Jacqueline Armstrong | Fifth Grade

Jacqueline Armstrong | Fifth Grade

Week of May 7

quizzes and tests

Tuesday: Math quiz dividing fractions

Wednesday: 5A religion chapter 18 test.

thursday : Math unit 6 test, all multiplying and dividing fractions.

Friday: Social Studies chapter 8 test.

homework all week is to prepare for the test the following day.

Tuesday homework

the suggested hw for tonight is to do a few problems on practice page 8-10 8-12 amd 8-13

the first 2 on 8-12 are models, you do not have to answer those …. just the problems in number format.

Week of April 30

Thank you to Mr. Harrison Gilbert, the Principal of SJRS on Monday 4/30 for your hard work. Also thank you for giving us a FREE dress down day on Thursday!

We are in summer uniform, so shorts are allowed, but shorts should be school/church appropriate. No tank tops or flip flops.



Monday IXL M15

Tuesday: review all rules for multiplying  fractions for quiz Wednesday.

Thursday IXL M28




Julia began preparations for completing her Sacraments of Christian Initiation this year. It has been an inspiration to watch her dedicate herself to learning her faith to accomplish this. So far she has made her first Reconciliation, Baptism, and most recently, on April 22, received her First Holy Communion! We are all very excite for her!

Week of 4/23

The students were assigned a State Project this week. We will use some class time for some of the research. They will be required to do research at home and also to print some pictures from home! The due date will likely be the second week of May, dependent upon how much class time we have for the research.

Friday at 9:45 we have an assembly. The Marine Mammal Stranding Center is visiting the school!

Friday will be a math quiz on converting between fractions, decimals and percents. There will also be ratios.

Stations Of The Cross

The fourth and fifth grade last supper and Staitions Of The Cross is tomorrow in the gym two shows at nine and ten. All are invited to attend.

Week of March 19

Today is the feast of Saint Joseph, our Patron Saint. Everyday we end our morning prayer with “Saint Joseph, pray for us. Keep us safe from harm and in good health.” Today is a great day to say that prayer, reflect on the life of that great man, foster father of Jesus, devoted husband of Mary.


5A bring in Rosary Bead set all week.

Monday : IXL K-8

Tuesday: IXL K-10

Wednesday: IXL K-11

Thursday: enjoy your 3 day weekend.


Very important form to be filled out by Monday!

animal formPlease print this form and return signed by Monday. It was in my box and I did not get it until dismissal. I will send the form home on Monday for anyone who is unable to print it. It says it must be returned by Monday but I will try to get it extended to Tuesday for a few! Pleas download and print if possible! Sorry!

week of 2/26

Monday IXL; L3

Tuesday:  5A IXL  K-4 equivalent fractions, 15 mins or master.

5E Reteach lesson 8-4 add and subtract fractions

with unlike denominator.


Dr. Seuss Read Across America Week; 2/26-3/2

Monday: Crazy hat day

Tuesday:Crazy socks day

Wednesday: Crazy Hair day**NO COLOR

Thursday: $1.00 dress down day** wear RED or WHITE to support Dr. Seuss!

Friday: regular uniform

Week of February 20, 2018

Tests and quizzes:

Wednesday: Math quiz on identify fractions and reduce to SIMPLEST form.

Thursday: Religion Ch 11.

Friday: Math packets are due for 5A.

5E packets due next week Wednesday the 28th



Tuesday: IXL k-5 reducing tractions.

Wednesday: Study Religion


Thursday 2/15 homework is IXL K1 fractions

Parents we have begun fractions. You can help your child at home with fractions. If you have an analog clock, help them identify time at quarter after an hour, for example: instead of 8:15 have them say quarter after, or quart of, and why.  In the kitchen, show them the measuring cups and how they are divided, as well as teaspoons etc…..

Week of February 5

Wednesday is a Social Studies two-part test; part of it is information to study. They were given a handout last night with definitions to fill in and questions to answer as a study guide. The remaining part of the test, which was very long, involves all of the European explorers and the discovery of the new world (America.) Due to the fact it is such a long chapter with so many important explorers and discoveries, I have that part designated as open book.

There will be a Math unit 4 test on Friday: multiplication and division of decimal numbers.

No religion test this week.

Valentines Day

Next week, Valentines Day is on ASH Wednesday, therefore there will be no celebration that day. Candy grams will be given out on Tuesday as well. I do allow, and recommend (as it is probably the last year for it) the kids to bring in Valentines for the class.  Please check the approved foods list and check boxes to make sure the item was not processed in a nut, egg facility.


Catholic Schools Week 2018 Learn. Serve. Lead. Succeed.

Monday: PTA sponsored Chad Juros Magic Show for 3-4-5 in the gym at 1:15.

Tuesday: Open House from 6-8pm. Any school basketball players that are available, dress in uniform and report to the gym for informal, all team, practice and drills. Represent our athletic program with your amazing God given athleticism!

***the Book Fair is open to all parents and students during the open house.

***** Any 5th grader interested in trying some of the Math Olympics style problems are welcome to join me in the 5A homeroom anytime between the hours of 6-8pm. We will have problems that have been used in past contests available to challenge you!

Wednesday: open house from 9-10:30

5a will browse the book fair at 10am and will make a wish list of books. They will go back to the fair on Friday at 8:15 to purchase items from their wish list.

Thursday: Buddies and Brownies Bingo from 3:15 to 4:15.

Book fair open to all from 3:30-5:00

Friday:  1:15 upper unit (6-8) talent show. All grades will be there to watch.

Week of January 8, 2018

Well that certainly was a cold 4 day weekend! I hope you enjoyed and rested and more importantly, stayed safe!

This week Friday is a 1:00 dismissal with staff faculty meeting and a $1.00 dress down day. I do not have information yet as to whether the mass from this past Friday is rescheduled yet.

The math quiz originally scheduled for last Thursday will be tomorrow. I normally do not give quizzes or tests on a Monday but it is just another quiz on the multiplication and division we have been working on in preparation for the Unit 3 test. The Unit 3 test will be given over two days; begin on Wednesday and finish on Thursday. Unit 3 was long and we have had several quizzes. It encompassed; multiplication by 1 and 2 digit multipliers  and division by 1 and 2 digit divisors, as well as estimation. Also the rules of divisibility and properties of multiplication.

There will be a Religion, Chapter 9 test on Wednesday. We will review the pages we have covered so far tomorrow and I will start the chapter test review with them.

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