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Theresa Salvato | Pre-Kindergarten 4


Parents:  THURSDAY is our Valentine’s Day celebration!  If your child does not attend on Thursday and you would like them to come, they may come at 9:00 AND they would have to be picked up by 11:45.  PLEASE E MAIL ME, if you plan to bring your child on Thursday.  Thank you.

REMINDER…..The Gala date is approaching…..MARCH 23  at the beautiful Sheraton in Atlantic City. Be sure to get your tickets for a wonderful, entertaining evening with dinner, dancing, silent auction and chance table of beautiful gift baskets! The ticket form can be printed from the St. Joe’s web page or ask Ellen Fletcher.

The Gala committee is in need of empty gift baskets, basket stuffing and ribbons if you have any to donate please bring them in and give to me. Also, any parents that have a business who would like to purchase an ad in our Gala book, make a donation, or donate an item(s) please see me. I am a member of the Committee and we are on the search for any donations to help us!!  Thank you as always for your wonderful support!!  It all benefits the children!

PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK CUBBIES and replenish Tissues this month.  We are keeping their individual boxes of tissues in their cubbies and not having a ‘common’ tissues box in the room.  This should help cut down on the spread of germs.

Please teach your child TO SNEEZE AND COUGH into their armpit if a tissue is not handy.  The main issue is that most of the children sneeze and cough into the air and this is how the germs spread.  We encourage that they sneeze/cough into their armpit all the time. Your reinforcing this at home will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

We have begun having the children wash their hands in the classroom sinks after they use the bathroom, using a sanitizing hand wash. I clean and disinfect the classroom sinks every day before I leave.

Bathrooms are being cleaned every day at the end of the school day.

Please do not put notes to us in the lunch box. Place any notes in an envelope and e mail me that the note is in your child’s backpack/bag. Thank you.

NAP TIME NOTE:  Please send in only a small ‘stuffy’ if your child likes to rest with something special.  PLEASE NO ‘light up or musical’ stuffed animals. Also not, hard plastic dolls, only soft stuffed animals. Thank you.

TOYS FROM HOME….. Please only send in toys on SHOW AND TELL DAYS.  Please read the Show and Tell section of my web page to see what days we are having Show and Tell weekly.  It usually is on Wednesday and Thursday, but some weeks it may change. Thank you.

PLEASE dress your child according to the weather.  We DO go outside as long as the temperature is above 38 degrees. A hat, mittens/gloves should be sent in every day! There has been a lot of illnesses these past two months, and we just want your child to be dressed properly so that they can stay well. Thank you.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your kind Dunkin Doughnts gift card for Teacher Appreciation Day! Your kindness is greatly appreciated!



Thank you for your donations of paper towels and Lysol wipes.  If you have not yet sent a roll in for January, you may send one in for February. Thank  you, again.














Week of January Feb. 11 – 15


The children will learn about raccoons as we review letter ‘r’.  They will learn about their habitat in most of North America.  They live across the United States except in some desert and mountains. The vocabulary words from our story “Raccoons” will be: habitats (they live along streams or swamps and also in the woods near cities); nocturnal (hunting at night); kits (litter of kits is what the mother raccoon’s babies are called); range (the entire area where they live); raccoons are omnivores (they eat plants and animals); predator (they hunt other animals: fish, frogs, muskrats, bird and turtle eggs); prey (the animals that the raccoon hunts).  Our disucssion after the story will focus on the vocabulary words and their meaning.

Art: make a raccoon mask from a paper plate.

Make Valentine cards to send to the military troops.  The radio station, 96.9 is collecting cards to ship to the troops and I will deliver them to the station today.

Language activity pages:  Green tags:  Rabbit Reads Words booklet: cut out the pictures with words of objects that begin with ‘r’ and put them in numerical order; staple together and color;  ‘read’ the booklet together.   Yellow tags:  Rabbit and his magic Hat: color, cut and glue the pictures that begin with ‘r’ around the magic hat.   Red tags:  color, cut and glue pictures that begin with ‘r’ around the raccoon.


