Jacqueline Armstrong | Fifth Grade

Jacqueline Armstrong | Fifth Grade

Week of April 8

Monday: IXL U1…yes you won!

Tuesday IXL U2 and U6

Wednesday IXL U3

Thursday 5A study for Religion test

Week of April Fools day :)

Monday and Tuesday; review sheet for unit 6 math test on multiply and divide decimals, and convert between fraction, decimals and percents.  Test is Wednesday.

Friday; no school for students 🙂


Week of March 18

Monday: practice multiplying fractions. Can use tinyurl.com/nyy7b2z and go to unit 6 to play games, OR use IXL in section M to practice. Quiz is Tuesday.

Tuesday: Social Studies finish Ch 5 work and study for test on Thursday.

Wednesday: IXL N9 divide fractions using keep-change-flip and study for SS test.

Thursday: 5A study for Religion test Ch 12. IXL N12 divide fractions word problems.

Week of March 9

Monday: SS worksheet on Massachusetts Bay colony p 46.

Tuesday: no HW

Wednesday IXL: K.1

Thursday: multiply fractions handout.

This past Monday was an unannounced basic skills quiz. These will be regular (likely bi-weekly.) They will always include: add, subtract, multiply and divide decimals and fractions. These are  basic skills that are essential for success in middle school.

week of 2/25

All week we are practicing Unit 5 math fractions: convert to decimals, between improper and mixed, simplify, compare and order and add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers with regrouping. There is  a unit 5 test on Friday.

Next week is IOWA testing, all work will be review work in the afternoon.

Doctor Seuss Read Across America Week

Monday: crazy sock day. Girls wear over tights, boys can, but do not have to, tuck their pants into their silly socks 🙂

Wednesday is crazy hat day.

Thursday is Seuss inspired dress down day.

Week of February 12

All Valentine candy grams were due today, however, due to the snow day yesterday, they will be accepted tomorrow, Wednesday 2/13.

Lunch menus are due this Friday the 15th.

Tuesday HW: IXL K 10 comparing fractions and mixed numbers.


Thursday: practice for adding and subtracting fractions quiz.

No school next Monday for President’s Day.

Week of 2/4

Tuesday: Math review sheet on all fractions to date to prep for quiz on Thursday: reduce (simplify), convert to fractions, convert between improper and mixed, and make equivalent.

Wednesday: SS

Thursday: 5A study for Religion test on Friday.


IF this worked the video from the “after talent show:” back in homeroom should be attached!

Week of 1/14

Monday Social Studies workbook pages 28-29.

Tuesday Social Studies workbook page 30.

Wednesday ** finish any unfinished Social Studies.

Thursday Math IXL K1 and K2. Please work for 20 minutes. If K1 takes longer than 20 minutes K2 can be done in school on Friday.

**Parents, if the opportunity arises for you to discuss fractions please do so! If you are cooking and need to measure ingredients, have your student do it! Fractions become easier when they can make sense of them, and real life experience helps that! Thank you 🙂

Week of January 7, 2019

Happy New Year!

Monday: finish unit 4 review for quiz Tuesday. It includes: mental math multiply decimals and estimate decimals, also multiply decimals by whole and decimal numbers and divide decimals by whole digit divisors. There is also an add and subtract decimals review.

Tuesday: 5A only, study for Religion test, chapter 8.

Wednesday; math review sheet and SS handout.

Thursday: study for Math Unit 4 test Friday.

Week of 12/17

As we enter the 3rd and final week of Advent, I pray that all of you are blessed with the joy of the season, the Saviors birth and the excitement that surrounds it. Please try to remind your children that we should always be preparing: for special holidays like Christmas, for school by doing homework, and for the second coming of Jesus, which is the final judgment. The children went to confession this past week as a class, and going forth they should always try to make decisions based on what would make Jesus happy. Being kind, helping others, praying and going to church,  these are the best birthday gifts we can give to Him.

Many students have brought in clementine crates, small wooden boxes or shoe boxes for our Christmas activity scheduled for Tuesday afternoon. If your child has not come in with a small box yet, please try to have one by Tuesday. Also if you have an extra roll of wrapping paper you can spare, please send that in also. Thank you!

