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Early Childhood: Pre-Kindergarten

Theresa Salvato | Pre-Kindergarten 4


TISSUES NEEDED!!   I checked cubbies and almost every child is out of them. They have been using a lot with all the running noses!! Thank you!

Also, If you have not already doen so for the month of March, please send in a roll of paper towels. Thank you very much.



FRIDAY, MARCH 23:  SCHOOL CLOSED for a Teacher Retreat Day.



SCHOOOL REOPENS….Monday, April 9.

**FRIDAY, APRIL 13: SCHOOL CLOSED FOR PREK-4 AND KINDERGARTEN Parent/Teacher CONFERENCES, ONLY.  Other grades….School is in session. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE will be available the last week in MARCH.

I will begin my conferences after school on APRIL 9, 10, 11 and 12 beginning at 3:00 to accommodate all parents.  I cannot fit everyone into the Friday, April 13 schedule.  Conferences are MANDATORY at this time of the year. Thank you.


  • SPRING GALA – SATURDAY, MARCH 24 at the Flanders Hotel.
  • ALSO CHEK WEB SITE FOR….SPORTS information;   AND FINANCIAL AID application process for 2018-19.


If your child has a fever, it is school policy that he/she must be FEVER FREE for 24 hours WITHOUT Tylenol or Advil, before they return to school.  As you are aware, the FLU is severe this winter, even if your child has had the flu shot.  If your child exhibits symptoms of being ill, has a fever, bad running nose, cough, etc. PLEASE keep them home a day or 2 to recuperate. They will make the other children ill because most children still do not cover their coughs or sneezes and it just spreads the germs. We are aware that most parents are working parents. However, consideration of other students and teachers is greatly appreciated.







Week of March 19 – 23


PLEASE READ BOTH the Class Announcements and the Lesson Plans each week. Especially note the important dates this month!  Thank you.

I will introduce the letter “W’ with our puppet Willy Whale.  We will learn about whales, both the ‘toothed’ whales (killer whales which have teeth) and only one blow hole for breathing. They will also learn about ‘baleen’ whales (the gray whale is a baleen) which have long plates of baleen that hang in rows like the teeth on a comb from their upper jaw.  Baleen is strong and flexible, made from a protein similar to our fingernails.  Baleen whales have two blow holes.  The baleen helps strain huge volumes of ocean water to allow the whales to capture food. They eat mostly krill (a small shrimp like crustacean), small fish and other crustaceans.

They will learn that whales are not fish and are not hatched from eggs, but are mammals, just like human beings.  The baby is called a ‘calf’ and drinks its mothers milk.  We will read the book, “Whales”.

Art: Color a picture of a Killer Whale, cut out a sun shape to make an ocean scene; glue on to background paper. They will paint waves tomorrow.

Paint small eggs for an Easter bulletin board.

Language activity:  Happily Ever After Act. p. 5 & 6: review colors and sizes; position words; follow the arrows and review categories.


We will review letter ‘w’ and learn about the Bible story of the ‘Woman at the Well’.

Jesus meets this woman during His travels and stops at a well for a drink of water.  The objective of this lesson is to learn that we must accept, love and forgive others just as Jesus did.  This will be a part of the lesson to teach “Goodness” , one of the nine ‘Fruits of the Spirit’.  Thus far this year we have introduced the ‘Fruits of the Spirit: Love and Peace”.

I will use the flannel board characters to tell the story.  We will discuss how meeting Jesus changed the woman.  After each of the “Fruits of the Spirit” lessons, we have a puppet skit with our friends Theo and Anna.  This part of the lesson teaches how Jesus wants us to do good deeds. The skit is about two modern day children whose activities relate to those found in the Bible lesson for today.

After the skit, I will ask the children what they would do if they had a chance to meet Jesus.

Religion/Language activity page:  The Woman at the Well: trace the numbered dots around the well.  Trace the word ‘woman’ and copy the letters and color.

Art: Cut out a bunny face, draw features; make handprints on ears.

Paint waves on the Whale picture they made yesterday.

Make Easter bags:  Glue on Fun foam bunny, basket and spring shapes.


We will review the letter ‘W’ and learn about Jesus’ ‘Way of the Cross’.  I plan to take the children to church to teach them about the Stations of the Cross (weather permitting). and I have to make arrangements with the parish office for a convenient time.

We will stop at each station then we will say a short prayer at each one.  We will be at church about 30 minutes.

Art/Religion:  Cut out a cross; glue on pictures of the 14 Stations of the Cross and color.

Decorate a large egg with color tissue squares and paint with glitter glue.

Complete any Happily Ever after make up work with children who attend 3 days.


Because Easter break is only a few short days away I plan to introduce the Letter ‘X’ with our friend X-Ray Fish this week, also.

Only a few words that the children are familiar with begin with ‘x’ (x-ray and xylophone). We will focus on the ending sound of ‘x’ like in the words: Box, fox, pox, ax, wax, etc.  I will read “Alex and the Box Shop”, and we will use the words that end in ‘x’ from the story as a starting point to make words that rhyme.

I will place the words written on cards on to our Sounds Chart, then ask them to think of words that rhyme with them.  We will add those words to the chart.  Each child will be given a small ‘x’ on a card, then choose one of the words and try to find it on the chart.  They will place their ‘x’ over the ‘x’ in the word.

Language activity page:  Trace and write ‘W’ and ‘X’. Color the upper case ‘W’s to make a wagon.

Art: Make a bunny in an egg Easter card.

Make an x-ray stick puppet.

FRIDAY –  CLOSED FOR a Teacher Retreat Day

Books we will read:     The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse,   City Mouse,Country Mouse,  Mouse Count, My Happy Easter Book What is Easter?   God Gave Us Easter,   The Very First Easter Bunny,     Bunny My Honey,  Let’s Celebrate Jesus on Easter
























Show and Tell

We will have SHOW AND TELL on Wednesday and Thursday. Please send in something for letter ‘W’ and/or ‘X’.





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