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Early Childhood: Pre-Kindergarten

Theresa Salvato | Pre-Kindergarten 4


Thanks to those parents/grandparents who were able to come with us or meet us at the zoo to chaperone. Despite the cloudy, damp weather, it was a very nice time!  It did not rain on us, so that was wonderful!!  I think all of the children had a great morning!  Thank you again!

Please send in ONE LARGE ROLL OF PAPER TOWELS for the month of May. WE ARE GETTING LOW IN TOWELS.  Thank you very much!

Also, please check to see if your child needs a box of tissues in their cubby and be sure that there is a sufficient change of clothing, also.

MAY Dates to remember……

TUESDAY, MAY 22 (6:00 pm) SUPER FAIR/OPEN HOUSE  for NEW FAMILIES only.  Please recommend a NEW FAMILY to come and see what a GREAT EDUCATION St. Joseph’s has to offer!!!!


PLEASE COME!  Visit your child/children’s classrooms and see their work displayed!!



Coming in JUNE…

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 20, our Pre k Graduation (in the morning, Time and Place, to be announced)  This is the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL for Pre K. DISMISSAL IS AT 11:30.  The elementary grades last day is June 21.






Week of May 21 – 25


We will review letter ‘M’ with Merry Mouse and read a rhyming story, “Mouse Makes Words”.  As I read each word that will rhyme with the next word, I will have it written on a small card and place it on to a Rhyming Word Chart. We will review them, and I will have each child take a turn to choose a word to spell, then find a rhyming word and also spell that one.

Language activity: Cut out the ‘Mice’ rhyming word booklet. Trace the letters that rhyme with mice: dice, ice, rice; then write the first letters of those words on the back; ‘read’ together and color.

Math activity page: Trace and Cut out numbers, glue to the correct amount of kites (review ‘K’); color.

Art:  Make a ladybug (letter ‘L’) for alphabet book. We did not have time last week.


They will have gym with Mr. Klosic beginning at 9:30.

We will review letter ‘N’ with a ‘names game’.  The children’s names will be placed in a bucket. Each child will say ‘names, names, who’s name is in the game’.  They will choose a name and without showing it to the group, they will say, for example, “This friend’s name begins with ‘A'” then they will make the short ‘a’ sound. They will choose someone to guess, and when the correct name is guessed, then that child takes the next turn.  The child that guesses will write the name on the whiteboard.  The game will continue in small groups until everyone gets a turn.

Art:  Make a monkey (letter ‘M’) for their alphabet books.

Make a chair for their alphabet book; glue their photo on it.  Then place a ‘newapaper’ (for letter ‘n’) in front of it to look like they are reading a newspaper!

Play a Math activity game:  Using a “10 Frame” (used in Kindergarten with their math program). They will copy each of the letters in their NAMES into the boxes.  Then they count how many boxes they used, and how many boxes are empty.  Using “10 Frames” introduces a format for teaching adding and subtracting.

Language activity page:  Categories sort:  cut and glue pictures of things that go on either your head or your hands; color.

Complete any alphabet book make up work with children who attend 3 days.


We will review the story and the characters of  Peter and the Wolf from our Happily Ever After series.  Then they will listen to the story on the CD again and answer comprehension questions at the end.

Language activity:  Happily Ever After act. p 7 & 8:  cut out shapes; review colors and shapes;  cut out and glue in patterns.

Activity page:  Review sounds for letters ‘N, F and L’. Cut and glue pictures on the three ladybugs that coorespond to the correct letter; color.

Complete any Happily Ever After make up work with children who attend 3 days.


We will review letter ‘O’ with Olly Octopus and talk about ocean creatures that we can see at the aquarium and those found in our local area.  Then we will read “Olivia by the Ocean”.  this story focuses on the short ‘o’ sound.  I will write the words on the white board, and they will assist in spelling them.  They will take turns underlining the letter ‘o’ in each word.

Art:  Make an octopus for their alphabet book.

Language activity page:  Letter identification practice:  circle the upper and lower case letters in each row to match the letters I, J, K and L.  Review the letters and write them on the back.


We will review letter ‘p’ with a listening game.  I will show them pictures of objects, most of them beginning with ‘p’ and some with other letters (eg: pig, pumpkin, pear, pie, pencil, apple, cat, book, etc).  The children will each have a card with the letter ‘p’ on it.

I will hold up a picture for each child and tell them to hold up their ‘p’ card only if the picture I show them begins with that letter.  I will tell them to keep their ‘p’ card on their lap if they are shown a picture that starts with a different sound.

We will review all the pictures that begin with ‘p’, and write them on the whiteboard. I will have them underline the ‘p’ in each word.

Then we will read “Pam’s Trip to the Park, The Sound of ‘P’, then write all the words from the story on the whiteboard, underlining all the ‘p’s.

Art: Make a penguin for their alphabet books.

Language activity:  ‘A Pig’ rhyming word booklet:, cut out and staple together; trace and write the beginning of each word that rhymes (wig, dig, big); ‘read’ the story together and color.

Books we will read:   Peter and the Wolf,  as re told in English by Maria Carlson,    The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle,   The Lamb and the Butterfly by Eric Carle,  Marcus and the Mail, The Sound of M Nick and Ned, The Sound of N,    Oliver’s Box, The Sound of Short ‘O’





















Show and Tell

SHOW AND TELL will be on Wednesday and Thursday.  We will review letters.

Please send in something for letters M, N  and/or O. Thank you.





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