Jacqueline Armstrong | Fifth Grade

Jacqueline Armstrong | Fifth Grade


Parents and students,

Thank you! A post cannot express the gratefulness for everything this sad and unfortunate end of year brought. There were so many kind words in emails and cards that I sincerely appreciate. I tried very hard to keep a sense of normalcy as far as styles of learning went; reading, computer-based, instructional videos, Zooms, etc… With all of the differences in technology and firewalls that each of us have, it makes it difficult to find something that works for everyone. Thank you also for the end of year gift! The gift cards will be used on ME, and of course first stop is the salon next week! The beverages and cup to hold them were perfect, the pool float, and flowers!!! All very much appreciated as they were designated as “me time.”

A huge thank you to the room moms; Sue and Natasha!!! You did such wonderful things for all of the students and for me to make the end of the year so special. The shirts are treasures, took a ton of time and effort, and you made them perfect. The drop-offs, the pictures, the videos, everything!!! You are amazing, and we all thank you!

My prayer for all of you is that we can all start to return to a sense of peace, health, and normalcy over the summer. God is with us in all we do, and His plan for us is great. All things will happen in His time, and His answer is not, and cannot, always be yes.

I am not sure how much longer the free IXL subjects will last, but I encourage you to have your children work on them when they are bored! It is an excellent way to learn something without teacher direction.

You have my prayers for blessings throughout the summer and into what I hope is a normal 2020-2021 school year.

Mrs. Armstrong

Week of May 18

Wednesday is a Religion test, chapter 17.

Thursday is Ascension Thursday, so please watch the video clip to honor the day.

Friday a basic skills math quiz: + – x and divide decimals and fractions. Of course, you may use your journal or any other source (reteach book, text book etc…) to assist you. NO calculators! I need to see all of your work.

Week of April 27

It is very hard to believe that this is week 7!

I have been posting the grades for all quizzes, tests, and what I recently added as RLP assignments which now count as part of the grade. If you check Renweb, you will see the grade given, as well as what is missing, in the comments.

Work for today for 5A is to finish the religion chapter 15 practice test, in preparation of test tomorrow.

SS is to read the last two stories in the magazine, pages 14-15 and 16-17, and we will review notes on Zoom at 12:00 noon today. Test is Wednesday.

Math is to watch Rob on Mathantics at  https://mathantics.com/lesson/angles-and-degrees

then practice these interactive angles at      https://www.mathplayground.com/measuringangles.html

and https://www.transum.org/software/SW/Starter_of_the_day/Students/Measuring_Angles.asp



Week of April 20

Welcome back and I hope you had a blessed, spiritual, relaxing Easter vacation.

I have changed my grading scale for this last MP, based on the remote learning. I would like to give credit for the work the kids are doing, as well as maintain quizzes and tests as assessments.

SO! Most assignments for the day WILL count as a percent of their grade and are called “remote learning assignments.” These will not be “graded” so to speak. Essentially, there will be an assignment and as long as they do it, and in some way show they did it (IXL I just check the website, sometimes they submit a picture, or “I did it” suffices if there is nothing else to post.)  They will receive a 100 for that assignment. However, if they do NOT do the assignment, or in some way show me they did it, they receive a zero for that assignment.Quizzes and tests will continue to work the same as always.

Example: If they get an 88 on IXL for an IXL assignment the score in my gradebook is a 100 because they completed the assignment. If they do an Edmodo q&a and get 3 wrong, they will still get a 100 in my gradebook for completing the assignment. But if they don’t do the assignment, they will get a zero.

Any questions just ask!!! I am going to try this to see how it works. I want them receiving credit for the work they are putting it. But i also do not want to “harm” their grades as we are still figuring this out, adn they work they do from home cannot compare to what they do in class, so I will be as fair and patient as possible through this process, as I hope you will also. Let’s work together for SUCCESS!!!

Math quiz for Thursday 3/26

Hi everyone, I just tried to send the quiz in Edmodo as well as 2 separate formats in an email; as a word doc and a pdf doc. Please let me know if you can not access the quiz.

