Jacqueline Armstrong | Fifth Grade

Jacqueline Armstrong | Fifth Grade


Below is the link to the Scholastic news magazine we have subscribed to in order to supplement the Social Studies curriculum with current events. You can use the link below to take you to the page for student access. From there type in the classroom password


which will give you access to the magazine and other resources such as videos and games!


Week of 10/15

Tuesday: IXL G8 decimals on the number line.

Wednesday: decimals on number line handout.

Thursday: review latitude and longitude for Test Friday.

“SOCKTOBER” The Corporals Work of Mercy are acts of kindness that lead us all closer to eternal life in heaven with Jesus. By “doing unto others” as we would for Jesus we ARE ACTUALLY doing for Him! For the month of October we are asking each homeroom to collect SOCKS 🙂 Everyone loves a new pair of socks. Any needy  person, young or old, big or small, would love to have a new pair! If you have the means of sending in a pair of socks to our homeroom, we would appreciate it! Thank you to Victoria Toner for kicking it off in 5A with a 6pack of kids socks 🙂

Week of 10/8

Wednesday: IXL  H3

Thursday: Math quiz Friday on add and subtract decimals 5A and 5E.     Religion test, chapter 2 5A.

Week of 10/1

October already??????? WOW, they say time flies when you’re having fun 🙂

Monday : IXL E1 and E2, 15-20 minutes or master skill (total), whichever comes first.



Thursday: Practice for unit 1 math test Friday. Review sheet will be sent home.

Week of 9/24

Homework for the week.

Monday: IXL A7 and G7, rounding whole and decimal numbers. because there are 2 sections, the time is 10 minutes or master for each. Also, anyone who did not finish up to #3 on each page of the rounding packet should complete up to #3 on each page to catch up.

Tuesday: Finish and review  problems up to number 8, from the rounding packet as well as review the 1st math quiz for quiz Wednesday on: whole number and decimal number place value, compare and order, and rounding, plus basic skills whole number add, subtract, multiply and divide. It will be similar to the first quiz in preparation for the unit 1 test.

Wednesday: Study landform and bodies of water definitions, theat are in your notebook,  for vocab quiz Thursday in SS. Also know the location of the 7 continents.


IXL usage

IXL is an excellent tool for improving math skills. The kids are ALWAYS welcome to work on any skill they wish to! Skills can be repeated as well, meaning if they already did A7, rounding, and later they want to practice rounding again, they can go back and re-do A7. They can also go back and do 4th, 3rd grade work as review practice. The more the better!

When I assign homework, which I will often do, the rule is 15-20 minutes or master. If they have trouble with a specific area, and are getting frustrated, the can stop after making a good attempt at 15 minutes. Please encourage them to READ the explanation of WHY they got something wrong, if and when they do answer incorrectly. It is like having a teacher there, it tells them exactly where they went wrong.

They can go ahead, behind, anything they want at any grade level. I will NOT assign every section listed on 5th grade IXL, likely less than half of them. There will be other forms of HW as well, making it impossible to conquer every section. However if your child is ambitious and wants to accomplish them on their own, you should definitely encourage it.

Week of 9/17

** Soft pretzels do not begin until next Tuesday! We have snack at 9:15 each morning.

Tests and quizzes for the week:

Tuesday; quiz, lessons 1-1 and 1-3 are place value of whole and decimal numbers, 1-2 and 1-4 are compare and order ><=  whole and decimal numbers.

Friday; Religion Test chapter 1



Monday IXL G10 compare decimal numbers

Tuesday free night!

Wednesday IXL changed to B1

Thursday 5A the religion chapter 1 test will be an open book test on Friday. The kids should look over what they highlighted but they do NOT have to memorize, or study anything.

Week of September 10

Welcome back to the first full week of school.

Reminder*** everything is now paid through your Facts management account. Classroom activity fees, pretzel orders, etc… For now lunch remains a check or cash, but that will eventually switch over also.

On Tuesday we will remember, honor and discuss the events that occurred on September 11, 2001.

Friday is a 12:00 dismissal, NO LUNCH.

5th grade students are allowed to bring a snack everyday. We have a snack at around 9:15 am.  Tuesdays and Thursdays are pretzel days starting next week. The snack should be something quick and easy, we work while we snack.


**** when IXL is assigned as homework, I have a 15-20 minute or master policy. That means if they master the skill they are done. If they have been working for 15-20 minutes and have not mastered it, they can stop. I do not want them getting frustrated with math, I want them to love it.

Monday: IXL A1

Tuesday: IXL A3 and A4


Week of 9/26

Monday:  IXL  A6 and G7…for a total of 20 minutes or mastered. example might be; 10 minutes on A6 and 10 on G7.  Study social studies definitions.
Tuesday: Study for Religion test Chapter 2 (5A.)  Math handout on exponents.
Wednesday:  Complete study guide and study for Math Unit 1 test Thursday.  Also study social studies landforms and bodies of water definitions for quiz.

Specials schedule

Monday: Spanish
Tuesday: Gym
Wednesday: Art
Thursday: Music
Friday: Media
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