If anyone is interested, before sunrise-5-6:00 am, a meteor shower may be visible!

Grade 6  Mon 4/23-Weather lesson 1 quiz; Tues/Th lab-make recycled paper & make weather in a cup; Wed 4/25 lesson 2 Weather Patterns; Fri 4/27 no class due to Marine Mammal Stranding Assembly.


Grade 7 Mon 4/23-How Hiccups happen; Tues/Th lab-effects of smoking on lungs & worksheet; Wed 4/25-Excretory/Urinary system; Fri 4/27-no class due to Mass.


Grade 8 Mon 4/23-Chapter 4 review; Tues/Th lab-make a buoyancy diver; Wed 4/25-quiz on States of Matter; Fri 4/27-Chapter 4 Test on States of Matter.


Continue to research ideas for a Science Fair project!

Week of 4/16–4/20/18

Grade 6–Mon 4/16 Begin chapter on Weather; Tues/Th doubles lab -make a Volcano flip book; Wed 4/18 explain how weather is related to water cycle; Fri 4/20 explain the water cycle.


Grade 7–Mon 4/16 begin the Respiratory system; Tues/Th doubles lab-effects of smoking on respiratory system; Wed 4/18 structures of the respiratory system; Fri 4/20 flow chart about respiratory system & what hiccups are.


Grade 8–Mon  4/16 Behavior of fluids; Tues 4/17 how pressure is transmitted through fluids; Wed. 4/18 behavior of fluids worksheet;  Thurs/Fri no classes due to trip!

**Reminder** every student needs to get their Science fair project approved!  Topic approval due by May 1.

Enjoy a good week!

Week of 4/9–4/13/18

Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a blessed Easter and enjoyed tons of family time.  The calendar says April, but the weather feels like winter still:(

Hopefully it will warm up by the end of the week.

**Science Fair**  Every 6th, 7th, & 8th grade student must participate in a science fair project.  Please start looking up some ideas-there are so many fun & exciting things to do; choose a topic that interests your child & research with them.  Once you have an idea, just run it by me so I don’t have any repeats.  Your child may work with another student-any class, or alone.  Please work with them (IF they want the help!). The Fair will be at the end of May so you have over a month to research, obtain a topic, get approval, and begin the fun.  Think outside the box!

*Reminder-Friday the 13th is 1:00 dismissal/faculty meeting.

** $1 Dress-down is Thursday 4/12/18.

Grade 6–Test on Volcanoes -part I Thur 4/12; and part II Fri 4/13.

Grade 7–We just began Control & Coordination chapter; test will be next week.

Grade 8–States of Matter chapter 4 was started today.

March Madness–week of 3/19-3/23/18

I hope you are enjoying a beautiful, rest-filled weekend. This upcoming week is a 4-day week and the third marking period is coming to an end.  Please check Cornerstone for your child’s grades and any missing assignments.

**Reminder-All 7th graders need to return the AtlantiCare permission slip for class demonstration on Monday!

**ReminderII-Friday 3/23 school is closed due to teacher retreat day at Paul IV High School.

**Reminder III-SJRS Annual Gala is next weekend, 3/24…there are some awesome prizes, a fun night, and a wonderful chance to support our school.  Hope to see many of you at The Flanders in Ocean City (where Mr. Hink & I had our wedding reception 38 years ago!).


Grade 6–Mon 3/19 Predicting volcanic eruption types, worksheet pg. 40; Tues 3/20 Mt. Mazamba flip book; Wed 3/21  lesson 2 quiz on predicting eruptions; Thurs 3/22 Eruption styles & chapter review worksheet. No school Fri 3/23.


Grade 7–Mon 3/19 AtlantiCare Healthy Schools demonstration on nutrition (permission slip necessary); Tues 3/20 review main ideas of Circulation, Blood & the Lymphatic system; Wed 3/21 Chapter 19 test on Circulatory & Lymphatic Systems; Thurs 3/22 continue work on life-size body; Fri 3/23 no school.


