Christine Curcione | Mathematics

Week of May 27th

8A Math 
Basic Skills Test – Tuesday
Wednesday – you will have a double Math period with me 🙂 
Lessons 9-2 to 9-4 Factor Trinomials
Solve equations by factoring trinomials
TEST Friday
Wednesday – Finish worksheet

8B Math  
Basic Skills Test – Tuesday
You will have a double math period Wednesday 
TEST – Friday: multiply & divide monomials;  negative exponents
I will give you a worksheet during the week to practice this

7A Math
Review “slope” and “rate of change”
Lessons 8-6 & 8-7 graph equations in slope-intercept form
Write equations in slope intercept form from a graph & when given two points
Wednesday – Worksheet
Thursday – p 407 # 1- 10

7B Math  
Lesson 6-8 find percent of change
Lesson 6-9 find the probability of a simple event
TEST – Friday Chapter 6 (bring calculators)
Wednesday – Worksheet
Thursday – Worksheet

6A Math
Tuesday – Basic Skills Test
Lessons 11- 4 & 11-5 Find Area of 2-D figures
Find area of compound figures
QUIZ – Friday
Wednesday – Finish worksheet
Thursday – p 499 # 3-5

6B Math  
Tuesday – Basic Skills Test
Students will write and solve one step equations
TEST Friday
Wednesday – Worksheet 5-A 6 WS 5-A
Thursday – Worksheet 5-AA WS 6 – 5AA

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