Donna Hink | Science

Donna Hink | Science

January 13–17, 2020

Welcome.  I hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend.  This upcoming week there are no labs/doubles.  Last Thursday was day 80–less than 100 days left!

Reminder:  Monday, Jan. 20 is MLKing Day–No school.

Grade 6–Mon 1/13  distinguish between the 3 types of earthquakes-lesson 1 quiz; Tues 1/14 worksheet 81 comparing/contrasting earthquake types; Wed 1/15 review main ideas about earthquakes for test; Thurs 1/16 Part I of Test on Earthquakes; Fri 1/17 Part II of Test.

Grade 7– Mon 1/13 quiz on Digestion parts; Tues 1/14 Chapter review on Digestion; Wed 1/15 Review for test; Thurs 1/16 Chapter test on Nutrients & Digestion part I; Fri 1/17 part II test on Nutrients & Digestion.

Grade 8–Mon 1/13 Chapter review on Work & Energy; Tues 1/14 review game for test; Wed 1/15 Chapter test on Work & Energy; Thurs 1/16 Begin Chapter 3 Atoms, Elements & Periodic Table; Fri 1/17 quiz on parts of an atom.

January 6–10,2020

Happy New Year!  I hope you enjoyed family time, down time, & blessings from the Christ child.  This upcoming week we have Tues/Th doubles in all classes & early dismissal on Fri.  Thursday marks day 80 already–100 days to go:)  Enjoy your week.

Grade 6–Mon 1/6 identifying where earthquakes occur worksheet 19,21; Tues/Th 1/7 & 1/9 plotting earthquake & volcano locations; Wed 1/8 matching vocab. word worksheet; Fri 1/10 worksheet word find vocab. words.

Grade 7–Mon 1/6 Digestive System ; Tues/Th 1/7 & 1/9 lab doing digestion; Wed worksheet on digestion; Fri 1/10 diagram 5 major parts of the digestive system.

Grade 8–Mon 1/6 build a concept map about forms of energy; Tues/Th 1/7 & 1/9 matching objects-energy in & energy out; Wed 1/8 read about renewable, non-renewable & alternative resources.

January 2-3, 2020

This post is premature, but I have the lessons completed & will be visiting my granddaughter in Colorado over Christmas break.  For anyone not joining us on these two days, please be sure to have your student get the packets from me before Dec. 20th so they don’t fall too far behind.

Grade 6 Thur 1/2 Begin chapter 9 Earthquakes; Fri 1/3 Mapping Earth’s interior & explaining a seismograph-do pgs. 298-303 answer questions at the end.

Grade 7 Thurs 1/2 Begin chapter 18 Nutrients & Digestion; Fri 1/3 bring in a snack with the nutritional label-comparing facts with other snacks-pgs. 520-21.

Grade 8 Thurs 1/2 Begin chapter 13 Energy & Resources; Fri 1/3 learning how energy changes form & the Law of Conservation of energy transformations.

December 16–20, 2019

This week the pink candle gets lit, the Third week of Advent!  We await the birth of Our Lord & Savior.  I hope you are enjoying the weekend-although the weather needs to dry a bit.  This last week of school brings lots of activities: Tues. 12/17 is dress rehearsal-during school for grades 6,7, & 8.  Wed. 12/18 is grade 7 Annual Waffle breakfast-an e-mail was distributed as to the supplies needed, please send them in beginning Mon. 12/16.  Any waffle makers–please send in before Wed.  We have our Piano recital, Santa letters to our Pre-K 4 buddies,  & Living Nativity.  A fun-filled week.  Friday 12/20 is our last day of school before our wonder Christmas break.  My wish for all our SJRS families is to enjoy your children & families & be blessed with the birth of Jesus Christ.  Merry Christmas & Happy, healthy 2020!

If you are looking for some wonderful Christmas entertainment, Ocean City has 2 fabulous shows: this weekend is Frozen Jr. Sat & Sun; and Lights, Camera, Christmas variety show Sat & next Fri, Sat & Sun also.  I’ll be working the Box Office most shows:)

Also, I heard a beautiful new song performed last night entitled “Where’s the line for Jesus?”  check it out.

