Donna Hink | Science

Donna Hink | Science

June 1, 2020

Good Morning & Happy June!  This week is the BIG drop off/pick up!  On Wednesday, June 3, 2020 all 6th & 7th grade students will bring ALL their text books & anything else that belongs to school (tablets, calculators, etc.) to their homeroom table and their teacher has a bag with ALL the students belongings (pencil cases, glasses, Art work, etc.).  The time is from 9-11:30.  I look forward to seeing ALL 14 of you on Wednesday, as this may be the last time I get to see you and say good-bye…Retirement is knocking on my door!  Have a great & I look for ward to seeing you on Wednesday:)

Week of May 25–29, 2020!

Wow Memorial Day Monday!!  It’s hard to believe we started 9 months ago; the year sure did fly by fast!  Of course ending during these unprecedented times makes it very difficult.  All of my Science students have done a fantastic job at adjusting to these new teaching/learning styles!  I’ve been able to continue with and finish the curriculum as set up by the Camden Diocese.   Thank you parents and students for your cooperation.  The final activities for the year will be listed.  I ask that everyone check Renweb regularly for any discrepancies and contact me.  Dr. Fipp will be putting out directives & I’ll post to Edmodo when, where, etc. for book returns, pick up of personal things that I’ve bagged, etc.  This will probably be my  last post to SJRS.  In case it is, I’d like to thank Everyone and ALL my many students over the last 10 years here at St. Joseph for an incredible experience and wonderful ride!  It’s time for me to join my husband Gary in retirement, and relax after 32 years of teaching:)  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Please continue to stay safe and may God protect you and bless you.  Love, Mrs. Donna Hink

Grade 6–make a Solar cooker using a pizza (or similar type) box!  Cook in it and send me a picture for credit!

Grade 7–Chapter Test submit–Then watch Osmosis Jones movie, listening & watching for all the body parts mentioned.

Grade 8–make ice cream–either in the coffee cans (kits at school) or in baggies–send me a picture for credit!

Have a wonderful summer….but don’t let your brain go to mush!!:)

May 18–22, 2020

Wow, we’ve made it to the week before Memorial Day Weekend!!  This will be the last week of formal grades for Science classes.  Please be sure to check Renweb & submit any missed assignments.  This coming Thursday is Ascension Thursday-be sure to attend a Mass & celebrate!

Grade 6–We are finishing up Weather, test will be due Wednesday.  Then you need a pizza box-any size, to make a SOLAR COOKER.  You may make it ANY time as long as it is completed by June 4th…last day for grades.  Continue to watch The Weather Channel!  And remember our social distancing rules as we venture outside more, to the boardwalk, beaches, etc.

Grade 7–We are finishing up the Reproductive chapter…you will have the Test after Memorial Day.  Unfortunately we never got to hang the bodies you made.  If anyone would like it in the group, just let me know, I’ll save it for you!  If not it’ll get thrown away:(

Grade 8–We are finishing up Waves…the test is Wed.  The last LAB is ICE CREAM!! You can either do the Baggie type or paint can & coffee can type.  I have 18 sets in school– I bagged a paint can, coffee can & rock salt–for you to pick up, use to make your ice cream, clean & bring back so others can use it!  B group will have the chance first–starting Tues.5/19 (Kaylee & Ben may have to wait until a set is returned).  Please return by Thurs.5/21 or Fri.5/22 so others may pick up & use.  Enjoy! and take pictures:)  This makes Vanilla ice cream–add toppings after.  Don’t over roll!  It doesn’t take too long.  Drain liquid out, take out coffee can, wipe off salt water, shake to hear if it’s liquid or solid…if you hear liquid, but pack in paint can, add lots more ice & salt, seal and roll a little more.

Have a great week!  Some gray days & rain…but then Memorial Day weekend & unofficial start of summer!:)  We’re almost done–stay strong in your studies, turn everything in, and CHECK IN for ATTENDANCE!!:)

May11–15, 2020

Good morning & Happy Mother’s Day!  I hope everyone enjoyed a sunny (but chilly!) weekend.  Please be sure to check Renweb regularly.  It looks to be a warmer week ahead:)  And some things are beginning to open-slowly.  Please still be careful, safe, and healthy!

Grade 6–Severe weather continues, Hurricanes, lesson 2 quiz.  Please save 2 plastic bottles of the same size (2liter, 1 liter, gatorade size, etc); Lesson 3 focuses on Weather Forecasts; watch The Weather Channel to see the extremes our country has had this weekend!  Great info on this channel!

