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Early Childhood: Pre-Kindergarten

Theresa Salvato | Pre-Kindergarten 4

GRADUATION IS ON     TUESDAY, JUNE 13   AT 10:00 IN CHURCH.      Children may wear dress clothes.     Party will follow in Church basement.     Grandparents are invited also.       This is the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL  for Pre K.     AFTER CARE IS NOT AVAILABLE.

Thank you for sharing your very special children with us!  It has been a fun year and I can say for myself and all of our wonderful staff that we have truly enjoyed your little ones!   We wish your children all the best, whether they will be attending here for Kindergarten or another school, we are happy that you choose St. Joseph’s for your child’s first school experience.  God Bless you and your families. Have a safe and happy summer!  We will look forward to seeing some of the children in September!






We will work on reviewing rhyming words.

Language activity: ‘My Pet’ rhyming word booklet:  trace the first letters of words that rhyme: jet, vet, wet; write the first letters on the last page to complete the rhyming words. Then take turns reading the booklet together, and color.

Complete any make up work from Friday.

We will have graduation practice in Church at 9:30. This will take about 45 minutes.

If it is not too hot outside, we plan to go out by 8:30.  We will have playdough play outside.

I will also complete any Happily Ever After Testing with children who were not here on Friday.

Story: ‘ Yeah, You!’ ( a story about growing up and moving on)


Please bring your child at 8:00 if they attend school on Tuesdays.  Those children who do not attend on Tuesdays, please bring them no later than 9:30, then please take your seat in church for the Graduation ceremony.  Thank you.

We will have circle time, read a graduation story and say our ‘Good bye’s’ in the classroom.

We will begin Graduation promptly at 10:00 so please be there on time.  Refreshments will be served in the Church basement following the ceremony.

Your child’s photo and Diploma will be in an envelope on the tables.  Please find your child’s photo and sit there with your family.

Dismissal will be directly from the party. There is NO AFTERCARE available. Please be sure you have taken everything from your child’s cubby, FILE FOLDER,  and coat hook in the morning when you drop them off.  If you have an older sibling attending, Mr. Pugliese will bring them over for the ceremony, and walk them back.  YOU MUST SIGN YOUR OLDER SIBLING OUT, IF YOU ARE TAKING THEM HOME WITH YOUR Prek child.  Thank you.

Have a happy, safe and blessed summer!  Looking forward to seeing you in September!

The letter ‘K’ will be introduced with Kicky Kangaroo and her baby ‘Joey’.  The children will be learning about kangaroos and their babies, called ‘joeys’, which spend most of their first year of life in their mother’s pouch.  They will play a game using a small pillow case as a kangaroo pouch, and inside will be objects and pictures of things that begin with ‘k’.  I will teach the lesson in small groups and they will take turns removing an item, naming it, stressing the ‘k’ sound, then placing it on the floow.  After all objects are removed, each child will take another turn to take an item or picture and place it back in the pillow case, while the others hide their eyes.  They will take turns guessing which item is missing.
Art: Watercolor a kangaroo.
Language: Happily ever After act. p. 3 & 4 (from La Tortuga story): listen to soft and loud sounds on the CD: practice making circles.
Complete any Happily Ever After activities with 3 dayers from last weeks lessons.
 We wil learn about St. Nicholas day which is today! He is known to the children in many countries as St. Nicholas and to our children as Santa Claus. He is the patron saint of children.  They will learn that he was known for his acts of charity and would leave gifts of food or money for the poor during the night so that no one but God could see his good works.
 On December 6 in many countries, children put shoes outside their door to be filled with treats in memory of St. Nicholas’s kindness. We hope that St. Nicholas will visit us today and we plan to take off one of their shoes and leave it outside our door at rest time to see if they get any treats!
 We will ask the children….what can you and your family do as an act of kindness toward famlies and children in need this Christmas season?  We will discuss how we collect Pennies and coins for our “Pennies from Heaven” jar and give to those in need. I will encourage them to bring in some pennies and change to put into our jar.
Spanish with Mr. Sanchez at 9:00.
We plan to practice for our Christmas show in the gym at  10:00.
Art: Make a St. Nicholas stick puppet
Language activity page: Practice tracing and writing ‘K’s.

