Sylvia McFadden | Third Grade

Sylvia McFadden | Third Grade

A Look Ahead…..Week of October 23, 2017:

A Look Ahead….Week of October 23, 2017:

-Monday – No School for students, but teachers will be in Vineland, St. Mary’s School

-Thursday – Reading Selection Test, “Home-Grown Butterflies”; Spelling Test; Grammar Test “Nouns”

-Friday – Math Test, Chapter 3 Math Test;  Science Posters due AND “Five Finger” Science Facts due (please do not place the fact sheet on the poster).  Thank you!!!

*******Finally,  Math Enrich Packets were sent home for Chapter 3.  Please complete and return to school on Tuesday for extra Math Credit.  Also, below please review today’s lesson in Chapter 8 Religion, “Apostles are our Leaders” and our story for next week’s Reading Selection Test.

Have a wonderful weekend!! 

Homework: October 19, 2017:

Homework: October 19, 2017:

-Get Math (Mid-Chapter Checkpoint, Chapter 3) signed and return to school tomorrow.

-Religion Sheet

-Study/review Chapter 5 Religion for Religion Test tomorrow

Science Posters!!!!

Students were given a Science Weather Hazard to research.  They can research with books at the Public Library or on the internet.  The “Five Finger” sheet must be filled out with 5 facts about their weather hazard.

Next, students need to decorate a poster showing their Weather Hazard ( the Five Finger pre-write does not go on the poster).

Both poster and paper are due October 27 for class presentations.

Any questions, please just ask.


Homework: October 18, 2017:

Homework: October 18, 2017:

-Study for tests (Reading Selection Test, “Boom Town”; Vocabulary Test ; and Mid-Chapter Checkpoint, Chapter 2 Math)

-Math Practice pgs. P53, P54

Homework: October 17, 2017:

Homework: October 17, 2017:

-Study/review for Tornado Test

-Math Practice (small, purple book) pgs. P51, P52

Homework: October 16, 2017:

Homework: October 16, 2017:

-Get Math Test signed and return to school tomorrow.

-Math Practice pgs. P49, P50

-Study for Tornado test (use your binder to help) . Science Test is Wednesday.

A Look Ahead to Next Week…..Week of October 16, 2017:

A Look Ahead to Next Week….Week of October 16, 2017:

Next week on Wednesday in Science, the students will have a test on the Tornado section of their Science Binders.  Then on Thursday the students will have a Reading Selection Test on “Boom Town”, a Vocabulary Test (words are the highlighted words in yellow in the story, “Boom Town”), and a Mid-Chapter Checkpoint Math Test for Chapter 3.

Finally, on Friday next week we will have the Chapter 5 Religion Test

Hope to see you all at the Fall Festival October 13, 2017, here at SJRS starting at 5:00pm!!!!

Homework: October 13, 2017:

Homework: October 13, 2017:    Get  Test Folders signed and return to school on Monday.  **Parents…please sign all tests and the Weekly Progress Report.  Thank you!!!

Homework: October 12, 2017:

Homework: October 12, 2017:

-Study/review for Chapter 2 Math Test.  Sample Test, Form B, will be helpful.  Also, Chapter Test, Chapter 2, in big, purple book was covered in class today.  That practice test will be very helpful to review as well.

-$1.00 (please) Dress Down Day tomorrow.  Please dress for the weather.  Nothing with holes in pants or inappropriate words/phrases

on shirts.

-Hope to see you all at the Fall Festival tomorrow….starts at 5:00pm here at SJRS!!!

Homework: October 11, 2017:

Homework: October 11, 2017:

-Review/study for Spelling Test and Reading Selection Test, story is “My  Very Own Room”

-Write your Spelling words neatly in cursive 3 times each on the lined paper sent home, please.

-Math Practice pgs. P39, P40

Homework: October 10, 2017:

Homework: October 10, 2017:

-Review Science Binder for “Hurricane” test

-Religion Sheet (watch digital below to review “Pentecost”)

-Math Practice pgs. P37, P38

A Look Ahead to Next Week………October 9, 2017:

-No School on Monday.  GOMATH Enrich packets were sent home.  They are due Tuesday if you would like 5 extra points on the Chapter 2 Math Test.

-Wednesday: Science Test, “Hurricanes” and Religion Chapter 4 Test

-Thursday: Reading Selection Test: “My Very Own Room” and Spelling Test

-Friday: Chapter 2 Math Test


Have a wonderful weekend!!

Homework: October 5, 2017:

Homework: October 5, 2017:

-Math Packets are due tomorrow.

Please remember to bring your binder to school tomorrow with your name on it.  Thank you….if you already brought it in.  You are all awesome!!!!!!

Homework: October 4, 2017:

Homework: October 4, 2017:

-Math Practice pgs. P35, P36

-Study/review for Reading Selection Test and Vocabulary Test

-Review digital below for Math Mid-Chapter Checkpoint, Chapter 2 Test

Homework: October 3, 2017:

Homework: October 3, 2017:

-Study/review for Grammar Test (4 types of sentences)

-Math Practice pgs. P33, P34

-Watch the digital below and get reading for Reading Selection Test Thursday!!

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