Grade 7–Chapter 6 Review on adaptations over time; then Chapter test on Wednesday.

Grade 8–Begin Chapter on Waves & how they travel through matter; lesson 2 we look at Wave Properties.

Have a great week-get outside when you can!

May 4–8, 2020

Good evening.  I hope everyone enjoyed this beautiful weekend-outside!  Happy May!  Please remind your student to go to attendance EVERY DAY!  If they don’t check in, then I must mark them absent.  Also, continue to check Renweb for any errors I may have submitted or assignments your child did but didn’t make it to me.  Many eyes help with this task.  Enjoy your week, and next weekend Happy Mother’s Day to all my moms:)

Grade 6   Monday Weather Patterns, mini lab on page 459 & 461; read Kinds of Clouds & a fun page.  I’d like you to watch a few different days of the Weather channel on tv, if possible, for a 15 minute-20 session.  Many subjects about weather are covered and these are the experts when you’re learning about weather!  Wednesday you’ll be reading about Severe weather, and if you want you can make a tornado flip book!  Check the stage of the moon, too!

Grade 7  Clues about evolution; draw a hidden frog among 1 of 4 habitats; Wednesday Evolution of Primates-mini lab pg. 171, read, questions, & study guide.

Grade 8–Chapter 7 Chemical Reactions review; Lab-make Oobleck or Goop–you’ll need cornstarch for Oobleck, or glue & Borax for Goop (or google what you can substitute for Borax!).  Wednesday-Chapter 7 test on Chemical Reactions, submit, wait for corrections/resubmissions.

Week of April 27–May 1, 2020

Wow, it’s hard to believe we’ve been going through this for 7 weeks!  Beginning tomorrow we’ll be switching to the Block schedule for upper unit, grades 6,7,8.  All grades have Science Monday & Wednesday.  I will have ‘office hours’ available on Tues/Thurs.  Friday will be a catch-up day & specials day.  This will allow me to grade things & get them posted on Renweb quicker for you to see & be able to follow your student’s progress without hovering over their shoulder so to speak!  As always, please, please communicate.  I keep saying, I’m not a mind reader.  We can get through this, stronger & safer for it!  Thank you for your part in assisting  your student.  I miss everyone & pray for all our good health.  Love you!

Grade 6 –We will begin Chapter 13 ,Describing Weather, doing a few fun labs, worksheets, and quizzes.  Start watching the Weather Channel for exciting weather around the country!

Grade 7–Finish Chapter 21 Control & Coordination with a chapter test; begin Chapter 6-Adaptations over time; a few labs, Evolution & Charlesw Darwin.

Grade 8–We continue Balancing Chemical Equations with worksheets, explanations and a quiz; section 2 Rates of  Chemical Reactions.


Week of April 20–24, 2020

Aloha & Happy Sunday!  I hope everyone enjoyed a blessed, albeit different, Easter Sunday; and I hope everyone enjoyed the break away from school learning.  For this upcoming week we will continue with regular classes & schedules; more to come for next week:)  It is VERY important for the upper unit students to remember to ‘check-in’ with their homeroom teacher for attendance. Have a good week, enjoy some EARTH DAY celebrations with your family–get outside, go for a bike ride, plan a picnic–get away from those electronic devices for a few hours:)  Peace

Grade 6–Mon 4/20 your Water Quality lab sheet is due…if you forgot about it–start it NOW!! also lesson 3 content practice pg. 49-50 do & submit; Tues 4/21 lesson 3 Quiz pg. 60-61; Wed 4/22 Chapter 15 review pg. 556 #1-9 & pg 557 #10, 19, 20 only; Thurs 4/23 Test pg. 558-9; Fri 4/24 Chapter 15 Earth’s Water test pg. 70-71…submit by Monday.

Grade 7–Mon 4/20 Chapter 2 the Senses read pg.604-606 & watch Bill Nye science guy eyeballs on; Tues 4/21 read about hearing pg. 607-8 & watch Bill Nye science guy sound (23:04); Wed 4/22 smell & taste pg. 609-611 read summary, then do #1-4 pg. 611 submit, & watch Bill Nye science guy smell & taste (22:59); Thurs 4/23 LAB  go to & choose 1 from each sense…submit pictures:); Fri 4/24 do Chapter Review pg. L2 #1-20 submit.

