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Early Childhood Program: Pre-Kindergarten

Michele Zinckgraf | Pre-Kindergarten

Classroom News and Updates

The children are really doing a great job with the structure and routine of the classroom.  They are a very bright class and an absolute joy to have.

I will be posting the new snack list next week for the month of October, please make sure to check the board and sign up for your snacks.  If your child attends full time 3 or more days per week please sign up on two lines.  If your child attends half days or 2 days per week, you only need to sign up for one line.  Everyone please also remember to bring in a gallon of spring water.

We will be having a Halloween Party at the end of October where children will be able to bring their Halloween Costumes and parade around.  We will also play some games and have some treats.  I will be posting all that information as soon as I get approval from Dr. Fipp on the date.

Our room Mom this year will be Kate Perry, Laila’s mom.  She will be coordinating all our parties so please look for an email from her within the next week or two.

Lastly, just want to make sure all the parents see the beautiful projects that your children have been doing in class.  I like to decorate the room with all their work so they can show them to you and they feel a sense of accomplishment when they see their projects hanging up.  Please feel free so come in and see all that they have done!  Right now we have their fall projects up and the classroom looks so beautiful!!!


Reminder about Nurses Form

There was an email sent out school wide that had a medical form attached.  Please make sure you print out this form and return it ASAP as the nurse needs updated medical information on all students.

weekly lesson plans


Our focus skill this week will be the letter B/b

Our theme this week will be Halloween

THIS WEEK WE WILL BE LEARNING THE SONG all the songs we have learned up until now (Participates in language play e.g. alliterations, rhyming, finger plays, songs)  5 little pumpkins sitting on a gate

We use our thematic activities to build literacy, math skills, science, social, art, and musical skills.


A.M. ACTIVITY:  make pumpkins for our October bulletin board (first scissor activity!!)
FOCUS SKILL:  Use play dough mats to make the letter B/b (motor development:  manipulates plays with play dough)
BOOK:  Bats!!!


A.M. ACTIVITY:  make a spider hat
FOCUS SKILL:  make the letter B/b with cornstarch mixture  (Motor Development:  manipulates play dough)
THEMATIC ACTIVITY: make a spider web with rice
BOOK:  The Very Busy Spider


A.M. ACTIVITY:  begin making treat bags for Halloween
FOCUS SKILL:  Color and find the letter B/b (Alphabet Knowledge:  Shows progress in associating the names of letters with their shapes and sounds)

THEMATIC ACTIVITY:  make 5 little pumpkins sitting on a gate
BOOK:  Five Little Pumpkins


A.M. ACTIVITY:   finish making treat bags for Halloween 
FOCUS SKILL:  Play POP for numbers practicing counting and recognizing numbers 1,2 and 3 (math:  explores and describes similarities, differences and the attributes of objects and sorting and matching a variety of objects)
BOOK:  The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin


FOCUS SKILL:   trace the letter B/b (Writing:  Progresses from drawing, scribbling shapes or pictures to represent ideas, to using letter-like symbols, to tracing or copying familiar words such as their own name)
BOOK:  It’s Pumpkin Day


Bathroom Independent

Please remember that all students need to be bathroom independent.  They need to be able to verbalize that they need to use the bathroom, get their garments up and down, and wipe themselves after they have gone to the bathroom.  Staff can give the children verbal cues and reminders but we cannot assist in the use of the bathroom.  Staff will frequently ask the students throughout the day if anyone needs to use the bathroom.  We will also build this time into the classroom schedule especially in the beginning of the school year.  We will encourage the children to use the bathroom during snack, lunch, before going outside and before going down for rest time.  The children cannot wear pull ups during the school day, not even at rest time.  We ask that you continue to work with your child at home to use the bathroom without needing assistance so that they can do the same at school!!  

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