Today begins our lighting of our Advent Wreath. (We use battery votive candles). The children will learn that Advent is a time that we are waiting to celebrate the birth of Baby Jesus. We will begin to learn some of our religious Christmas songs today.
The children will play the end of the unit game for the Three Bears story.  This is a ‘category’ game reviewing ‘big, medium and small/little”.They will play in teams of two.  Each pair of children will have a picture card showing the Three Bears.  Cards showing the bear’s bowls, chairs, and beds in the 3 sizes wil be shuffled and placed face down.  Each child will take a turn to draw a card from the pile and place it under the correct size bear, saying the size of the object.  When all of the children have the 3 correct objects for each bear, the game is completed.  For the next game, the cards wil be placed face down on the table.  Each child will turn over any two cards and tell how the pictures are the same.  For example, they are both red, or they are both chairs.  Then I will ask them what makes the pictures different.  If the cards are exactly the same, the player can keep the cards until the game is over.
Language: Happily Ever After Act. p . 7 & 8: Cut the pictutes from the Three Bears and Red Riding Hood stories and sort in the correct story category. Glue on to Blue paper (Bears) and Red paper (Red Riding Hood).
Art: They will make a hand print, shaped into a Christmas tree for their Mother’s Day book. When dry, decorate with glitter and sequins.
We will review ‘J’ with Jiggly Jellyfish and read “Gooey Jellyfish’ by Natalie Lunis.  What they will learn about jellyfish:  they are invertebrates (they do not have a backbone), and they do not have a brain, blood or a heart. They do have a mouth and stomach, and they will discover what they eat and how they catch their meals by using their tentacles and ‘feeding arms’!  Other vocabulary words that we will discuss from the book are:  the Arctic, float, sting and swarm.  This book shows many different types of jellyfish in their natural habitats.
Art: paint 1/2 a paper plate, blue to make a jellyfish, add crepe paper strips for the tentacles.
Language:  Happily Ever After  Blacklike Masters # 8 & 9: review letters C,c, D,d.
Any make up work will be completed with children who have missed Happily Ever After activities.
We plan to get together with Mrs. Curcione’s and Mrs. Hink’s classes (our prayer partner classes) this morning so that the children can tell the 7th graders what they would like Santa to bring them for Christmas. The 7th graders will write their letters to Santa, then in a few weeks each child will get a personal ‘reply’ from Santa!
The new story from Happily Ever After, :La Tortuga”, will be introduced.  I will build background to the story, which is set in Mexico.  The new vocabulary words will be introduced and I will guide listening and coprehension.  I will set the purpose for reading which is to find out why the tortoise is hiding.  We will listen to the story on CD following along with the big book.  The vocabulary words will be reviewed and I will ask the comprehension questions at the end of the story.
Language: Cut out their ‘La Tortuga’ storybooklets.
Art:  Stamp print Christmas trees to make hand made wrapping paper.
Our math lesson today will teach one to one correspondence.  We will use small pumpkin counters and ‘Link and Learn’ links to count “equal” amounts and match one to one.  They will learn that the word ‘equal’ mean the  ‘same amount’.
Math activity page: Match the numbered pumpkins to the circles with the correct amount of dots by drawing a line
to each number.
Language: Happily Ever After Act. p. 1 & 2 (La Tortuga Story): identify round objects: practice tracing circles.
Mass will be at 10:00. You are always welcome to come and sit with our class.This will be about an hour, therefore there willl not be a formal lesson today.
We will practice our Christmas songs when we return from Mass.
Language activity page:Trace and write ‘J, j’s : color all the ‘j’s on the jungle animal trail.
Art: Trace children’s hand, cut out and make into an Advent wreath.
Books we will read:
My ‘j’ Sound Box
The Three Snow Bears
Somebody and the Three Blairs
Goatilocks and the Three Bears.
Me and You
The Three Bears and Goldilocks
Leola and the Honeybears
A Visitor for Bear
Jellyfish by Leighton Taylor
Jellyfish by David King
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