Week of March 23

This week in math the students will review add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers for a quiz on Thursday. I gave a text book page on Monday, Tuesday was an IXL exercise on that skill, our Zoom live sessions are a time for them to ask questions and review some problems.

For SS I have been trying to switch it up and keep it interesting. I have assigned some reading in our magazing Archaeology, but also some  BrainPop activities and some IXL.

Religion; I dropped off what they will need for this week and during the Lent season. After they have read the last two pages in Ch 12 I will assign the test. It is not just chapter 12 but also has a cumulative page for Unit 1-2. They ARE allowed to use their book for this. Whenever I give cumulative tests, I allow it to be open book.


Thursday the 19th

EDMODO is temporarily down. It seems to regularly crash in the morning when its most active.

The assignment I put on there for Religion was to do do ten questions on an interactive site. Most important part was to read the prompt after they answer. This is not graded. Read pages 146-147 in Religion book then write the prayer in the activity box on p.145

Math will be just  IXL Y4 (elapsed time.) I feel like it has caused a lot of stress trying to get paper based materials turned in, so for today and tomorrow I will try to keep it computer based and light.

SS watch CNN 10, and go back to the brain pop site, log in using login : sjrs and password: 4us@11h    and watch the video for Egyptian Pharaohs…then take the “graded” quiz, and if it allows you to email the results, that would be great.


Tuesday March 17

The religion assignment for 5A was posted on Edmodo. I keep receiving alerts that Edmodo is having difficulty keeping up with the volume of activity so I will continue to post copies of the assignments on here.


There were five forms of prayer discussed on page 145. Prayers of petition and intercession are similar because they both ask something of God. The difference between the two is that an intercession, is a prayer tha asks God for something for someone else, or something else. Basically it is a praer for others, not yourself. A petition is also asking God for something. but it CAN be for yourself, or others, or you and others. A prayer of blessing is similar to those above. In prayers of blessing you are asking God for blessings on people and things. A prayer of Thanksgiving, is the most common form we all use, where we thank God for anything and everything. Prayers of praise do NOT involve asking God for anything or thanking God for anything. We simply praise God because he IS God! Please write a prayer, to God, and TRY to include all 5 forms of prayer in it. Do this in your notebooks, then if possible, take apicture and post it to this assignment. My example is this: Father, we all ask for your heavenly blessings across the world (blessing.) Strengthen and heal all people who have been affected by this crazy virus (intercession.) Please keep me and my family and friends, and students safe from this (petition.) You are amazing and have given us this beautiful world and so many gifts (praise.) We thank you Father for everything you have given to us (thanksgiving.) AMEN

When finished they should submit the assignment through the submit button on the assignment, not the main page. Thank you!

Monday March 16

All of today’s assigment’s have been posted on Edmodo.com for today.

Religion was to watch a Lent video twice! once to listen, second time to reflect and speak to God in prayer, then write a  sentence of what they said to God, or how they felt.

Math was an IXL assignment as well as writing out the times table for the number 4.

Socials Studies was to watch CNN10 and write a summary of one of the stories that interested them.

For the first few days I will post a summary here as well as send an email.

You can ask any questions at any time! I am open to all questions and thank you for your patience as we all navigate this turmoil.

Remote Learning Plan update

Good afternoon parents and students,

I have been receiving updates for the last two days on how we are implementing this new plan. I wanted to wait until things settled in to send you the most recent information. Mr. Elliott and myself plan to make this as stress-free as possible as we can for all of you. We know this a chaotic time right now in everyone’s life, and we are here to help you navigate the school portion of it as easy as possible. We are confident the students will do their work and will try to make the time constraints daily. However, if there are ANY issues at all that prevent that PLEASE let us know and we will work with you.

I will use this form (mass email) to keep you updated on any important changes and will also try to copy and paste everything on my webpage. In doing this, the information will be presented twice, but it is for the purpose that whichever access is easier for you the information is available to you there.

Please try to stay patient as this is new to ALL of us, and we will work together, as always, to be successful.

