Antoinette DiPalma | Kindergarten

Antoinette DiPalma | Kindergarten

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My best means of communicating important information and updates to you is through my webpage or FACTS (previously known as Renweb). Please subscribe to my webpage by: logging on to, click on Academics, click on Faculty and Staff, scroll down and find Mrs. DiPalma, click on Subscribe. Please check my webpage each day just in case you did not get notified of updates.                                                                         

If you ever have any questions or concerns, always feel free to contact me by email, phone, or note. However, if you need to contact me about something important that I may need to know during school hours, kindly do not email me as I may not get to my emails till after school. Instead, call the main office and Mrs. Fletcher will relate your message to me. Thank you!                                                 



Week of March 24, 2020










Dear Parents of SJRS Student,

Please note that your child’s daily assignments for remote learning will be posted on the Google Doc link that we sent you through your Renweb email.

Mrs. Lacy and I are working together to create lessons that will assure you and your child the continuous implementation of our kindergarten curriculum.

Thank you so much for  your cooperation and enthusiasm as you are adjusting to this new and challenging task of instructing your child at home. As a team, we will make this endeavor a success!

Kindly, remember to email me daily to let me know that your child has completed his/her assignments for the day. I cannot mark him/her Present until you email me.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


Mrs. DiPalama













It is truly a pleasure to welcome you and your child to KD.  I really enjoyed meeting all of my boys and girls on the first few days of school. I am starting to get to know each and everyone of them. We have a GREAT class filled with enthusiastic students who are so excited and ready to learn. They are each bringing into our class their very own unique and special personality.  When blended together, we create a family environment filled with fun and learning. I am looking forward to a great year as we work together to make this a wonderful and successful learning experience for your child. Kindergarten is one of many important milestones in your child’s life. I am privileged to be a special part of it.

Each week, I will post the skills that will be taught throughout the week in Language Arts, Math, Religion, Science, and Social Studies. This will allow you the opportunity to reinforce these skills at home. My page will be updated each week.

LANGUAGE ARTS –  This week the children will read the story “The Boss.” They will use prior knowledge and answer questions about the story.They will also identify the speech and thought balloons throughout the story. They will  associate pictures with words and sentences. The memory words Supernoodle and for will be introduced. Other skills this week include: encoding words containing  _ent, _and, and _ut families and writing a story about club activities. The  children will also continue to practice their creative writing skills by completing prompts in their journals.

**We will be celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday on March 2. For the next few weeks, the children will enjoy reading and listening to Dr. Seuss books. They will also participate in fun activities and centers highlighting this wonderful author.

***Please practice “The Big Book of Blending” for 10 to 15 minutes each day. This will help the children improve their blending skills as well as enhance reading fluency. Kindly, do not go ahead in the book as I assign the pages as the letters are taught. However, I encourage you to occasionally go back and review the previous pages. At this time, the children are moving forward with confidence, picking up speed as they decode words. I can see a definite difference in the children who practice daily. Thank you so much!!

BIG BOOK OF BLENDING  –  Letter N ( Please continue to review the previous pages assigned). 

 MATH –  Chapter 8 will be introduced. This chapter will focus on showing, counting, and writing numbers to 20 and beyond. This week the children will model and count 20 with objects. They will also solve problems by using the strategy,”make a model.”

RELIGION – This week the children will continue to discuss ways we may do show our love for Jesus and others by doing “good deeds” during the Lenten Season.

Since Ash Wednesday is the beginning of the Lenten Season( 40 days of preparation for Easter), we have been discussing ways we can show our love for Jesus and others while preparing for Easter. We especially have been talking about showing our love and kindness for Jesus and others by doing simple “good deeds” (share, use kind words, help family and friends, and etc.). To help the children experience the wonderful feeling of doing kind gestures for others, I assigned a “Good Deed” project for Lent. A “Good Deed” packet was sent home on Ash Wednesday with a picture of a stain glass window with a writing page attached. Each time your child does a good deed, he/she is to color a piece of the window. By the end of Lent, it would be great to see the whole window completed with good deeds! The children will also pick 10 deeds that they would like to share with the class, and write a sentence about each one ( ex. I helped my mom set the table.). The packets are due back a week before Easter. I will let you know the exact date at a later time. Thank you so much for working together to help your child understand the true meaning of Lent. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

**I am sorry the directions for the project are late, but I sent an email to you on the day I sent the packet home (Wednesday) and recently found out that the email failed to send.   


SCIENCE –   Push and Pull (Force)









Behavior Program

I will be implementing a new behavior program chart this year which is structured to focus on the positive attributes of each child. DiPalma Bucks will be given out each day based on behavior guidelines. Twice a month, the children will be able to use the bucks they have earned to shop in our classroom store.

It is a pleasure to introduce myself to you. My name is Antoinette DiPalma. I am a graduate of Glassboro State College ( Rowan) with a BA in Elementary Education and a MA in Reading Education and Supervision. I taught primarily first grade in Galloway Township for 25 years until my retirement. I was privileged to re-enter the wonderful profession of teaching here at St. Joseph. This is my sixth year teaching kindergarten. Teaching is my passion, and I am honored to be your child’s teacher.


The children will be having a snack each morning at about 9:30. Kindly, pack your child a light, healthy snack. No candy, please. Since we have lunch at 11:10, one snack will be sufficient. Also, many children are bringing water bottles to school. They are not yet ready to independently take care of them. Instead, I am kindly asking that you pack a disposable small bottle of water, juice box or juice sack. If they are still thirsty, they may always get a drink from the fountain. Please pack your child’s snack separately from lunch because it will be placed in his/her cubby (ex. baggie, brown bag, or small thermal sandwich bag). If your child is bringing a lunch in a lunch box to school,
you may put the snack in the lunch box. He/She may take it out and put it in his/her cubby. Thank you so much for your cooperation!



 Kindly,  subscribe to my webpage in order to become informed of all my important classroom announcements and information. School events are also posted on the St. Joseph website and calendar. Very few paper notices are now sent home so please take the time to check the site daily.    Thanks so much!



As part of our school’s Outreach Program, I have adopted the “THE ALCOVE” as our class’s charity in need.  It is a wonderful and caring organization that helps grieving children deal with the overwhelming loss of a parent or loved one. Throughout the year, the children may bring in, at anytime, loose change to put into our class jar.  They truly love watching the jar fill up as they help children of all ages. Thank you in advance for your generosity to this worthy cause.    

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