Grade 8–Mon 4/20 watch Chemical reactions on Brainpop & read pgs. 190-6 again; Tues 4/21 pg. 196 do #1 & 2 showing a chart; Wed 4/22 read pgs. 197-199; do #1-3 pg. 199; Thurs 4/23 do #1-8 on worksheet-submit; Fri 4/24 pg. 24 do #9-14–make a chart & solve; submit.


Holy Week- April 6–8, 2020

Hello, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  This is week 4 of remote learning, and the beginning of Marking Period 4!  Report cards will be  open Friday, 4/3/20 for viewing.  Three more days until Easter Break…let’s stay strong!   Have a joyous & blessed Easter.

Grade 6–Mon 4/6 Explain Pollution Solutions ; Tues 4/7 Lesson 3 Water Quality; Wed 4/8 How much water do you use?!

Grade 7–Mon 4/6 Begin Chapter 21 Control & Coordination; Tues 4/7 compare Central nervous system & Peripheral nervous system; Wed 4/7 explain how reflexes work.

Grade 8–Mon 4/6 Chapter 7 Chemical Formulas & Equations; Tues 4/7 Watch Bill Nye Science Guy; Wed 4/8 Do Applying Math jquestions 1 & 2 pg. 196 submit.

Week of March 30–April 3, 2020

Good morning & Aloha 6th, 7th & 8th graders!  Before I post this week’s lessons, I need to share something personal with you with.  My sweet little Jacques had an enlarged heart.  Thursday evening he was suffering, so we took him to the doggie hospital and had him put to sleep.  Because of the coronavirus, we couldn’t go inside, just like people hospitals.  My son Brian & daughter-in-law Kris, and son Andrew were all there with us, standing outside kissing him good-bye one last time.  My heart is broken, and I still cry when I see his toys & bed.  I know some of you have lost your furry family members, too, and know what a loss this is.  Because of this loss, this week’s lesson plans may seem a little weak.  I apologize.  I’m working each day on getting stronger, & getting back to teaching.  I miss you all:)  2 days until April…hopefully sunnier days are ahead.  God Bless.

Grade 6–Mon 3/30 Read about Earth’s water density pgs. 536-542, highlighting vocabulary words;  Tues 3/31 do practice worksheet pg. 31-32; Wed 4/1 Lesson quiz A pg. 41 #1-7; Thurs 4/2 Lesson 3 Water Quality look at vocab. pg. 545, read & highlight vocab. on pgs. 546-7; Fri 4/3 lab on temperature & density-Lab A pg. 62-3.

Grade 7–Mon 3/30 Lesson 16.3 Drugs & drug abuse read pg. 534-37  & highlight key terms; Tues 3/31 Drug Abuse read pgs. 538-40, highlight vocab & do summary questions #1-8–submit; Wed 4/1 go to, 7th grade, coronavirus movie & quiz–user:sjrs  password:4us@11h; Thurs 4/2 Do Chapter Review on Disease & Prevention pg. 541-2–type answers in WORD #1-11, 15, 16a,b, 17, 18, 20, 25, 26…24 answers altogether, will be a TEST grade for the 4th Marking period, submit!; Fri 4/3 Begin chapter 21 Control & Coordination pgs. 594-97 highlight vocab words…stop at Central Nervous System.

Grade 8–Mon 3/30 Single displacement & double displacement-read pgs. 157-160, read summary pg. 160, do section 5.2 review #1-6 submit!, Tues 3/31 Quiz on displacement #1-10; Wed 4/1 6-4 Chemical Reactions pg. 25 worksheet #1-18,submit; Thurs 4/2 lesson 5.3 pgs. 161-163, pg 163 read Connection to Social Studies pg. 163 & answer 1.what happened? 2.who won? 3.what lyrics did rockets inspire? do in WORD & submit 3 answers.

Week 3–almost to Easter break!  We can do this…stay strong, be safe, get some fresh air & exercise!  Love to all, Aloha.


Week of March 23–27, 2020

Well we survived the first week; still getting the kinks and bugs all out; but overall I’m so very proud of all our 6th, 7th, & 8th grade students!  Before I post assignments I have to share a story: we all know SJRS building is totally closed to everyone beginning Monday 3/23/20; and many of you know we have a pet turtle, Speedy, who has been with me for 22 years (he was born 1991, I think!).  I could not bring Speedy with me, so I reached out to my 8th grader who has helped & nurtured Speedy for 3 years.  Vincent Yacovelli (and his wonderful parents!!) came to school today & picked up Speedy, his tank, and all the supplies to keep Speedy safe & well until we return to school!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart Vincent (and mom & dad too!).  You exemplify St. Frances of Assissi.