This week Grade 7 will have Chapter 17 Test on Structure, Movement & Skin on Mon 12/16.

Grade 6 will finish Earth’s dynamics and have their chapter test Wed 12/18.

Grade 8 completed  their chapter on Electricity & Circuits and had their test on Fri–any make ups are Mon 12/16.

Week of December 9–13, 2019

Happy 2nd week of Advent! I hoped you enjoyed this beautiful weekend.  This upcoming week is very busy; 7H we have Santa Secret Sale on Tuesday-don’t forget your money & a reusable plastic carry-all bag, followed by confessions, and at recess the 6th & 7th will practice the Christmas songs with our Music teacher.  **Picture re-takes are Tues. also**.  On Wed. Andrew Hink will be in to practice Christmas songs with the 6th &  7th during classes–so there are NO after school practices for 6th & 7th grades.  Thurs. we get the opportunity to watch our youngest K-1-2 students perform.

6th grade–Mon 12/9 Determining how mountains change-lesson 3 & pg. 57 worksheet for homework; Tues 12/10 lesson 3 quiz-open notes; Wed 12/11 practice Xmas songs with Andrew Hink; Thurs 12/12 Summarize two ways continents grow -lesson 4; Fri 12/13 worksheets 1 & 2 and lesson 4 quiz-take home to finish-open notes.

7th grade–Mon 12/9  Meet with Pre-K students & write Santa letters; Tues 12/10-Santa Secret Sale, followed by confession; Wed 12/11 Solve how the body fights disease & Chapter review for homework; Thurs 12/12 review game; Fri 12/13 Crazy Snowman Genetics project.

8th grade–Mon 12/9 Review main ideas about electricity & circuits; Tues 12/10 play review game about electricity & circuits; Wed 12/11 final review for test about electricity & circuits; Thurs 12/12 no class; Fri 12/13 Chapter test on electricity & circuits.

Week of Nov. 25-27, 2019; and week of Dec. 2–6, 2019

Happy Sunday.  I just finished spending a lovely afternoon at our own SJRS Tea.  What a fabulous time we had!  Thank you to all our student volunteers-you were magnificent.  Below, you will find both next week’s short week assignments and then the full week after Thanksgiving.  Enjoy your time off from school and have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Grade 6–Mon 11/25 Review for test; Tues 11/26 Chapter test on Plate Tectonics–will be an open notes test, so organize your materials; Wed 11/27 get tests back & go over any mistakes.

Grade 7–Mon 11/25 Review for Heredity Test; Tues 11/26 Test on Heredity; Wed 11/27 get tests back & review any mistakes.

Mon 12/2 Lesson 2 Muscles; Tues/Th 12/3 & 12/5 Lab-trace bodies & cut out bones; Wed 12/4  Your skeletal’s response to exercise; Fri 12/6 Skin’s function & how it protects the body.

Grade 8–Mon 11/25 Begin Chapter 20 on Electricity-do questions 1-6 pg. 590; Tues 11/26 Electricity packet; Wed 11/27 complete Electricity packet and hand in.

Mon 12/2 Lesson 2 Comparing Voltage to electrical current-pg.595 questions; Tues/Th 12/3 & 12/5 lab on series & parallel circuits; Wed 12/4 Lesson 3 how Voltage, Current & Resistance are related; Fri 12/6 Chapter 20 study guide on electricity.

Week of November 18–22, 2019

The first marking period is over, and now students have a goal to attain 2nd, 1st, or even Principal’s honors next time!  Start right now with a commitment to make everything you do, homework, quizzes, labs, or tests be your best.

Thank you for your generosity with our Outreach program; 7H collected an entire overflowing box full of food for those in need.

This week we have conferences, so no doubles/labs.

Grade 6–Mon 11/18 Three types of plate boundaries; Tues 11/19 Why do tectonic plates move?;  Wed 11/20 worksheet on 3 types of tectonic plates & concept map pg. 245; Thur 11/21 colliding plates worksheet pg. 51-2; Fri 11/22 Chapter 7 Plate Tectonics review pg. 246-7.

