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Early Childhood: Pre-Kindergarten

Theresa Salvato | Pre-Kindergarten 4



MONDAY, OCTOBER 22……SCHOOL CLOSED. Teacher In Service day.

OCTOBER BIRTHDAYS will be celebrated on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 24.  If your child’s birthday is in October, please contact Mrs. Katz, our head room mother, to let her know what you would like to bring in.  Her e mail is   When there is multiple birthdays in a month, parents usually share in sending in mini cupcakes. Thank you.

We will be CELEBRATING A FALL FUN FEST, on Wednesday, October 31. We will have Trick or Treat bags for them, an art/craft  activity and some games. This will be correlated by Mrs. Katz, and more information will follow…….stay tuned.

Please send in ONE roll of Paper Towels for October if you have not already done so. Thank you very much.

Parents please read…..NOTES about SNACK and LUNCH:

Please pack a spoon and /or fork every day in their lunch box if your child needs one.

We can only re-heat lunches. Please DO NOT pack lunches that have to be prepared and cooked, and do not pack frozen food. Thank you.

Please try to AVOID foods that have candy in them or candy toppings.

Do not pack candy.  We encourage healthy eating habits at an early age.   And, do not pack Purell bottles. (These can easily be shared with other children and there is alcohol in them.)

Kindly, Cut grapes in half if you pack them. They can easily choke on a whole grape.

Please Do Not pack notes OR money in lunch box. (except if your child is sent to Before care). Please hand them to us when you arrive.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Our school nurse is contracted for Kindergarten through 8th grade.  We may no longer bring a PreK child who becomes ill to the nurse’s office.  Also for any emergencies requiring your attention, either myself, or if there is a substitute teacher in charge, will call you if your child becomes ill or has a fever over 99 degrees and seems ill.   You will be asked to pick your child up.

PLEASE NOTE:  If a child has a fever, they should not return to school unless they are FEVER FREE for 24 hours WITHOUT  Tylenol or Advil.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Notes about ARRIVAL and Pick up:

We open our door for ARRIVAL at 7:50. Not any earlier. You may drop off at Before Care  beginning at 7 a.m. until 7:40.

You may only drop off your Pre K 4 child in our classroom.

Pre k 3 and Kindergarten – 8th grade children are to follow drop off procedures at the FRONT of the building. You may NOT send siblings through our doors to their classrooms.  This is for Safety and Security reasons.

We will take your child to the bathroom at arrival if they have to go.  You may NOT bring your child to the bathroom. Again, this is for Safety and Security.

We will be sure that all children have gone to the bathroom before dismissal. We cannot bring children to the bathroom when we are in the process of Dismissal. After Care children are at our door at this time, and children are being dismissed from downstairs. All this is happening near the bathrooms, and it causes too much confusion.

If you have a change in a ‘pick up’ person….grandparent, aunt, uncle, or babysitter that we have not yet met, you MUST send in a note with that person’s name or you MUST call the main office to let us know. If this person will be a regualr ‘pick up’ person, then, please send in a note stating this and we will keep it on record.  If you do not send in a note or call the main office, we will call you to verify the change.

ABC CLUB  (After Care Program):

Please send in a note with Payment for that day, or at the beginning of the week. If you do not, then you must call the main office and inform Ellen Fletcher that your child will be staying for ABC that day. Thank you.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Our priority is to educate your child and keep them safe at all times!!












Week of Oct. 15 – 19


We will introduce a unit about Community Helpers, and we will focus on Firefighters as we meet our new letter ‘F’ and Friendly Frog.

I will display large poster cut outs of many of the helpers, and they will assist in identifying them and take turns telling us what they do at their jobs.  Today we will focus on the firefighters and how they help in our community.  We will read  “A Day with Firefighters” and “Firefighters A to Z”.

I am in the process of planning a trip to the Somers Point Firehouse in November.  This is the earliest that we could schedule since the Firefighter we contact to make the arrangements is on vacation for a few weeks in October.  We hope to be able to arrange the details and obtain permission from Dr. Fipp within the next week or so.  This will be a ‘walking trip’ and we will need at least one parent, grandparent or adult family member to walk with each child.  We will keep you updated!