During these difficult times it’s so important to reach out & help others in all the many ways God has blessed us.

Now, a few changes compared to last week.  I will be posting your science lessons for the week, here on my webpage; and daily on  An assignment does not have to be handed in daily; BUT my homeroom MUST check in, just say HI, so I can mark you as present…Friday 3 of  my homeroom students were marked absent because I didn’t receive a post from them.

Further, everyone by now should have all 6 classes on & post right there!  No more emails, pictures sent to gmail accounts, put into messages, etc.  You students can figure this out.  Mrs. Rymas posted a tutorial last week also.  So, work NOT posted in the correct class, in edmodo, will not be counted…It’s like handing in science work to Mrs. D in religion class–she doesn’t want it!  Post work by 3:00pm for full credit.  Also I will be available 8-3 on edmodo for messages.  Thank you for all your hard work.  With the Lord’s help & prayers we will get through this difficult time.

Grade 6–Mon 3/23 Read Earth’s Water (from; Tues 3/24 re-read Earth’s water, then answer questions #1-10 and submit; Wed 3/25  do The Water Planet quiz pg. 23,24 and submit; Thurs 3/26 Lesson 2 do Launch Lab pg. 26 “How many drops can fit on a penny?” (IF no dropper-use a straw or your finger; if no rubbing alcohol-use another liquid-milk,peroxide) Answer questions & submit. Fri 3/27 OFF!

Grade 7–Mon 3/23 Lesson 16.2 Disease Prevention & Treatment pg. 526-highlight the key words as you read, read about Bubonic plague pg. 527, integrating biology pg. 528; Tues 3/24 read pgs. 530-533, highlighting key words; Wed 3/25 read Summary pg. 533 and do questions 1-8 and submit; Thurs 3/26 watch video; Fri 3/27 OFF!

Grade 8–Mon 3/23 lesson 5.2 Reaction types pg. 154-5 read and highlight key words, then show me the 2 types of reactions using anything around the house, Legos,M & M’s, a drawing, etc and submit.

Week of March 16–20, 2020

Dear Parents,

Good morning!  Thank you  for all your help & patience.  I need you to check your child(ren)’s grades/assignments on Renweb.  Yesterday a number of students did not post their Irish potatoes activity…I updated all grades today & many received a zero if I did not get any communication from you or your child.  That grade can ALWAYS be changed when your child submits the assignment.  Thank you for being vigilant.

Enjoy this beautiful day…take a bike ride, walk your dog, dance around the backyard!  Get some nice fresh air into your lungs and smile:)

Love, Mrs. Donna Hink

Week of March 16-20, 2020

Good morning SJRS families.  By now I hope you have learned that we will be closed next week (and longer)…the upper unit teachers are all working together to help you & your child  continue their education without too much down time.  We are all using for our lessons.

Here are the passcodes for each class- **Remember for Science you are in A/B groups**

6B your code is: rkgxa7

6A your code is: ce8s2v


7B your code is: u28yeb

7A your code is: 6smamd

8B your code is: kbn4ji

8A your code is: yhvyvf

We teachers are meeting Monday morning at school; I will be posting Science assignments later in the day Monday…until then, get some fresh air & exercise, extra sleep:), stay away from crowds, wash your hands & stay healthy.

March 9–13, 2020

Well survived Iowa testing week!  The 7th graders worked very hard all week accomplishing the Iowa & CogAts tests.  Now for more learning before Easter break.  **Reminder** ALL 6th, 7th, & 8th graders need to be working on their Science Fair project.  The completed project is due in school March 23rd & 24th; the Science Fair is March 25th in the evening; and the typed report is due March 28th.  There are 3 weekends left!  Also Friday the 13th is an early dismissal/faculty meeting.  Enjoy your weekend!

Grade 6–Mon 3/9 Chapter 7 review on Weathering & Soil; Tues 3/10 Test on Weathering & Soil (part 1); Wed 3/11 Test on Weathering & soil (part 2); Thurs 3/12 Begin Earth’s Water chapter; Fri 3/13 Water cycle.