I will be in touch soon.

Mrs. Armstrong

Week of March 9

Monday homework is adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators and simplify as review for quiz.

Tuesday: Math quiz. No homework.

Wednesday and Thursday study for SS test Friday.

Friday: Social Studies test on Ancient Egypt magazine.

Week of March 1 IOWA Testing

This week the 3-7th grade has IOWA testing.  Please make sure they get a good night sleep each night and bring a few healthy snacks and a drink. We break in between each subsection of the tests.

There will be no homework for the week. On Friday, we will take an open book religion test on Chapter 11. They will work in pairs.

We have completed the first part of the fractions section which was: reduce/simplify, convert between improper fractions and mixed numbers, convert to decimals, make equivalent and compare and order.

We are beginning the computation part of fractions: adding and subtracting, multiplying and dividing.

Any exposure to fractions at home, in the kitchen or garage, is helpful for a better understanding of fractions. So if you are cooking, or measuring, please include your student!


Week of February 18

The only assessment this week is a math quiz on Friday the 21st. We have spent the month chunking fractions and quizzing those chunks. This “chunk” is the final one on things we “do” with fractions: reduce/simplify, write fractions as division problems, convert between improper fractions and mixed numbers, convert fractions to decimals, make equivalent fractions and finally compare and order fractions and mixed numbers. This week was spent learning and practicing comparing and ordering as well as reviewing all of the above.

Next week we will start with operations: add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions.


Week of 2/10

Thank you all for the prayers and well wishes while I was out. My surgery went well, and I am almost back to normal!

This weeks test/quiz schedule is:

Wednesday: math quiz 1st part of unit 5 fractions. Simplest form/reducing, converting between mixed numbers and improper fractions, converting to decimals and making equivalent fractions.

Thursday: 5A religion test Ch 10

Friday: quiz on new magazine, Ancient Egypt, definitions.

Lunch menu and emails

Mrs. Fletcher recently sent a few emails, please make sure you have read them. They detail events for the upcoming Catholic Schools Week, as well as the February lunch menu and the Gala which is early this year, on February 29th.

Week of January 6

Monday was a unit 4 quiz on estimated decimal products, multiply decimals by powers of 10 and order of operations. We started order of operations before break, worked on the estimating and powers of ten last week.  The students were given back the quiz to get points back on the order of operations part. Almost everyone got those problems correct the second time. It is a lesson in following directions! Because if you don’t follow the correct order, it will not come out right! So many lessons were learned on this quiz. There is another quiz being given on Friday and it will include the material from Monday’s quiz as well as actually multiplying decimal products. So they should keep the quiz and use it as a study sheet for Friday!

Tuesday hw is IXL I3 practice multiplying a decimal by a whole number. Does not have to be mastered, 15 minutes is sufficient.

Wednesday is IXL I8 decimal by decimal products.  Does not have to be mastered, 15 minutes is sufficient.

Tests and quizzes: math Unit 4 quiz friday and Religion ch 8 test Monday (they will be allowed to use the book for half of the test.)

Welcome to a new decade!!

Welcome back, I hope you and your families enjoyed a peaceful and blessed Christmas vacation. Thank you all for the gift from the class; gift cards are a great way to enjoy a nice, guilt free dinner 🙂 thanks also for all of the special gifts I received anf for thinking of me!


Reminder that although tomorrow is the first Friday it is a regular dismissal at 2:45 and no mass.

Next Friday is the noon dismissal and school liturgy.

Thursdat HW is IXL I2 it should take no more than 5-10 minutes.

Countdown to Christmas

Monday is the 3-4-5 Christmas show for families in the gym at 6:00 pm

Tuesday the 6-7-8 will be performing for the school students.

Wednesday the 6-7-8 play is for families at 6:00 pm.

Thursday is the piano recital for families and students.

Friday is the SJRS Living Nativity, and the 5th grade Christmas party from 9:15 – 11:00.

School will reopen on Thursday January 2, 2020!!!! A new decade!



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