Grade 7–Mon 11/18 determine how organisms get their traits worksheet pg. 45-6; Tues 11/19 lesson 3 The importance of advances in genetics; Wed 11/20 summarize how traits are inherited-study guide pg. 147 & worksheet 58-9; Thur 11/21 Chapter review on Inheritance & Genetics; Fri 11/22 review main ideas about chapter-Inheritance & Genetics.

Grade 8–Mon 11/18 create a soap-powered boat; Tues 11/19-Fri 111/22 design & construct a balloon rocket car, working in pairs, race-off Friday if time allows!

Week of Nov. 11–15, 2019

I hope you are warm and enjoying your weekend.  This upcoming week is a full 5-day schedule with 6th & 7th grades having doubles/labs.  Please send in your canned goods for our Outreach project & remember to sign up on line for conferences next week 11/20–11/22.  Have a good week!

Grade 6–Mon 11/11 lesson 1 quiz on continental drift; Tues/Th 11/12 & 11/14 Plate tectonics lab; Wed 11/13 lesson 2 Seafloor spreading; Fri 11/15 lesson 2 quiz on plate tectonics.

Grade 7–Mon 11/11 Punnett Square packet; Tues/Th 11/12 & 11/14 Smiley face & Zork Genetics lab; Wed 11/13 traits controlled by genes worksheet; Fri 11/15 lesson 2 Genetics since Mendel.

Grade 8–Mon 11/11 Magnets quiz; Tues 11/12 review main ideas of Electricity & Magnetism-chapter review; Wed 11/13 review for Chapter test on Electricity & Magnetism; Th 11/14 Chapter 21 test on Magnets & Electromagnets; Fri 11/15 create a soap-powered boat.

Week of November 4–8, 2019

Happy November!  For our Outreach project we are collecting food/canned goods; 7th grade are asked to provide canned yams and gravy, or any other item you can provide.  Thank you in advance for your generosity!

**Reminder** Science grades have closed for 1st Marking Period–please check Renweb & get any missed assignments in to me!

Grade 6–Mon 11/4 Evolution of Stars open notes quiz; Tues 11/5 lesson 4 Galaxies & the universe worksheet; Wed 11/6 Chapter test on Stars & the Universe-open notes!; Thurs 11/7 begin chapter 7 Continental Drift Theory, diagnostic test; Fri 11/8 Pangea lesson 1, worksheet for homework. No lab this week.

Grade 7–Mon 11/4 Quiz on 26 human bones; Tues 11/5 Joints of the skeleton; Wed 11/6 determine the bones/fractures ; Thurs 11/7 Chapter test on the Skeleton System; Fri 11/8 begin Chapter 5 on Heredity.  No lab this week.

Grade 8–Mon 11/4 Explore properties of magnets; Tues 11/5 Behaviors of magnets/magnetic fields do  #1-5 pg. 619; Wed/Thur 11/6 & 7 lab–design an electromagnet; Fri 11/8 How motion can produce electricity.

Week of October 28–November 1, 2019

Wow here we are at the end of October!  Monday, 28th Teachers’ In-Service–enjoy your long weekend with your children.  Also Friday, Nov. 1 is an early dismissal/faculty meeting.

Please remember our out-reach project for October-new socks!  November we will be collecting food for the needy.  7th grade is asked to bring in canned yams and gravy; if you can’t do those items, any item will be appreciated!  I’d like 100% participation from 7th grade–help make our goal!

Reminder**grades close for the 1st marking period…please look at Renweb to be sure your child’s grades appear correct.

Grade 6–Tues 10/29 Pictures in the Sky packets; Wed 10/30 Life-cycle of Stars; Thur 10/31 construct 5-flap foldable comparing star life cycles; Fri 11/1 learning about Galaxies.

Grade 7–Tues 10/29 Skeletal system–learning scientific name of 24 bones; Wed/Thurs 10/30 & 10/31 Doubles/lab Owl Pellet dissection; Fri 11/1 Joints packet.

Grade 8–Tues 10/29 How forces are transmitted through fluids; Wed 10/30 review main ideas of Forces & Fluids-worksheet; Thur 10/31 Chapter 12 Forces and Fluids Test–open notes.

Week of October 21–25, 2019

Good morning!  I hope you enjoyed your weekend.  This week doubles/lab for grade 6.