Grade 7–Mon 3/9 Respiratory & Excretory chapter review; Tues 3/10 review for chapter test; Wed 3/11 Test on Respiratory & Excretory systems; Thurs 3/12 Begin Reproduction system; Fri 3/13 male reproductive structures.

Grade 8–Mon 3/9 lesson 2 Polar & nonpolar bonds; Tues 3/10 explore how chemical bonds hold compounds together, worksheet 23-4; Wed 3/11 distinguish between chemical bonds & compounds-worksheet 20-1; Thurs 3/12 Chapter test on Chemical Bonds; Fri 3/13 shortened classes due to Mass-give back tests.

March 2–6, 2020

Happy March!  It was great seeing so many parents last night at the Gala; thank you for your support and love of SJRS.

This week–IOWA’s & CogAts for grade 7 all week.  I’ll see 6th grade on Tues & Thu; 8th grade will have Science in the afternoon everyday.  Please make sure your child gets plenty of sleep, eats something for breakfast, brings pencils & a nutritious snack & water.  Thank you.

Grade 8–Mon 3/2 compare compounds & mixtures; Tues/Th 3/3 & 3/5 Lab–making crystals; Wed 3/4 compare/contrast ionic & covalent bonds; Fri 3/6 describe kinds of chemical bonds.

Have a wonderful, warmer week!


February 24–28, 2020

We’ve reached the last week of February, which this year includes a LEAP day next Saturday!  **Reminder to all students–your Testable question & Hypothesis are due Monday, 2/24.  I’ll be staying after school for the 2nd mentoring session on Thurs. 2/27, 2:45-3:15; please let me know if our child will be attending. The Science Fair is March 25th–about a month away!  Please talk to your student about the  project & offer assistance if necessary.

This week is Mardi Gras & Ash Wednesday AND that extra day 2/29!!  The 3rd Marking period is 1/2 over also.   Enjoy your week:)

Grade 6–Mon 2/24 Hypothesis & testable question due; Tues 2/25 Begin Weathering & Soil chapter, do worksheet 17-8 for homework; Wed 2/26 correct worksheet 17-8 & do quiz on lesson 1; Thurs 2/27 The nature of soil lesson 2; Fri 2/28 no class due to field trip.

Grade 7–Mon 2/24 present Hypothesis & testable question to class; Tues 2/25 quiz on the Respiratory system; Wed 2/26 Mass/ashes; Thurs 2/27  Lesson 2 Excretory system; Fri 2/28 Label excretory system worksheet.

Grade 8–Mon 2/24 present Hypothesis & testable question to class; Tues 2/25 List Elements & Symbols-B group 50, A group 75; Wed 2/26 Begin chapter 6 Atomic Structure & chemical bonds;  Thurs 2/27 Compounds & mixtures worksheet; Fri 2/28 Lewis Dot Diagram worksheet.

February 18–21, 2020

Hello, and happy President’s Day weekend.  Enjoy your extra day with your children!  This upcoming week there are no doubles/labs.  **Reminder-Science Fair assignment #1 is due Mon. Feb. 24th on an index card.  This is the student’s Hypothesis & Testable question. The Science Fair will be Wed. March 25, 2020.

Grade 6–Tues 2/18 reviewing main ideas about volcanoes for test; Wed 2/19 Chapter test on volcanoes; Th 2/20 finishing up chapter test; Fri 2/21 going over Scientific method/science fair ideas/topics.

Grade 7–Tues 2/18 begin the Respiratory System; Wed 2/19 worksheet 65-66 on organs of the respiratory system; Thurs 2/20 learning about hiccups-worksheet 17,1,3; Fri 2/21 disorders of the respiratory system-worksheet 29,55.

Grade 8–Tues 2/18 review main ideas about atoms & the periodic table; Wed 2/19 Chapter test on Atoms & the Periodic table; Thurs 2/20 finish Wanted poster; Fri 2/21 quiz on 50/75 elements & their symbols.

February 10-14, 2020

I hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful full moon this weekend!  This upcoming week all grades have doubles/lab on Tues/Thurs.  **Reminder, I have given all students the Science Fair assignment & dates due.  Please check with your child about their progress & assist if necessary.  I am staying after school 2:45-3:15 on Thurs. 2/13 for the 1st mentoring session.  Please let me know if your child will be staying; if I don’t hear from anyone, I won’t be staying.  Thank you.

