Christine Curcione | Mathematics

Week of May 20th

7th Grade Field Trip: May 28th, Tuesday … Permissions Forms are due

ALL IXL assignments due Sunday!!

8A Math  
Monday – Formative Assessment in Computer Lab
Lesson 9-2 factor using GCF & solve equations by factoring
Lesson 9-3 factor trinomials & solve equations by factoring
Tuesday – Worksheet
Wednesday – Worksheet
Thursday – IXL (Alg 1) Z-10 multiply polynomials & AA-2 Factor out a monomial DUE SUNDAY

8B Math  
Monday – Formative Assessment in Computer Lab
Tuesday – Basic Skills Test
Multiply and Divide monomials
Power Rule
Negative Exponents
Tuesday – p 413 #16 – 30 even
Wednesday – p 421 #14 – 25
Thursday – IXL (8th gr) F-6 understand negative exponents & F-8 multiply exponents DUE SUNDAY

7A Math  

Lesson 8-3 graph linear equations using intercepts
Lesson 8-4 Find the slope of a line
Lesson 8-5 Rate of change
QUIZ – Friday Lessons 8-1 thru 8-5
Monday – p 385 #25 – 33
Tuesday – p 390 # 14 – 20
Wednesday – IXL (7th gr) J-14 constant rate of change & U-5 Complete table for relation DUE SUNDAY
Thursday – p 397 # 1 – 10 Practice Quiz

7B Math  
Review Ratios; Rates; Unit Rates; Proportions
Use proportions to solve word problems
QUIZ – Wednesday
Lesson 6-4 fractions-decimals-percents
Use percent proportions to solve piroblems
Monday – Worksheet
Tuesday – Worksheet
Wednesday – IXL (7th gr) J-5 Unit Rates  & J-11 solve proportion word problems DUE SUNDAY
Thursday – p 291 #9 – 22 (use calcs)

6A Math  
Geometry – Area & Perimeter; use formulas to find missing dimensions
Area of  Parallelograms, Triangles, Trapezoids, Circles
Find Area of Compound Figures
TEST – Friday
Monday – worksheet
Tuesday – worksheet
Wednesday – p 491 #4 – 6
Thursday – IXL (6th gr) FF-4 Area of Parallelogram & Trapezoid & FF-5 Area of Quad DUE SUNDAY

6B Math  
Lesson 4-2 solve 1-step equations using multiplication & division
Write and solve equations
QUIZ – Friday – write & solve 1-step equations (add, subtract, multiply, divide)
Monday – p 162 #15 – 27 odd Solve & Check
Tuesday – worksheet
Wednesday – IXL (6th gr) Z-3 write equations & Z-11 solve equations involving integers DUE SUNDAY
Thursday – worksheet

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