Mark Elliott | Fifth Grade

I am having a Summer Workshop for incoming 5th graders in Math and Reading Comprehension. Information will be sent home. Also I will have Math or Reading Comprehension tutoring sessions all summer either individually or in small groups.

Contact me if interested.


The story of the week is “The Gri Gri Tree”. We will have a Selection Test and Vocabulary Test on Friday. We also are doing Vocabulary Unit 17. We will have a Preposition quiz on Thursday.The Research Paper is due June 5 .


A one page research report is due Monday June 5.

All students have guidelines and notes on the research report.

Topic is any invention or inventor

Use handouts as guide on how to format report.


2. Introduction paragraph

3. 2 paragraphs with facts and details on their topic

4. Conclusion paragraph

5. 2 sources must be cited at the bottom of the report

Typed , 1″ margins , 12 point font , Due Monday June 5


You will be expected to study each night to prepare for all Tests.

Monday- Grammar pg.137   , Practice pg.245    , Vocabulary pg.

Tuesday- Grammar pg.139  , Practice pg. 248  , Vocabulary pg.  Study Science

Wednesday- Grammar pg.140   , Practice pg.250 , Vocabulary pg.  Study for Selection

Thursday-  Practice pg.251  , Vocab. pg.   Study for Spelling and Assessment.

Friday- Have a Nice Weekend!!


Hello Everyone! I was born and raised in northeast Philadelphia and moved to Somers Point in 2001. I have been teaching since 2002. I now have 3 children who attend St. Joseph’s. My two sons are in 6th and 3rd grade and I have a little girl just starting Kindergarten. One of my favorite things to do is take my two sons to see the Phillies in Spring Training every March and watch my daughter dance.

If anyone is interested in the 5th Grade Math Sessions, please return the form that was sent home last week. I plan on having no more than 4 students in a group. For those of you who have returned their forms I plan to begin sessions this week. I will be notifying you.

This year there is a $30 activity fee for each student. Please send in with your child as soon as possible. Thank You!


Our class trip to the Wetlands Institute this Wednesday. Please dress 

appropriately with the weather forecast.

Also this Friday there will be Water ice for sale at lunch for $1.

This will help support the 8th grade dance.

Student Expectations to be followed by all 5th grade students.
1. Be Respectful!
2. Be on time, prepared, in your seat and silent.
3. All questions or requests, a student hand must be raised.
4. Follow the school dress code.
5. Exhibit behavior which is productive to the Christian Learning Environment
6. Students make appropriate choices to reflect our faith education.
7. Students take responsibility for their choices and actions.

Reward for following these expectations is your child will receive a quality Christian education that will flourish as they mature.

Monday – Spanish
Tuesday – Music
Wednesday – Art
Thursday – Gym
Friday – Media/Technology

Study Smart!
It is better to review vocabulary/spelling words each night instead of waiting to study only on the night before the test. Please use the Treasures website to help you review for the Selection and Assessment tests.

I would like all graded test that are sent home to be signed and returned to school. This way if there is ever a concern about a grade or a certain area I would have a hard copy on hand. Thank You! 

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