Jacqueline Armstrong | Fifth Grade

Jacqueline Armstrong | Fifth Grade

Week of December 4

Wednesday: Religion test, chapter 8 for 5A

Thursday: SS quiz on ch2 lessons 1-4 (open book) and math quiz division, rules of divisibility and factor trees.

NO SCHOOL FRIDAY, attend mass for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

JV girls basketball

We told the girls we would post the list, but have decided to send letters home tomorrow. Making cuts is difficult, and we discussed different ways to keep everyone.  The girls were told tonight that there would be a “practice squad.” It is a wonderful opportunity for the girls to come to all of the practices, learn new skills, improve on other skills, gain experience in the sport, and have a good time with their friends.

A letter will go home in a sealed envelope at the end of the day for the girls to read at home with you.


Week of 11/27

This is the first week of December ? WOW time is moving quickly.

The Christmas gifts for the 4th grade St Vincent DePaul Society are due Thursday.  The children who signed up for this received their gift information last week. If you did not see it; check their home folder!

This coming Friday the children will help Mrs. McCarthy switch out the mass missiles. This is an excellent opportunity for them to understand the Liturgical Year. We just finished discussing the Liturgical year and Ordinary time. The changing of the books is a hands on way to make a connection with what they learned and how it applies!


Monday- rules of divisibility worksheet.

Tuesday- factor trees worksheet.

Wednesday-  prepare for math quiz on divisibility rules and factor trees.

Thursday: Study for SS quiz: lesson 2, 3 and 4 in Chapter 2. Use workbook pages to study.



Week of November 6

Monday: math practice sheets multiplication (mental math using multiples of 10 and 3 digit multipliers.)

Tuesday: Veterans Day research paper. Each student received a Veteran of the US Armed Forces along with a format to follow for the research. Pictures should be presented along with the information. They can present the information in any format: power points can be made, poster presentations, or standard paper format. Due Friday 11/10.

There is a school liturgy on Tuesday at 10am.

Wednesday and Thursday: work on Veterans Day assignment.

Friday is a 1:00 dismissal and Veteran reports are due.


WEEK of 10/24

THURSDAY is a $1 dress down day to support cancer research. October is cancer awareness month.


Tests and quizzes:

Thursday is SS and Math unit 2 (estimate and find sums and differences of decimal numbers, decimals on number line and word problems.)

Friday is 5A Religion ch 4.


Tuesday: IXL H8 (15-20 mins or master.)

Wednesday: Study SS, practice math

Thursday: Study Religion for 5A


Week of October 16

Monday: do problems in practice book on the reteach pages for lessons 1-12 and 1-13 to review for math quiz Tuesday on adding and subtracting decimals.

Tuesday: No homework 🙂

Wednesday: Latitude and longitude worksheet

Thursday: 5A study for religion test Chapter 4 and 5A and 5E IXL:  G3 (15 minutes or master, whichever comes first.)

Friday afternoon we will have the October birthdays 🎉 🎉🎈 celebration. No weekend HW:)



Week of October 10

Tuesday: IXL 5th grade G9 decimals on the number line.

** remember for IXL it should be 20 minutes or master the skill, whichever comes first. No student is expected to spend more than 20 minutes and become frustrated .

Wednesday: IXL 5th grade  H1 and for 5E the Christopher Columbus handout.

Thursday: Ixl H2 and 5a study for Religion ch 3 test.

*** Friday is a $1 dress down day (benefits Puerto Rico disaster relief) and 1:00 dismissal.

NEXT WEEK STARTS WINTER UNIFORM.  Please refer to handbook if you have questions, or the Flynn and Ohara website.


Luckily there were no September birthdays!

When it is your child’s birthday, you may send in an approved birthday list item. Check the approved list or email me or Mrs. Polistina with any questions. In addition to that we will have a birthday celebration each month. Usually at the end of the month. When there are multiple bdays in a month, Mrs. Berk, our awesome room mom will coordinate a nice combo….

Unit 1 math test Friday

the unit 1 test will include all what they have been quizzed on and what they practiced this week : place value of whole and decimal numbers… rounding, compare and order, and exponents.



Quizzes and tests this week.

wednesday : social studies quiz on landforms and bodies of water from packet (not the book.)


thursday : 5A religion test chapter 2

friday math test Unit 1


Many of you have asked why you do not receive updates via email for the website. I cannot answer that 🙁 I can only suggest that you check the website occasionally for any updates I make.