We will have a game with Racing Raccoon.  Today he will have some pictures of objects that begin with ‘R’ hidden in his tail (he has a zipper in his tail!) In small group, the children will take turns removing a picture and naming it. They must also describe the picture: color and tell if it is an animal, plant, or other object. For example if they take the picture of the ring, they must say it is gold, the stone is green, and it is worn on a finger. This continues until everyone has a turn and places their picture on the Beginning Sounds chart.

After we name all of the pictures again, I will turn the pictures over. They will take turns guessing what the picture is. If they are correct they may hold the picture and spell the word on the picture. I will ask them if there is a word that could rhyme with their picture.

Language activity pages:  Green tags: Trace and Write R, r’s; color the rainbow according to the color words.   Yellow tags:  Trace and write R, r’s; color the rhino and ruler.   Red tags:  Trace the R’s; write on the back of the paper; color the rake.

Rhyming activity:  Color and cut out the pictures that ‘rhyme’; glue the matching rhymes on to the reindeer’s antlers (socks/box; Hat/cat; ‘R’/car; chair/hair)

Art:  handprint on heart for Mother’s Day book.


I will introduce the new story from Happily Ever After, “The Nightingale” by Hans Christian Andersen. The new vocabulary words from the story are ‘nightingale’ (a type of bird); emperor (someone who rules a land like a king); jewels; and palace.

This is a story of an emperor of China who becomes attached to a nightingale and his beautiful song.  When the real nightingale escapes the palace, the emperor is given a gift of a musical nightingale.  This nightingale breaks after he has it for a time and will no longer sing a sweet tune.

We will listen to the story on CD and then review the meaning of the new words.  They will participate in the discussion questions outlined for the story.

Language activity:  Cut out storybooklets for the new story.

Happily Ever After Black line Masters # 23 & 24:  review letters I,i, J,j, K,k.

Fine motor/tracing practice:  Nursery rhyme: ‘Rain Rain Go Away”; trace slanted and curved lines on and around the clouds.

Art:  sponge paint around a paper heart doiliey on their Valentine bag.


Today we will celebrate VALENTINE’S DAY. Please remember to send in your child’s Valentine cards (please do NOT ADDRESS them to the other children). Just have your child sign his/her name to the cards.  Place a rubber band around the cards with a slip of paper with your child’s name written on the paper.  Please place in your child’s cubby in the morning.  Thank you.

After a special Valentine snack we will have our center rotations:

Trace the words “I LOVE YOU’.  Try to write the words and sign their name.

Activity page: Color, cut and glue the words “I Love You” on to the heart.

Distribute their Valentine cards

Free Choice centers:  Place magnet letters over the letters “I  LOVE  YOU’ written on large hearts.

Number matching broken hearts: match the numbers and count the correct amount of animal counters to each heart.

Art activity:  a special activity is being planned by the parents who will be assisting for our party.

Story: ” Valentine’s Day is…”


Today we will look at pennies and observe Abraham Lincoln’s face on the penny.  February 12 was his birthday and next Monday is President’s Day so we will discuss his life and look at a poster showing a log cabin just like the one Lincoln grew up in.  We will talk about his early years, living and working on a farm and helping his father chop trees. We will talk about how he loved to read and how he wanted to learn about many different things. He learned all these things by reading. We will read, ” Abraham Lincoln, The Boy Who Loved Books”.

Later we will also read a story titled “Abe Lincoln and the Muddy Pig”. A true story about an incident that happened when he was a young man.

Art:  Cut our Abe Lincoln’s head, place on a shield shape and decorate with crumbled red and white tissue pattern.

Social studies/language Activity page: color a storybooklet about Lincoln; fold and staple together.

I will teach the concept board lesson from the story “The Nightingale” in small groups.  This lesson teaches the concepts of ‘first, next, last’; categories and matching.

Books we will read:  Celebrating Valentine’s Day,   Sweet Hearts,   Big Hugs, Little Hugs,       Respect and Take Care of Things,  Respect: Values to Live By,    Responsibility: Values to Live by





Show and Tell

We will NOT have SHOW AND TELL this week as I am not introducing a new letter until next week.







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