Jacqueline Armstrong | Fifth Grade

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Jacqueline Armstrong | Fifth Grade

Big week! Summer uniform starts today!  Mr. Pugliese will be giving an update on the uniform on the morning announcements. The girls apparently can wear the navy blue socks 🙂


The 5th grade field trip is Wednesday to the Wetlands Institute. Temperature is supposed to be a high of 65, hoping it creeps up a little! The kids can wear shorts, capris or pants that roll up. They will go into the beach water about calf deep to grab water samples. Please apply sunblock before they leave the house and send some to reapply later in their bag. They should bring a bagged lunch, if possible, include an ice pack to keep cold stuff cold, and drinks and snacks. There are no vending machines there. There is a gift shop there, and all proceeds go directly back into the Institute for their research and funding. Phones are permitted for pictures etc…but they are your child’s responsibility!

This Friday the 12th is 1:00 dismissal with a faculty meeting for staff.

Congratulations to our 2017 Math Olympics teams in 4th, 5th and 6th grades! The competition was stacked this year! Shannon Keane and Thomas Tran both placed in the individual competition for 5th grade. Vincent Polistina was the first mathlete to answer ALL 10 individual even questions correctly. Finally, 6th grade took 3rd place in the team event. It was a long 6 hours of math on Saturday and we are proud of ALL our students for their dedication to excellence!

Thursday has been declared a “superhero/comic book” dress DOWN day. If your child has any of the above, they can wear it, if not, just dress down! It is a free day.

Friday is a school mass and the May Crowning of the Blessed Mother. The 8th graders are dressing up, the rest of the school is wearing uniforms.


Math quiz Wednesday, graphing and SS test Friday ch 6.

Mon: Coordinate graphing worksheet (all positive.)

Tues: finish workbook pages for 3-14 and 12-9 positive and negative pairs.

Quiz on graphing Wednesday.


Wednesday: Take SS chapter 6 study guide to take notes on.

Thursday: finish taking notes to add to study guide. This is MANDATORY. Points will be deducted from the test on Friday of there are no additional notes added to the study guide! notes can be added to the actual paper or put in SS notebooks.

Hope everyone enjoyed a nice (long) mass today and that the kids were able to connect a lot of their Bible packets they have been working on with most of the Gospel!

Wednesday morning, at 9am and 10am 4th and 5th grades will be presenting a live version of the Last Supper and Stations of the Cross. Parents and family are invited to attend either, or both shows.

Wednesday is also a $1 dress down day and 1:00 dismissal with no after care.


Monday: RED dress down day for $1

Tuesday: CRAZY sock day with uniform

Ash Wednesday Mass at 10am

Thursday: CRAZY hat day with uniform

Friday: GREEN dress down day for $1

Tuesday 5A has Ch 11 Religion test

Wednesday Unit 5 math test; fractions reduce, equivalent, compare and order, convert to decimals,  add and subtract with mixed numbers.


****FRIDAY Social Studies quiz on ch 4 lessons 1 and 2; New Spain and New France. study guide went home.

Tuesday: math practice and rt pages 8-7 adding mixed numbers. Start to study for Social Studies Ch 3 test (study guide) which is on Thursday.

Wednesday: Math practice and rt 8-8 subtracting mixed numbers with and without regrouping. Study for SS test on Thursday.

Thursday: math handout on adding and subtracting mixed numbers. Study for Religion test Ch. 11 (Friday)


Monday: practice and reteach 8-1 adding and subtracting fractions with common denominators, with reducing.

Tuesday: p and rt 8-2 with unlike denominators (make equivalent fractions to get common denom) and reducing.

Wednesday: free night.



There is not a mandatory template that has to be used. Microsoft Power Point has a trifold brochure available, so do many online sites. Your student can use any template or none at all.  The entire project can be handwritten and illustrated, pictures can be copied and pasted on, or it can be typed. Whatever works best for your student.  Parent participation not required 🙂

The cover should have the name of the state and at least one picture that represents the state, as well as the students name.

Inside 3 flaps should  include: the abbreviation and the state capital. Please include any important people or buildings, memorials etc…as well as attractions, and/or sports teams significant to that state.  Please also include the date the state entered the union (became a state) and its rank, and most recent population number.

On the back please write if you would like to visit this state after having discovered the information about it, and why or why not.  Please tell a little about yourself as well: where are you from? what are your interests? favorite sports teams? a state you visited and loved or hope to visit someday?

Any blank places can be filled in with more pictures or left blank.  The goal is to have fun and learn a little about a state. Creativity is not graded or judged; everyone has their own creativity, so the project is free to be what you want it to be!

We will be hanging the brochures in accordance with their geographical location on the map.

Good luck, and have fun:)

Wednesday night is family dinner at Amici’s. The form is on the parents page of SJRS.ORG You can print and send in or use google docs to order.

Friday is 1:00 dismissal. Also the Valentine grams are due THIS Friday. I have plenty of forms if you need any.

Mrs Hutton said if there are any last minute book fair items your child wishes to purchase they can bring in money tomorrow, Tuesday.


Monday; 2 math handouts and ss workbook page 26 if not finished.

Tuesday; handout on ordering fractions

Wednesday; handout on all fractions for quiz Thursday: Chapter 7 lessons 3,7,8,10,11,12. Convert between improper and mixed numbers, equivalent fractions, reducing to simplest form, and comparing and ordering.


Celebrating Catholic Schools Week: Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service.

Thanking parents for their selfless dedication to a Catholic education for your most coveted possessions.

For the 5th grade’s service project we would like to help the folks at the Atlantic City rescue mission. We have done this in thepast, and our donations are always greatly appreciated.  They have told us one of their needs are trial-size or small hygiene items: toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, lotions and sunblock, shampoos, soap etc… They also are in constant need of socks and underwear.   We are asking each child in 5th grade to see if they can find one of these items at home. Maybe in a drawer from a dentist visit, or in a guest bathroom cabinet.  If not, to purchase one, and bring to school by Friday the 3rd.  We are also asking the whole school to look for items they may have at home, but not to purchase. Thank you!!

Tuesday is student appreciation day and the PTA is once again providing some fun and friendly competition with the trivia based game show!  The kids love it, and have fun competing. The colors for 5A are red or green. It is a dress down day, so they can wear what they choose. But if your child has a red or green shirt to wear for the game, please have them either wear it, or bring one they can put on top of their shirt for the game.

Monday: Math practice book P7-10 reducing fractions.

Tuesday:  handout on reducing fractions.  5A study Religion chapter 9, Confirmation as celebrated today.  ** There will be a retest given, optional, on Chapter 8 as well. It will NOT be the same test, but will be on the information covered in Chapter 8 (the history of the Sacrament of Confirmation.) Only for those wishing to take it.


The girls in 5A have no actual “homework” this week. They won the Christmas trivia game at our Christmas Party. However, they will complete some of the math problems in class to make sure they are successful with the skill.

Tuesday: Math practice page 4-10, dividing decimal numbers.

Wednesday: finish the decimal division estimating page and problems a-f on the practice page.

Thursday: Study for Religion test chapter 8 (5A)

looks like this page may be up and running! 🙏

The only homework this week is the math quiz in Wednesday: add subtract and multiply decimals. These are basic skills, and they need to mastered for middle school.

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