Also the nurse informed me many of you, including myself, have asked where to get the medical forms. If you go to the tab at the top that says “quick links” click it, then click on “back to school guide” you will find the forms needed for the nurse.

Week of September 25

Thank you for your patience as we started the new school year with our wonderful substitute Mrs. Nunan.

I was anxious to get back! We are in full swing now, and quizzes and tests and packets (test grades) will be regular.

Monday and Tuesday nights were decimal handouts for HW.

Wednesday was the Practice book p 1-8. All week we have been reviewing the lessons covered; 1-1 through 1-4 and 1-8. Tomorrow, Friday is a quiz on all 5 sections. A review/prep handout was sent home as tonight’s HW to prepare for tomorrow. We will go over it and discuss and problems before we begin the quiz.


  • heads up for next week: there will be a quiz on SS definitions, another math quiz on lessons 1-5 and 3-11, followed by a test on all of Unit 1, and a Religion test on Chapter 2.

HW Monday 9/11

IXL: pick any 5th grade skill. If you pick an easy one and finish with a 100% quickly, do another! If you pick a tough one, work for a maximum of 20 minutes. The goal is to practice math skills for about 20 minutes.

Late welcome back to new exciting year!

Welcome to 5th grace! I am so incredibly sorry and sad that I missed the first exciting week, and will this week also 😔. The kids are in the wonderfully capable hands of Mrs. Nunan 😊

I had a sinus procedure done in August, and unfortunately had a complication occur a week later. Took a while to get it figured out, and culminated the week of “back-to-school.” Murphy’s law!

I have been in constant contact with Mrs. Nunan and this week will be productive and fun! I will be in briefly tomorrow to see again, and meet some, of my kids and am very excited about that! Can’t stay long, there tends to be germs in schools!

The kids should be settling in… getting supplies, book sox, etc…. nothing has a time limit, all things  will get accomplished eventually! Mrs. Nunan will speak to them about snacks. We do have pretzels tues-thurs but also allow snacks m-w-f. They have to be in accordance with allergy guidelines. Once we get that straight, they can start bringing snacks.

Specials are as follows:

Monday 8:15 Spanish

Tuesday 8:15 GYM (yayyyaayyaa)

Wednesday 8:15 Art

Thursday 1:00 pm Music

Friday 8;15 Media

There is a back to school mass this Friday, the 15th at 10am. As always ALL are welcome!

Please please email me with any questions you might have :   Jarmstrong@sjrs.org

or click the contact link.

More to follow soon😊

Many wishes for a blessed, exciting, inspirational and special 5th grade year!

Week of May 8th

Big week! Summer uniform starts today!  Mr. Pugliese will be giving an update on the uniform on the morning announcements. The girls apparently can wear the navy blue socks 🙂


The 5th grade field trip is Wednesday to the Wetlands Institute. Temperature is supposed to be a high of 65, hoping it creeps up a little! The kids can wear shorts, capris or pants that roll up. They will go into the beach water about calf deep to grab water samples. Please apply sunblock before they leave the house and send some to reapply later in their bag. They should bring a bagged lunch, if possible, include an ice pack to keep cold stuff cold, and drinks and snacks. There are no vending machines there. There is a gift shop there, and all proceeds go directly back into the Institute for their research and funding. Phones are permitted for pictures etc…but they are your child’s responsibility!

This Friday the 12th is 1:00 dismissal with a faculty meeting for staff.

Week of May 8th

Congratulations to our 2017 Math Olympics teams in 4th, 5th and 6th grades! The competition was stacked this year! Shannon Keane and Thomas Tran both placed in the individual competition for 5th grade. Vincent Polistina was the first mathlete to answer ALL 10 individual even questions correctly. Finally, 6th grade took 3rd place in the team event. It was a long 6 hours of math on Saturday and we are proud of ALL our students for their dedication to excellence!

Dress down/up days

Thursday has been declared a “superhero/comic book” dress DOWN day. If your child has any of the above, they can wear it, if not, just dress down! It is a free day.

Friday is a school mass and the May Crowning of the Blessed Mother. The 8th graders are dressing up, the rest of the school is wearing uniforms.

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