The SJRS environmental club is collecting old mascara wands to donate to an environmental group that uses them to get nits and bugs from the fur of wildlife .  Please send in your old mascara tubes!  Thank you.

Reminder:  Mon 10/28/19 is Teacher In-Service–no school!

Grade 6–Mon 10/21 begin chapter 22 on Stars & Constellations, worksheet 13,19 for homework; Tues/Th 10/22 & 10/24 Design a constellation; Wed 10/23 Lesson 2 How stars are layered; Fri 10/25 Main sequence stars.

Grade 7–Mon 10/21 Cell Reproduction puzzle for chapter review; Tues 10/22 review for test; Wed 10/23 Cell Reproduction chapter test; Thur 10/24 begin Skeletal System; Fri 10/25  label 24 bones on the skeleton.

Grade 8–Mon 10/21 Great Egg Car roll!; Tues 10/22 Forces & Fluids chapter; Wed 10/23 Air pressure & types of fluids-make a foldable; Thurs 10/24 Archimedes’ principle-sink/float; Fri 10/25 buoyant forces worksheet pg. 8.


Week of October 15–18, 2019

I hope everyone is enjoying their long, three-day weekend!  6th graders, I hope you are looking at the beautiful full moon and begin observing the night stars!

Next week no labs due to shortened week.

Grade 6–Tues 10/15 Dwarf planets worksheet; Wed 10/16 Chapter 21 review; Thurs 10/17 review for test; Fri 10/18 Planets chapter test.

Grade 7–Tues 10/15  Mitosis/Meiosis puzzle; Wed 10/16  lesson 3-DNA; Thurs 10/17 DNA & Genes worksheets; Fri 10/18 no class due to Mass.

Grade 8–Tues 10/15–Thurs 10/17  As a culminating activity to the chapter on Newton’s Laws, students will be designing an egg car made from a list of materials, with a rubric for results going down a 1.5M ramp.  There is a budget of $20, which the students may not exceed.  All work will be completed in school; all materials will be supplied.  Since many students are attending HSHS Spartan Day, Fri 10/18, the race-off will be Mon. 10/21!

Week of October 7–11, 2019

Happy first full week of October!  Enjoy the great outdoors with your family.  This week NO doubles/labs.  Reminder: Mon 10/14 no school!

Grade 6–Mon 10/7 Lesson 2-summarizing the Inner Planets; Tues 10/8 begin work on Planet Travel Brochure…due Fri.; Wed 10/9 Lesson 3-the Outer Planets; Thurs 10/10 comparing the Outer Planets; Fri 10/11 quiz on the Outer Planets.

Grade 7–Mon 10/7 begin Chapter Test-complete at home(due to Holy Spirit visit); Tues 10/8 Test due, begin Cell Reproduction; Wed 10/9 classifying steps of Mitosis-worksheet 17,25 for homework; Thurs 10/10 stages of Meiosis-worksheet pg 18,26 for homework; Fri 10/11 worksheet 19,20 on mitosis/meiosis.

Grade 8–Mon 10/7 quiz on Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion; Tues 10/8 Chapter review; Wed 10/9 test-prep pg 334-5: study for chapter test; Thurs 10/10 review for chapter test; Fri 10/11 Chapter test-Newton’s Laws.

Week of 9/30–10/4/19

Wow it’s hard to believe September  is nearly over!  We are fully immersed in our lessons; have had homework; performed labs; and taken Chapter tests in all three grades.  Please check Renweb for your child’s grades.  This week there are labs on Tues/Th.

Grade 6–Mon 9/30 Explore the solar system; Tues/Th 10/1 or 10/3 lab Learning about our solar system-make a fold-able; Wed 10/2 Explore more closely the Inner planets-worksheet for homework; Fri 10/4 no class due to Mass.

Grade 7–Mon 9/30 Chapter 3 Differences among atoms, elements, molecules & compounds; Tues/Th 10/1 or 10/3  lab Osmosis using gummy bears; Wed 10/2 lesson 2 Active/Passive transport; Fri 10/4 looking at Producers vs. Consumers.

