Christine Lacy | Kindergarten

Christine Lacy | Kindergarten

September 13

This week the students will begin our Superkids program by meeting the first Superkid named Cass.  Cass will help begin your child’s journey to learn how to read by starting with the hard C sound at the beginning of her name.

In Math, the students will begin Chapter 1 with the numbers 0-5.  They will learn that the numbers can be shown as a number, word, and objects.

This week in Religion we will talk a lot about prayer.  They will learn how to bless themselves and bring home a paper that you can cut out and tape to a mirror so your child can practice. They will learn Grace Before Meals and the prayer we say in our classroom when it is someone’s birthday.

If you have not activated your child’s Google account please do so.  The password paper was sent home on Friday.

I have also activated your child’s Superkid account.  Please check your email and especially your spam folder for the email from Superkids to register your child.  I used the emails you provided for Renweb.  This is an account you need to activate on your end so that your child can access materials at home.  This includes stories, games, and videos.  This is our reading program. I just resent the invitation tonight.

A few parents have asked and we do not have any peanut allergies this year so you are free to send peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Have a nice night.



March 24th

Dear Parents of SJRS Kindergarten students,

Please know that your child’s daily assignments are available on the Google Doc link we sent to you through your Renweb email.

Please don’t forget to email us each day when your child completes his or her assignments. Please email us if you have any questions.

Mrs. DiPalma and I are working together (remotely) each day to create these lessons.

Thank you for all of your help and support.  Together, we are making a great team.

Mrs. Lacy

March 9th

Religion- The children learned about how St. Patrick taught about the Trinity with a shamrock.

Math- The children will continue to work with the numbers 1-100 by counting by ones and tens.  An assessment will take place at the end of this week.

WLA- You may use the Big Book of Blending up to and including the letter M.  Writing will include writing about feelings this week.  The children are doing a great job with “just for now writing.” Because the children only know a limited number of sounds I want them to write the sounds they know now.  We are also concentrating on using a capital at the beginning of a sentence, using lowercase letters, space between words and punctuation at the end of a sentence.  If your child writes at home you can encourage him or her this way too.

Tuesday is the optional dress like your Favorite Storybook Character.  If your child chooses not to dress up he or she must be in the school uniform.

Wednesday is Crazy Sock Day.

Please don’t forget that Friday dismissal is at 12:00pm.

March 3rd

Although the children and I will really miss Mrs. Malloy we are so happy to have Miss Kathleen (Mrs. Kathleen Statile)

join our class.  She has been very helpful the last two days and we have already had a very seamless transition.

I do have a favor to ask.  The children are learning a new poem this month and there is a mention of a pussy willow in it.  If you have one

in your yard and could spare a piece, I would really appreciate being able to show the children what one looks like. Thanks.

Math: Continue with numbers in the twenties

Religion: During Lent we pray, fast and give

Language Arts: the letter N and the story The Boss.  Please use the Big Book of Blending up to and including the letter N.

Next week we will celebrate Read Across America.

Monday author Ken Nesbitt will be visiting our school.

Tuesday is Dress like your Favorite Storybook Character Day(this is optional)

Wednesday is Crazy Sock Day

Thursday is Grade Partner reading(We will not be participating in the book swap in kindergarten.)

February 23rd

Religion: this Wednesday is Ash Wednesday.  The children will be receiving ashes during the school day.  We will begin to talk about Lent.

Math: the children will have an assessment on teen numbers at the end of the week.

Language Arts: the children will have an assessment this week.  You can use the Big Book of Blending up to and including the letter R.

Science: the children will continue the unit on Force by trying to knock down a wall made of cups with a pendulum.  (fun!)



February 11th

Math: teen numbers

Language Arts-understanding that sentences are made of a naming and a telling part.  Please use the Big Book of Blending up to and including the letter b.

Religion: God loves us and wants us to share our love with others.

Social Studies: President Lincoln and President’s Day

Valentine’s Day is Friday and the children will be exchanging valentines.  You can send your child’s valentines any day now.  Don’t forget school is closed on Monday for President’s Day.


February 4th

Math: This week the children will take a subtraction assessment.  We will then begin teen numbers.

Language Arts: The children will be taking a Superkid’s assessment this week.  When using the Big Book of Blending please use up to and including the letter u.

Religion: The children read a book called, A Heart for Jesus and made some beautiful valentines for family.

Science: We started a unit on pushes and pulls with a Mystery Science lesson on excavators and machines.

Don’t forget Friday is a half-day with dismissal at 12:00 pm.

January 27th

Don’t forget this is Catholic School Week.  Tomorrow is student appreciation day and is a free dress down day.  There is a student assembly in the morning.  Our class will preview the Book Fair in the afternoon. The Book Fair is open to parents and students tomorrow night.

Language Arts- Please use the Big Book of Blending up to and including the letter u as of Wednesday this week.  You should ask your child to read the stories that come home.  These are in their workbooks and are also small photocopied readers.  They are progressing nicely.

Math- Chapter 7 ,  subtraction will be completed this week with a test next week.

Religion- We will conclude our unit on God Made Me Special this week.

If you can’t make it to the Book Fair tomorrow night and are still interested in buying books your child will bring home a wish list tomorrow.

Have a great week.


January 14

Math- Subtraction begins this week.

Religion- God Made Me Special

Language Arts-The new Superkid is Ettabetta.  Please use the Big Book of Blending pages up to and including the letter E.

Social Studies- Martin Luther King

Please don’t forget  our visiting author Ken Nesbitt.  You can order signed copies of his book by February 3rd.  A paper

was sent home a week ago but is also available to download on the school website too.

Have a great week.


January 6th

Happy New Year! Thank you to everyone for the gift certificates and many gifts and goodies.  You are very kind and I truly appreciate each and every one of you and especially your children.