Grade 8–Mon 3/19 review elements of matter–research your chosen element for Wed; Tues 3/20 Chapter 3 test on Matter; Wed 3/21 design Wanted Element poster; Thurs 3/22 complete Wanted poster; Fri 3/23 no school.

Week of March 12-16, 2018

Boy what an exhausting week!  The Iowa & CogAts are 100% completed in 7H…thank you everyone for being at school for the testing-it’s so important!  And enough with the crazy weather!  At least the extra daylight will make it seem closer to springtime.  Have a good week.  Grades 5–8 go to confessions on Tues. 3/13.

Grade 6-Mon 3/12 review for earthquake test; Tues 3/13 Chapter test on earthquakes (if we have returned from confessions); Wed 3/14 begin study of volcanoes; Thurs 3/15 types of volcanoes; Fri 3/16 color 3 types of volcanoes.


Grade 7-Mon 3/12 begin the study of Blood; Tues 3/13 confessions; Wed 3/14 wkst 39-40 & 15,21 on blood types; Thurs 3/15 functions of lymphatic system; Fri 3/16 wkst 17-18 on lymph system.


Grade 8-Mon 3/12 lesson 3 Compounds & Mixtures; Tues 3/13 chapter review; Wed 3/14 Chapter 5-8 wksht. pg. 31-2; Thurs 3/15 wksht. 55-6 on vocab definitions; Fri 3/16 review for chaper 3 test on Matter.

IOWA testing week March 5-9, 2018

I hope everyone has their hatches battened down for winter storm Riley! Enjoy your weekend, remember Monday begins Iowa testing.  Please have your child get plenty of rest, EAT breakfast, and bring a pencil or 2.  The 7th grade take IOWA’s Mon-Thurs mornings, and on Fri they take the CogAts in the morning. They will only see limited teachers/classes nest week due to all the testing.  PLEASE have your child attend school, unless they are really sick.

**Reminder** Friday, 3/9 is a 1:00 dismissal/faculty meeting.

Grade 6-I will only see them on Tues. & Thurs due to testing; they will do a Changing Earth quiz part I & II each day.

Grade 7-I will see them all week for testing, but there will be no homework. Tues. 3/6 they will receive a presentation by Mr. Anthony at 12:15, then they will go participate in the Barn Hill Preserve Zoo at 1:00. Fun!

Grade 8-Each person needs a 1/4 sheet poster board for Tuesday. They will choose a number, research their element, and make a Wanted Poster. On Wed. they will do their 50/75 elements & symbols test. Study the elements with them! Let them show you how many they know.

**The Barn Hill Preserve Zoo will bring a baby Joey, a tortoise, and a bearded dragon to educate all students at SJRS on Tuesday, March 6, 12:30-1:30.  How exciting!  Be sure to sign permission slip; perhaps buy a photo of your child holding one of the animals!

week of 2/26–3/2/18

2nd week of Lent.

**Reminder-Iowa testing begins the following Monday, March 5-9.

Grade 6–Mon 2/26-Plot earthquakes & volcanoes on world map; Tues/Th 2/27 & 3/1–doubles lab-design a quake-proof building; Wed 2/28-worksheet locating the ring of fire; Fri 3/2-no class due to school mass at 10:00.


Grade 7–Mon 2/26-compare/contrast arteries/veins/capillaries; Tues/Th lab-learning & taking blood pressure; Wed 2/28-Blood moving through the heart; Fri 3/2-heart blood flow worksheet.


Grade 8–Mon 2/26-interpreting a hypothetical periodic table; Tues/Th doubles-quiz on 50 elements & symbols & designing a word from the elements; Wed 2/28-periodic table worksheet quiz; Fri 3/2-formal assessment of elements & symbols.

**Reminder II-Fri. 3/2 soup & stations by SJRS Staff-6:15 for soup, stations to follow.  Please try to join us!

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