Art:  cut the shapes to make a fire truck.

Language activity page:  Review letter ‘E’; find all the ‘E’s on the Elephant’s path and color them.


We will review letter ‘F’ and the Firefighters and other Community Helpers.  We will focus on Police Officers and how they keep our community safe.  We will read “A Day with Police Officers”, then discuss what the Officers in the story did on their day on the job.

We will talk about safety and how a police officer can help if a child ever gets lost when out shopping or out with a parent or other adult. We will also discuss how Police Officers have to direct traffic sometimes.

The children will lead the discussion and any child who has a parent or relative that is a Police Officer can contribute and tell us what their family member does on the job.

Art: cut out a police officer’s hat.

Bingo dot paint on a pre-cut ‘fish’.


We will review ‘F’ and recall what the Firefighters do to keep our community safe.  We will recall the Firefighters visit to our classroom last week and some of the things they told us to stay safe if there is ever a fire in their home.

I will show a poster of firefighters at work and we will read it. I will ask them if anyone wants to become a Firefighter when they grow up. I will accept responses then we will continue with a lesson about ‘fire safety’ using pictures and items of objects that children should never touch or play with.

In a bag, I will have a candle, matches (in a ziplock baggie), a hair curling iron, pictures of a stove, microwave, heater, clothes iron, crock pot, a grill and fire.  They will take turns removing a picture or item, then identify it and tell why they should never touch a real item like this.

After removing all the item and pictures, some of the pictures will be placed face down on a game board.  They will name one of the pictures they want to find, and try to guess where it is located on the board.  They will turn it over to see if they are correct. They continue to take turns until all pictures are identified.  We will play in small groups and they will play again so each child gets two turns.

Art: make a Firefighter paper bag puppet.

Social studies/language activity page:  identify and color the items that are ‘Hot’ and they should never touch.

Language activity page: Trace and write F, f’s. Color the pictures that begin with ‘f’.


The first story in our Language Arts program, “Happily Ever After” will be introduced.  This is the classic tale “Little Red Riding Hood”.

I will introduce the ‘Big Book’ and we will build vocabulary with discussion of words they will hear in the story.  We will observe and discuss the front cover of the book which shows Little Red Riding Hood waving to her mother. In addition, they will be asked to locate some pictures in the book.  They will listen to the story on the CD and after, they will participate in a discussion relating to the new words introduced,  the characters, and the sequence of events.

Art:  Make a Jack-o-Lantern person.

Play a Community Helper card matching board game.  Discuss each helper as the children take turns choosing a card. Match it to their equipment or supplies.

Social studies/language activity page:  color the firefighter according to the color code.


Today they will play the ‘Red Dot Game’, one of the introductory games for our story ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.

Children will take turns walking quickly to a table, pick up a small paper with a ‘red dot’ on it, then crawl ‘under’ the table. Then they go to a designated spot on the floor with a piece of masking tape, stop and say ‘Red Dot’. They return to the end of the line and the next child takes their turn. They will continue until each child has a turn and this will be played in small groups.

This game teaches the concept of ‘under’, and a gross motor skill is incorporated. They will begin to learn about drawing lines ‘under’ objects next week with their work sheets from the ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ unit.

Language activity;  cut out their individual storybooklets “Little Red Riding Hood”.

Find and color all the fish with letters ‘F, f’ on them.

Art:  make a black cat for a classroom decoration.

I will also introduce the story, “Little Red Riding Hood” to the children who do not attend on Thursdays.

Books we will read:   Lon Po Po: A Little Red Riding Hood Story from China,    My ‘F’ Sound Box,    National Geograhic Kids: Frogs,       Baby Foxes,        The Fox and the Falling Leaves,       What is a Fish?


















Show and Tell

SHOW AND TELL will be on

Thursday and Friday this week. We will have half the class take their turn for show one day and the other half the second day.

Therefore,  if you can send something in on Thursday and keep it there,  I would appreciate it.

Please send in something that begins with the letter “F”.  Show and Tell will always reflect the letter of the week unless otherwise noted. Thank you.





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