Grade 8–Mon 9/30 Newton’s 3rd Law of motion; Tues/Th 10/1 or 10/3 lab constructing examples of Newton’s laws of motion; Wed 10/2  Quiz-Solve the problem/question of Newton’s Laws of motion; Fri 10/4 Predict the Motion worksheet.

September 23–27, 2019

Enjoy your last  (official) day of summer! Monday we welcome Autumn. NO labs this week.

Grade 6–Mon 9/23 Earth-Moon-Sun Chapter review; Tues 9/24 review for Chapter test; Wed 9/25 Test on Earth-Moon-Sun; Thurs 9/26 Begin the Solar System-do worksheet pg 16,19 for homework;  Fri 9/27 Solar System packet-answer questions.

Grade 7–Mon 9/23 Chapter 2 Cells & Organelles review; Tues 9/24 review for test; Wed 9/25 Test on Cells & Organelles; Thurs 9/26 begin Chapter 3 Cell Processes; no class Friday due to Mass at 8:30 for upper classes.

Grade 8–Mon 9/23  Motion & Momentum chapter test; Tues 9/24 begin Chapter 11 Newton’s Laws of Motion; Wed 9/25 Sir Isaac Newton & 1st law of motion; Thurs 9/26 Newton’s 2nd law-answer questions for homework; Fri 9/27 Understanding Gravity & 2nd Law of motion.

Week of 9/16–9/20 2019

Well, we’ve completed our first full week of school!  All the students seem to be adjusting very well to being back to school and getting into their routine.  Speaking of back to school, the 6,7, & 8 grade parents will have Back-to-school night Tues. 9/17 from 6:00-7:00pm.  You will start in your child’s homeroom and every 10 minutes rotate to each of the 6 upper unit teachers.  Looking forward to seeing you!

This week all classes will have lab; B group on Tues., A group on Wed.

Grade 6–Mon 9/16 lesson 3 Lunar & Solar eclipses; Tues/Th lab Moon phases; Wed 9/18 packet on Lunar eclipse; Fri 9/20 Earth’s moon worksheet 27-8.

Grade 7–Mon 9/16 define parts of a cell; Tues/Th draw, label & color a Cell; Wed 9/18 using vocab complete statements about cell functions; Fri 9/20 Lesson 2 Cell Theory & Viewing cells.

Grade 8–Mon 9/16 Properties that all objects share; worksheets 55-6; Tues/Th lab on Law of Conservation of Momentum; Wed 9/18 Chapter 10 review pg. 304-5; Fri 9/20 review main ideas about Motion & Momentum.  Chapter test next week.

Also, our Book Fair will be held all week; you can peruse & buy during back-to-school nights.

September 9–13, 2019

Welcome to the 2019-20 school year!  We had a great start last week, easing into our schedule.  Thank you to everyone who sent in the class supplies of paper towels, tissues, & wipes; if you didn’t send them in yet, no rush, just send them in any time.  Many of you have read the new student Handbook & printed out, signed, and returned the last page.  A few still owe me it.  There have been several changes, which your student was made aware of at an assembly on Thursday.

Hot lunches begin Monday; the students have seen the page that shows them who ordered!

No labs this week.

Grade 6–Mon 9/9 We will see how Earth moves, & why Earth is warmer at the equator, cooler at poles; worksheet for homework;  Tues 9/10 students will learn how the moon moves around the Earth & why the moon’s appearance changes; Wed 9/11 we will learn what produces the phases of the moon (full moon Fri!) homework worksheet pg. 33-4; Thurs 9/12 students will demonstrate a solar & lunar eclipse; Fri 9/13 no science class due to Opening School Mass.

Grade 7–Mon 9/9 students will identify names & functions of cell parts; Tues 9/10 why a nucleus is important in a cell; Wed 9/11 label & identify the parts of plant & animal cells; Thurs 9/12 label & color according to directions the parts of a cell–complete for homework; Fri 9/13 define and color the parts of a cell for quiz.

Grade 8–Mon 9/9 Begin chapter 10 What is motion? solve equations pg. 284; Tues 9/10 calculate speed and time; Wed 9/11 define acceleration & predict what effect it will have on motion, worksheet 55-6; Thurs 9/12 calculate speed and momentum; Fri 9/13 learn about the relationship between mass & inertia; worksheet pg. 61-2.

