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Week of 2/25–3/1/19

My goodness, the last week of February and Tuesday marks 70 days of school left!  Time sure does fly.  **Reminder–Science Fair index card with Testable Question & Hypothesis is due Monday 2/25.  And our new mentoring program begins Monday also.  You’ll receive details about this new program! There will be doubles/lab this week.

Have a wonderful, blessed weekend.

Grade 6–Mon 2/25 worksheet on volcanoes; Tue/Th 2/26 & 2/28  making flip books about an erupting volcano; Wed 2/27 worksheets about cinder, shield, & composite volcanoes; Fri 3/1 no class due to Mass.


Grade 7–Mon 2/25 Circulation lesson pgs. 540-44; Tues/Th 2/26 & 2/28  take blood pressure & color heart/blood flow; Wed 2/27 read about pulmonary & systemic circulation-do ques. 1-5 pg. 148; Fri 3/1 complete vacab word puzzle on the heart.


Grade 8–Mon 2/25 Changes of States of Matter, lesson 2, Wanted Poster is due!; Tues/Th 2/26 & 2/28  1) test on 50/75 Elements & Symbols!  2)make a liquid solution semi-solid; Wed 2/27 cont. Changes of states of matter-do questions 1/5 pg. 114; Fri 3/1 investigate how energy affects matter-worksheet 132-133.


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