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Week of Feb. 18–22, 2019

I hope everyone enjoys their long President’s Day weekend.  This upcoming week I will be reminding students that their question & hypothesis for their Science Fair project will be due on the 28th of Feb.  We’ve been discussing it in classes, and many have gotten a tentative approval.  Please ask your child about it. There will be NO doubles/lab this week.

A BIG shout out & THANK YOU to the Tampellini family for taking care of all the Valentine grams!!

Please support the Thirty-one fundraiser online–SJRS receives 30% of all sales!  Also don’t miss out on our annual SJRS GALA–hope to see many families there.  And if you can’t attend, perhaps make a donation.


Grade 6–Tues 2/19  Shake, Rattle & Roll worksheet; Wed 2/20 chapter 3 wrap-up worksheet pgs. 197-200; Thurs 2/21 review for chapter test on earthquakes; Fri 2/22 chapter test on earthquakes.  Nest chapter–Volcanoes!


Grade 7–Tues 2/19 Nutrients & Digestion chapter test!; Wed 2/20 begin Circulatory system and the path the blood travels around the body; Thurs 2/21 worksheet on the way your blood travels through your heart; Fri 2/22 working of the heart-color code oxygenated/unoxygenated blood flow.


Grade 8–Tues 2/19 Chapter test on Matter part II; Wed 2/20 begin chapter 4-The States of Matter, worksheet 135-6 for hwk; Thurs 2/21 lesson 2 Thermal Energy & Temperature; Fri 2/22 changes in Thermal energy to changes of State-worksheet 132-3.



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