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Theresa Salvato | Pre-Kindergarten 4


We are planning a Christmas songfest, so we hope that all of the parents will be able to attend this celebration.

It will be on       Friday, December 21,   at    11:00 in our classroom. Refreshments immediately following. Dismissal from our classroom at 11:45.

 We would like to have at least one family member present for every child. 

Children who do not usually attend on Fridays are welcome to attend, of course.  If your child does not usually attend on Fridays, please bring them at 10:45. Thank you.

Please begin parking about 10:30 in the BACK LOT.  Line up your car just as you would do at dismissal.  Please DO NOT park in the Front Lot as buses will begin to arrive early that day. Thank you.

We would like you to be aware that there were 3 cases of strep throat in our Pre k class last week.  

Please keep your child home if they have a fever and complain of a sore throat. I would recommend that you take them to the Doctor in the event they have strep so that the Doctor can prescribe a suitable medicine. With the holidays just days away, it is best to be safe and get a professional diagnosis. Thank you for your cooperation.


FRIDAY, DEC. 21:  Our Christmas songfest is at 11:00.  Dismissal at 11:45. After care is NOT AVAILABLE.

Christmas break begins.   School REOPENS Wednesday,  JANUARY 2, 2019.


















Week of Dec. 17-21


We will introduce the letter ‘M’ with Merry Mouse puppet.  He will bring his friend, Mr. Mailman who will have his mail sack filled with pictures of objects beginning with ‘m’ along with other pictures to review the sounds of ‘i, j, k and l’.  Each child will choose a picture from his sack, say the name of the object (stress the beginning sound), and decide if it begins with ‘m’.  If it does, they place it in Santa’s Mail Box (there will be a small Christmas decorated mail box).  If the picture does not begin with ‘m’ they will say the letter that they think it begins with. They will place these pictures on our Beginning Sounds chart.  They continue to take turns removing pictures from the sack and naming them until it is empty and everyone has had a turn.  We will have this lesson in small groups.

Art: make baby Jesus in a ‘manger’.

Finish their Lamb Christmas ornament started last week.

We will attend the Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade performance of their Christmas show at 9:00 – 9:45. This will take up a large part of our morning.


We will review the story “The Elves and the Shoemaker” from Happily Ever after, and read another version of the story.

I will teach the Concept Board Lesson from the “Elves and the Shoemaker” story.  The color green is introduced and the concepts of ‘top, middle and bottom’ along with the concept of  ‘parts of a whole’.   We will discuss the different kinds of shoes and boots on the concept board, and the parts that go into making the shoes complete.  For example, the red boots would need red laces and the blue sandles would need blue buckles.

To reinforce the concept of ‘top, middle and bottom’ we will use another poster showing shelves.  The children will place one of the ‘toy’ pictures on either the top, middle or bottom shelves according to my directions.

Language activity:  Happily Ever After Act. p 1 & 2: practice with ‘parts of a whole”.

Activity page:  practice tracing, writing ‘L, l’s. Color the pictures of things that begin with ‘l’.

Art:  finish Christmas ornament for parents.


We will read “The Legend of the Poinsettia” by Tome DePaola.  This Mexican folktale is the story of a little girl who tries to help her mother make a new blanket for the baby Jesus for their church’s Christmas Nativity scene.  Her mother becomes ill and cannot help finish it, so she tries to finish the blanket herself, but the weave becomes too tangeled.

As the girl makes the long walk to church on Christmas Eve, she is heartbroken that she does not have a gift for baby Jesus.  She begins to cry and an old lady approaches.  She tells her that her mother will be well again.  Then the lady tells her to pick some weeds near the Church to bring into the Nativity.

The girl did as she was told, and when she entered the church, the weeds turned into bright red flowers.  Everyone was astonished at the Christmas miracle!  The poinsettia flowers bloom in Mexico all over the roads and towns each year at Christmas.

We will discuss this legend.  I will ask questions about the characters and the sequence of the story.  I will ask if they think that this legend is true.  Do you believe in a Christmas miracle?

Art:  make a poinsettia flower.

Wrap gifts to parents.

Language activity:  Happily Ever After Act. p 3 & 4:  practice with concepts of ‘top, middle, bottom’.


We will read the story ‘Gingerbread Friends’ by Jan Brett.  This is a story of a runaway gingerbread boy who tries to make some friends.  Still feeling lonely, without any friends, he ends up back at the bakery with lots of friends to play with.  We will discuss how it feels to be lonely and how we can make a new friend by being nice and sharing.

This story is beautifully illustrated, as is all of Jfan Brett’s books.  I plan to read ” The Mitten”, another one of her books when we return after Christmas break.  If you go to the library with your child, check out this author, she is great!

Art: cut out a gingerbread person and decorate.

Math activity page:  trace numbers 1 to 10 dot to dot to make the gingerbread person and color.

Language activity:  Happily Ever After Act. p. 5 & 6: identify colors: review positional terms ‘top, middle, bottom’.


Remember… is our Christmas songfest and party! Please be here on time as we would like to start promptly at 11:00. Thank you.

We will read “The First Christmas Night” and discuss how Jesus was born to Mary in a stable because there was no room for them at the inn. The story is told in rhyme, immitating the rhyme, ‘The Night Before Christmas’.

I will explain that a stable is barn where the animals are kept, an inn is a place to stay, like a small hotel.  Mary did not have a crib for baby Jesus, so she had to lay him in a manger.  I will explain that a manger is a place where the animals straw is placed for them to eat. Other vocabulary words I will explain will be:  luster (gentle shine or soft glow); abode (a place to stay);  rejoice (feel or show great happiness); mission (an important job or assignment); royalty (having the status of king or queen).

I will use flannel board figures as I tell the story. We will discuss the new vocabulary words heard in the story. We will review the rhymes.

Art:  draw ornaments and color a pre cut Christmas tree.

Language activity page:  Color, cut and glue/ match the shoes/boots to match the row of shoes/boots on each shelf. Review the story ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’.

Books we will read:  No Room at the Inn, The Nativity Story        The Christmas Story,   Jesus is Born,    How Many Miles to Bethlehem?       The Christmas Mouse









Show and Tell

SHOW AND TELL  will be on Wednesday and Thursday this week.  Please send something in for Letter ‘M’.







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