Grade 6–Mon 2/10 Applying vocabulary words about volcanoes to crossword puzzle; Tues/Th 2/11 & 2/13 compare/contrast 3 types of volcanoes with a tri-fold; Wed 2/12 reviewing main ideas about volcanoes; Fri 2/14 worksheet 97-98 on Volcanoes.

Grade 7–Mon 2/10 Test on Circulatory System; Tues/Th 2/11 & 2/13 place Circulatory System on bodies; Wed 2/12 begin the Respiratory System; Fri 2/14 no class due to mass.

Grade 8–Mon 2/10 use vocab words to answer questions about periodic table; Tues/Th 2/11 & 2/13 make a “Wanted” poster about your element; Wed 2/12 Chapter Review; Fri 2/14 quiz on 25 B group & 40 A group elements & their symbol.

February 3–7, 2020

Good-bye January, hello February!  We had a wonderful, fun-filled & faith-filled Catholic Schools Week celebration.  Thank you everyone for making SJRS the incredible school & family that it is.  Reminder Fri 2/7 is a 12:00 dismissal/faculty meeting–and our 100th day of school:)

Our Science Fair is less than 2 months away…time to start thinking of creative, fun topics to explore.  I’ll be giving every student a paper with the information about what is due when.  We discuss it in class; students can ask individual questions; the 1st mentoring session is Thurs. 2/13 2:45-3:15; but your child needs to think of a topic to explore.  Help them explore something new & fun together!

Grade 6–Mon 2/3 crossword puzzle on volcanoes; Tues 2/4 quiz on volcanoes; Wed 2/5 reviewing vocab words-puzzle; Thurs 2/6 vocab words word search/puzzle; Fri 2/7 no class due to Mass.

Grade 7–Mon 2/3 Diseases of the Blood; Tues 2/4 The Lymphatic system; Wed 2/5  Chapter Review pg. 17-18; Thurs 2/6 Chapter 19 review pg. 562-3; Fri 2/7 review main ideas of Circulatory System.

Grade 8–Mon 2/3 Periodic table worksheet quiz; Tues 2/4  Interpret the Periodic table worksheet; Wed 2/5 Learning about Compounds & Mixtures; Thurs 2/6 make a word using element symbols; Fri 2/7 quiz on 30 elements & their symbols.

January 27–31, 2020

What a beautiful day to end the weekend!  This week is Catholic Schools week-please check the calendar for daily activities.  Remember the Book Fair is all week.  Also our SJRS Designer Bag Bingo is Saturday eve:)  The 2nd Marking Period is over; this week only grade 7 has a double/lab.  Have a wonderful week!

Grade 6–Mon 1/27 Shield volcano exploration; Tues 1/28 Cinder cone volcano exploration; Wed 1/29 Composite volcano exploration; Thur 1/30 no class due to Mass; Fri 1/31 all volcano types crossword puzzle sheet.

Grade 7–Mon 1/27 lesson 1 of the Circulatory System; Tues/Th 1/28 & 1/30 lab finding each others’ blood pressure & pulse; Wed 1/29 identifying parts of blood; Fri 1/31 worksheet on types of blood.

Grade 8–Mon 1/27 working on names of the elements-worksheet; Tues 1/28 exploring more rows & columns of the periodic table; Wed 1/29 defining words of the periodic table worksheet; Thurs 1/30 quiz on names of 10 elements & their symbols (Y’BUNCHOFVIPS) & worksheet; Fri 1/31 no class due to Talent show.


January 21–24/2020

Happy MLKing weekend.  Enjoy your extra day off with your children!  Second marking period ends Friday, please review your child’s grades.  Friday is also day 90–school will be half over (and warmer weather is that much closer!).  All classes will have labs Tues/Thur this week.

Grade 6–Tues/Th 1/21 & 1/23 Make a volcano booklet; Wed 1/22 Lesson 2 packet on how volcanoes form; Fri 1/24 What factors contribute to the eruption style of a volcano.

Grade 7–Tues/Th 1/21 & 1/23 add the digestive system to the body; Wed 1/22 worksheet on the path the blood travels around the body; Fri 1/24 learning how the heart works–crossword puzzle.

Grade 8–Tues/Th 1/21 & 1/23 match & color code the Periodic Table of Elements; Wed 1/22 describe the relationship between elements & the periodic table; Fri 1/24 explore the properties & groupings of the periodic table.  Begin to learn 25 Elements of the periodic table & their symbols.

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