Today an order form came home for books by an author who will be visiting in March.   His name is Ken Nesbitt and his books are being made available to you.  Please take a look at the order

form and consider ordering a book for your child.  We are looking forward to having him visit and talk to the children.

Language Arts- Please practice the Big Book of Blending with your child. The children are currently working on the letter F.  Your child will bring home a fluency drill home by the end of the week.

Please take a look at it and ask your child to read to you, too.

Math- A test on addition will take place next week.

Religion- The children learned about the Epiphany today and got to make a crown to celebrate.

Science- The children will begin to study weather patterns this week.

Have a nice week and remember that dismissal is at 12:00 on Friday for a teacher’s meeting.

December 16th

The children brought home a paper Nativity that they made with their 8th grade buddies today.  It is in a brown bag in their backpacks.

Please use the Big Book of Blending up to and including the letter T.

Language Arts- Please practice at home. I will be giving one more Superkids’ assessment before the Christmas break.

Math-Addition to 10.  No assessment until after Christmas.

Religion-Advent and Christmas and Christmas around the World

Tuesday-The children will see the 6, 7th and 8th grade Christmas show in the afternoon.

Wednesday- We will Christmas carol at the hospital in the morning.

Thursday- The children will attend the Christmas piano concert.

Friday- The children will see the Living Nativity during the school day.  We will also have a birthday cake and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.

School dismisses at regular time on Friday.  I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your children.

It is a pleasure to spend this special time of year with them.  Merry Christmas!

December 2nd

Math: Addition to 10.

Religion: St. Nicholas Day, Advent and Christmas around the World.

Language Arts:  Please use the Big Book of Blending book at home with your child up to and including the letter I. The children will read the story Icky and sequencing events.

Social Studies: Mapping and directions.  We will be using maps and a globe while the children learn about how Christmas is celebrated around the world.

Thursday is a dress down day and Friday is a half-day with dismissal at 12:00pm.

Have a nice week.

November 25th

Thanks so much to Mrs. House and all the helpers with our Thanksgiving centers on Friday.  The children had a great time and learned a little about being a Pilgrim or Native American child.

Math-The children  will continue to explore addition within ten

Religion-The children will learn about Advent and make an Advent wreath to bring home for next Sunday, the first Sunday in Advent.

Language Arts-The children are learning about the short i sound.  You may begin to use the Big Book of Blending pages up to and including the letter I.

Social Studies-The children will review what they learned about the first Thanksgiving.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and safe travels to those of you on the road.

Please don’t forget that school dismisses at 12:00pm on Wednesday.

November 19th

Math- Continue with chapter 5 addition to 10.

Religion-Finish God gave us five senses with the sense of smell and sight.

Language Arts- Superkids assessment and introduction of letter, I,  with Superkid Icky.

Social Studies-The First Thanksgiving

I look forward to meeting with each of you at conferences this week.

Please remember school dismisses at 12:00 on this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


November 11th

Religion: continuing God gave us five senses.  This week: hearing and touching.

Math: comparing numbers from 1-10.  Chapter 4 test this week.

Language arts: Letter S and beginning Letter L.  Blending words that include the letters: c,o,g,a,d,s and l.  Talking about character and setting when reading stories.

Science: Animals that live in the forest.

Social Studies: The First Thanksgiving

Please don’t forget that Wednesday is the last day for the food collection.  We are collecting cereal and oatmeal in our class.

Also next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are 12:00 dismissal because of teacher conferences.  Don’t forget to mark your calendar.

Have a nice week.

November 4th

Religion: The children will be learning about how God gave us five senses to learn about the world.

Math: Comparing numbers 1 to 10

Language Arts: The children will meet the new Superkid Sal and begin blending and reading words.  The letters and sounds the children have learned so far are: C, O, G, A and D.  This will learn the letter S this week.  The children will begin to blend these sounds to read words like dog, sad, God, add, and odd.  You can practice with your child too.  Please just use this combination of letters since this is what I have taught so far.  We will talk more about it at conferences at the end of the month.

Science: where animals make their homes

Social Studies: the first Thanksgiving

Have a nice week.

October 21st

Religion: The children are learning about the Golden Rule, Luke 6:31.  They watched the Bookflix, Do Unto Otters which is a great book about the Golden Rule.

Math: The children will continue to show the numbers from 6 – 9 with numbers, words and objects.

Language Arts: The children met the new Superkid Doc today.  They will begin blending the letter sounds they have learned so far which include: C, O, G, A, and D.  With this combination of letters , they will begin to blend the letters to read the words: odd, dog, God, add and Doc.  Practicing with the Superkid’s website games at home  will really help the children.

Science: Mystery Science will help the children answer the questions, Where do animals live?

This week begins winter uniforms. Please make sure your child is wearing his or her SJRS sweatpants, t-shirt and sweatshirt each day.  I do let the children take their sweatshirts off whenever they are hot but they need to have them on when they leave our classroom.

Please don’t forget that picture day is this Friday.  Your child is to wear his or her school uniform for pictures.

Have a nice week.

October 15th

Religion: We will continue our discussion of the story of creation with songs and crafts.

Math:  the numbers 6-9 will be explored as numbers, words and objects.  We will also talk about six as five and one more, seven as five and two more…

Language Arts: The short a sound is being continued this week as a beginning sound and a middle sound.  We are also reading the story, Golly.

Science: I will introduce Mystery Science to the children this week with the lesson: Why do woodpeckers peck wood?  This lesson about animals ties in nicely with our creation lesson in religion.  If you have not explored the Superkid’s website for games and stories please check it out.

The children are adjusting so nicely to the beginning of kindergarten.  I know that it is going to be a wonderful year with plenty of learning and laughter.

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