Monday the K-1st and 2nd grades perform their Christmas show for the student body in the morning. Then in the afternoon the 3rd-4th and 5th perform.

I believe the arrival time for parents and students of 3-4-5 to arrive at school Monday night for the parents/family performance,  will be 5:30. The show is at 6:00. You will drop your child off and they will come to the classroom before the show starts. You will then collect your child from their homeroom after the shows conclusion.

Wednesday the students will see the 6th-7th and 8th Christmas performance during the school day and the parents/family show is Wednesday evening.


Dr. Fipp announced today that we are having a $1.00 dress down day tomorrow to support our technology fund. We have had many and hope to have many more. Each new smart board comes with an over $5000 price tag. This technology fund works toward that as well as many other technology based costs. I need a new one! Mine is 13 years old, and is hanging in there! Barely!!!  Just want you to know that $1.00 or 4 quarters will eventually go toward something amazing 🙂

Thank you!!!!!

Week of December 3rd

Monday is the Santa Secret sale shop day for 5th grade. Every item is $1. The kids have the opportunity to shop for family members, siblings, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and God-parents, as well as pets and friends!!! It is sooooooo much fun!!!!

Monday HW: math study/practice sheet for Unit 3 test on Wednesday.

Tuesday: IXL got to 4th grade (yes FOURTH GRADE) and do D12 which is using the distributive property for mental math multiplication.

Wednesday:  Finish review sheet for test Thursday.

My apologies for the changes. We have not had access to the copy machine since last week. The nights that handouts were assigned I was not able to get the handout copied. We have been doing the unit 3 reviews in class and will  have the test on Thursday.


Week of November 26

Tuesday: IXL D13. This is 2 digit divisor division. Students are only required to do 20 minutes.

Wednesday: IXL D3

NO homework Thursday, the copy machine not working for the handouts.  Thursday: handout on decimal review.

Week of November 12th…Veterans day

Monday all veterans day reports are due. They will be presented by the students to the class all week.

Monday: no homework, happy Veterans day.

Tuesday IXL C18. This is multiplying by a 3 digit multiplier. They will need paper and pencil to do the calculations, and some patience. My classroom motto is “math does not get harder it just gets longer.” That is 3 digit multiplication!  They do NOT have to master it. 15-20 minutes is perfect.

Wednesday: Practice rules of divisibility and factor trees.

Thursday: Study/practice for rules of divisibility and multiplication quiz on Friday.



Veterans Day assignment

The children were given a Veteran’s Day assignment. They were given a form that is very simple: Name, branch of service, and a paragraph that says why they are a special veteran. At the bottom I left room for a small picture or pictures of their veteran. That is all they are required to do. If they want to make a poster or other presentation to accompany the report, they are more than welcome to.  I provided a list of present day veterans, but they are welcome to do any veteran they would like.

Week of November 5


The November outreach is food for the needy during the holiday season. This is the food drive that Sister Judy has been doing for many years. The 5th grade food item is pasta/sauce. It can be any type of pasta, and any type of sauce.  All items are being delivered next week Tuesday, the 13th, so please send in items by then. Thank you and God bless you for sharing with those less fortunate than us.




Monday: hand out on multiplication/division fact families.

Wednesday: Handout on multiplication of numbers by powers of 10.

Thursday: IXL  C14



Scholastic magazine access

It appears that some are able to copy and paste the link I provided earlier, some are not. I can on my PC but not my MaC? So the easiest way to access it is got to :   https://sn56.scholastic.com

click on “I am a student” then enter password bellcat7803

let me know if that helps or not!

Week of October 29

Quizzes and tests.

Wednesday: Math quiz; multiply whole numbers by 1  and 2 digit multipliers, show multiplication properties (distributive, associative, commutative, identity and zero.)

Thursday: The Scholastic magazines are issues we read together in class, then take the comprehension quiz in groups.  It is not something they study for. It is cooperative group learning.

Social Studies quiz on Scholastic magazine reader October issues.


Friday: Religion test, chapter 3 for 5A.



Monday: distributive property worksheet.

Tuesday: all properties worksheet and practice multiplying.

Wednesday: Have fun, be safe, don’t eat all your candy.

Thursday: 5A study for Religion test.

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