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Week of Nov. 11–15, 2019

I hope you are warm and enjoying your weekend.  This upcoming week is a full 5-day schedule with 6th & 7th grades having doubles/labs.  Please send in your canned goods for our Outreach project & remember to sign up on line for conferences next week 11/20–11/22.  Have a good week!

Grade 6–Mon 11/11 lesson 1 quiz on continental drift; Tues/Th 11/12 & 11/14 Plate tectonics lab; Wed 11/13 lesson 2 Seafloor spreading; Fri 11/15 lesson 2 quiz on plate tectonics.

Grade 7–Mon 11/11 Punnett Square packet; Tues/Th 11/12 & 11/14 Smiley face & Zork Genetics lab; Wed 11/13 traits controlled by genes worksheet; Fri 11/15 lesson 2 Genetics since Mendel.

Grade 8–Mon 11/11 Magnets quiz; Tues 11/12 review main ideas of Electricity & Magnetism-chapter review; Wed 11/13 review for Chapter test on Electricity & Magnetism; Th 11/14 Chapter 21 test on Magnets & Electromagnets; Fri 11/15 create a soap-powered boat.

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