Have a wonderful week!


Week of 6/10–6/14/19

Wow! It’s hard to believe this is the last post of the year!  **Reminder- Mon. 6/10 students may wear 50’s clothes–jeans, sneaks, white T (gym shirt) poodle skirt, etc.  & Fri.6/14 is an 11:30 dismissal**

To all my students, but especially my homeroom 7H , I’d like to thank you for a wonderful year.  You have been great help with the fish tank & Speedy, the turtle’s tank too.  Some of you embraced the animals like your own pets; others became vigilant with sweeping the classroom floor, writing the homework, taking notes to the office, collecting the recycling & bottle caps, or assisting with whatever task I needed!  Thank you.

To my parents I say thank you 100 times for the support you give me & our family at SJRS.  I truly believe “it takes a whole village” to raise a child and I know we have the best “village” & environment for your child.  To the 8th grade (almost) Graduates, we have nurtured and educated you to our best ability and now it is your turn to blossom & grow in your new adventure called high school.  Remember your lessons & foundations learned at SJRS-great things will come to those who continue with those teachings.

To all my students, enjoy summer; ride your bike; wear sunscreen; visit me at the Music Pier in OC; read books; visit GOD; listen to music & SLEEP:)  Love to all!  Grade 6 & 7–I’ll see you in September.

Fondly, Mrs. Donna Hink

Week of 5/27–5/31/19

Wow Memorial Day Weekend!  Hope you are enjoying it as much as I am:)  With so few days of school left, please remind your students to stay strong til the end!

Grade 6–PIZZA BOXES please!!  We will begin making our solar cookers out of the pizza boxes on Wed. & Fri.  We don’t meet Thursday due to Mass.

Grade 7–FIELD TRIP Tuesday!! bring lunch, sunscreen, maybe $ and your smile:) Wed. 5/29 review main ideas of Diseases & Immunization; Fri. 5/31 final chapter test on Diseases & Immunization.

Grade 8–no class Tues. 5/28 due to 7th grade class trip; Wed. 5/29 8B  Making ICE CREAM! Please bring your clean coffee can with the milk, sugar & vanilla; a pint of heavy or light whipping cream; a bag of ICE, in a cooler; Thurs. 5/30-Chapter 7 review on chemical reactions; Fri. 5/31- Chapter 7 test on Chemical Reactions.     **8A group will make ICE CREAM Tues. 6/4! Last class is Thurs. 6/6.


Week of 5/20–5/24/19

I hope you enjoyed this beautiful day ( and hopefully weekend!).  I’d like to thank everyone who came out to support the SJRS Drama show today.  The students did a fantastic job-Ms. Crouch & I are so proud of every student!  This upcoming week there are no doubles.

Grade 6–Mon 5/20 worksheet 28-9; Tues 5/21 Chapter test on Weather; Wed 5/22 build a tornado in a bottle; Thurs 5/23 demonstrate the Water Cycle in a cup; Fri 5/24 read article about Antarctica & answer questions. Grade 6 will begin work on their Solar Cookers the week of 5/28–ALL 6th graders need 1 CLEAN pizza box-any size, by 5/29.

Grade 7–Mon 5/20 Chapter 21, Control & Coordination review; Tues 5/21 Chapter 21 Test on Control & Coordination; Wed 5/22 begin the Immune System-chapter 23-pages 652-656; Thurs 5/23 Section 2-Infectious Diseases-pages 657-664; Fri 5/24 Section 3 Non-infectious Diseases-pages 666-671.

Grade 8–Mon 5/20 Chapter 7 Chemical Reactions-pages 190-95; Tues 5/21 Balancing chemical equations-worksheet 24; Wed 5/22 Law of Conservation-pages 196-199, & worksheet 35; Thurs 5/23 section 2,the Speed of chemical reactions; Fri 5/24 Chapter 7 Test on Chemical Reactions.  Grade 8 students will make ice-cream the week of 5/28!

We are looking for poodle skirts, any size, to use for our 1958 Celebration.  Let us know if you have one.

Enjoy a wonderful week!

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