Karen Pells | Second Grade

Karen Pells | Second Grade


Dear 2P Parents,

Each day, four hours of schoolwork or educational opportunities, with instructions, will be assigned and posted on my web page.  I ask that assignments be completed daily by 12:00 Midnight.   I am looking for student engagement and student effort in completing the work, so please do not stress.  Parents must email me at kpells@sjrs.org once the work is completed so your child can be counted as “present” for the day.  Of course, if your child has any problems in completing the day’s assignments, please let me know.

For any assignment that will be used as an assessment, I will request that you take a picture of the completed assignment and attach it to your daily email.  The list of links to the websites which we will be utilizing for distance learning (with usernames/passwords) has been emailed to you.  Mrs. Hutton has asked us to remove the usernames and passwords from our webpage due to security reasons.

We are going to take this one day at a time, so please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.  I will try my best to make this remote learning as painless as possible.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and support.  May God bless you and your family, and keep us all in good health.


Ms. Karen Pells



2P WEBPAGE: Ms. Pells’ Class Webpage

ALPHAMATION PLUS (Cursive Handwriting): Cursive Instruction

BOOKFLIX (Reading):  Bookflix login

BRAINPOP JR: https://jr.brainpop.com/

IXL (Math):  IXL sign in

SCHOLASTIC NEWS (Science and Social Studies):  Scholastic News Online

SUPERKIDS: A setup email was sent in September directly to parents from Rowland Reading Foundation for Superkids Online Fun.  I do not have access to your login information, but please contact me if you have any difficulty accessing it.



#1.  Morning Announcements (15 min)Watch a morning video by Dr. Fipp. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6lzN-Wwi0k&feature=youtu.be

#2.  Superkids (45 min):  

  1. Word Work pg. 55 (some of you finished 55 last Thursday) please review all the ways that you can spell the long e sound (ee, ea, ie, ine, e at the end, ey, y at the end and with a tag-along e) and pg. 56 (memory words); 
  2. Read “Oswald’s Invitation” in Decodable Reader pg. 104-105 on SK Online Fun;
  3. In “Oswald’s Invitation” there are more than 10 words with long e spelled in different ways.  See how many you can find, and write them down in your green copybook. Make sure to underline the letters that make the long e in each word.  🙂   

#3.  Brain Break (5 min)Just Dance 

#4.  SNACK & ZOOM WITH MS. PELLS (30 min – new link sent 3/27 email). 

#5.  Fun Extension Activity (Drawing Conclusions – 30 min): (Art will be combined with Spanish on Friday.)  

  1. Go to Case of the Smelly Backpack WATCH “The Case of the Smelly Backpack/Take the Stage”; and ACT out the detective clues along with the video; PAUSE when prompted to see if you can solve the mystery. 
  2. Use the Clue Worksheet (print if possible) to WRITE down your conclusion; and circle the two best clues that support your conclusion. 
  3.   PLAY the remainder of the video to see the answer to the mystery!  
  4. GO clean out your own backpack and ask mom to put it in the washer if it’s dirty, so it’s nice and clean for when we get back to school! 

#6.  Math (30 min.)  Complete Chapter 10 (Extra Practice) in Homework Practice Book pgs. 235-236.  If you’d like additional practice, you can finish any 2nd Grade IXL Data and Graphs skill (not mandatory).  Students will complete Chapter 10 Test tomorrow, Tuesday, March 31st.   

#7  Cursive Handwriting (15 min): Trace and write  the numerals (1-5) on handwriting pg. 62.  Remember: turn your book to get the proper slant! 🙂  

#8.     Religion (15 min):  Continue to follow your daily Good Deed Lenten Chart at home.  We are on Day 34 of our Lenten Journey….Pray one Hail Mary for ”…all those children in countries at war”.      

We are continuing to learn about the Stations of the Cross, which follows Jesus on the day He suffered and died for our sins. Please view: Station 3: Jesus Falls the First Time and pray along the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be at the end.  

#9.    SK Magazine (20 min): Log into SK Online Fun “Read” and “Click On” Super Magazine, Issue No.7 (Splish, Splash).  Read along to “Water, Water Everywhere” pgs. 6-7 and “The Never Ending Story” pgs. 8-9.  

#10. Science Extension Activity 30 min:  

  1. WATCHl BrainpopJr. -Water Cycle.
  2. Click on “ACTIVITY” under video, and then click START. If you’re able to print and complete the activity sheet for the experiment, that’s great!  If not, you can conduct the simple experiment and just note your conclusion in your green copybook. We will talk about our conclusions tomorrow during our ZOOM meeting. 🙂 


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