Mark Elliott | Fifth Grade

Mark Elliott | Fifth Grade

Remote Lessons for Week of June 1st

In Religion we will finish Chapter 19

In Language Arts we will read “The Gri-Gri Tree” as well as complete Grammar Book and

Practice Book pages on the story. Vocabulary Unit 18

Science we will cover Rocks and Minerals on pages E12 – E16


The week of May 18th – Story is “A Dream Comes True”

Complete all Grammar and Practice pages with story.

Religion Chapter 18

Tuesday – May 5 – Religion read pages 196-197. Take notes

Language Arts – Grammar page 127 , Practice page 227 , Vocab. page 155

Treasures Reader – Read the story “Miss Alaineus” pages 658-677


Monday – May 4 – Religion – Read page 195

Language Arts – Grammar page 126 , Practice page 226 , Vocab. pages 150-154

Treasures Reader- read pages 656-657

Science – read pages D16-D17



Tuesday April 28 – Religion read and take notes on pages 190-191

Language Arts – Vocabulary pages 144,145

Grammar page 122

Practice page 218

Treasures – read story of the week “When Esther Morris Headed West” pages 625-635

Focus on fact and opinions. You should be able to tell me if a statement is fact or opinion.

A fact can be verified or checked. An opinion is a personal feeling on something.

Science – Take notes on pages D14-D15 from your science textbook


Monday April 27 – Religion – read and take notes for pages 188-189

Language Arts – Vocabulary pages 140-143

Grammar – 121

Practice – 217

Treasures reader – read pages 622-623

Science – Read D14-D15


Thursday – April 23 – Religion in Notebook Describe steps in an Individual Confession

Language Arts – grammar 119

Practice – page 214

Vocab – pages 136-137

“Zoom” meeting in Afternoon


Wednesday April 22 – Religion read 186-187

Language Arts  – Grammar 118

Practice – 213

Vocab – 135

Science – Plants Quiz in Edmodo


Tuesday April 21 – Religion in notebook list and describe the 4 major parts of Penance

Language Arts – Read ” Davy Crockett Saves the World” pages 595-611

Grammar – page 117

Practice – page 209

Vocab – 134


Monday April 20th – Religion – read pages 184-185

Language Arts – Grammar page 116

Practice – page 208

Vocab – pages 130-133

Reading -Look at pages 590-591 Think what a “Tall Tale” is?

Then read pages 592-593

Science – On Wednesday (April 22) we are going to have a quiz today and tomorrow you will review.

Please look over your notes from plants and Science book pages A12-A25


Wednesday – April 8th    Religion – write a prayer of Thanks!

Language arts – IXL    M2     15 minutes or master




Monday April 6th – Religion watch youtube video on Palm Sunday. Handwriting page 48

Language Arts – Review story for Selection Test tomorrow. “A Historic Journey”

Vocabulary – page 125

Grammar – page 115

Science – Observe nature (squirrels,birds) for 15 minutes. Keep log of what you see.



Wednesday – April 1 – Religion – read pages 184-185

Language Arts – Reread “A Historic Journey” answer #1,2 on page 585

Grammar – pg 112         Practice page 201           Vocabulary page 123

Sometime during the day read independently 15 minutes from your favorite book


Tuesday – March 31 – Religion – make an Acrostic poem with “Forgiveness”

Language Arts – Read Pre-Story pages 580-581. Then read “A Historic Journey” pages 582-585

Practice Book – pages 199-200

Vocabulary- page 122


Monday – March 30 – Religion – Take Test on Edmodo

Language Arts – Vocabulary pages 118-121

Grammar Book – page 111

Treasures Reader – Look at picture on page 578/579. Think on why do we explore new places? What can be some benefits? Read pages 580-581. Write definition for each highlighted vocab word.

Science – Take notes on Plants

Wednesday – March, 25 – Religion complete page 182

Language Arts – Brain Pop  English/Grammar/Synonyms. Watch movie and do quiz

Then do  “Capitilization” watch movie do quiz

Email both results to

Science- Brain Pop   Diversity of life  do Seed and Seedless Plants” Email results to me


Tuesday – March, 24  – Religion – Read and complete all of pages 180-181

Language Arts – Answer 2 open ended questions:  1. What is the Author’s Purpose of the story? Include 2 supporting details.   2. What type of person is Bob Lemmons? Include 2 details.

Spelling – write each word 5x – Use each word in a sentence. (pray,waste,manner,current,manor)

Science – Read A-24


Monday- March 23 – Religion – Read pages 178-179. Highlight or underline important facts from                                                                 the reading. Complete activity page 179.

Lang. Arts – reread “Black Cowboy,Wild Horses”

Spelling – I am going to give out 5 words a day. “sweet , prey ,peer , pole, poll”

Write 5x each in cursive, then a sentence for each.

IXL   AA1    10 minutes or master

15 minutes of Independent Reading


Friday- March, 20 – Religion – Reflect on story ‘Jonah and the Whale” and think about ways as a

5th grader you can spread the word of God.

Language Arts- Vocabulary pages 115 and 117

Practice Book – page 197

Grammar Book – page 110

Language Arts IXL    F 1      10   minutes

Science- Investigate why an egg can stand on its end today


Thursday, March 19 – Religion – In honor of St. Joseph’s Day write a letter telling what you miss                                                           most about school. Email to

Vocabulary – page 114 and 116

Grammar – page 109

Science – “Eggsperiment” try to stand an egg on its side. Give a hypothesis on

why you can or cannot do this. Email picture of your standing egg



Wednesday – Practice Book pages 191-192

Grammar Book 107-108

Vocabulary – page 113

Science – read A19-A20


Tuesday March 17 – Vocabulary – page 112

Treasures Reader – Read “Black Cowboy,Wild Horses” pgs 555-571

Answer #1-3  on page 573

Grammar – Page 106

Science – Read A16-A18

Monday March 16- Religion- read pages 172-173. Highlight or underline main ideas. Complete            activity pg 173

Vocab- Read pgs. 108-109. Complete pgs. 110-111

Reading- Treasures read pgs.552,553

Practice Book page 190




In this section you will find assignments and homework for each week.


This week we will be reading “Valley of the Moon  ” There will be a Selection Test on Friday.

We will also be doing Vocabulary Unit 9. Test will be Friday.


Friday, March 13th, is a noon dismissal.


Selection Tests are base on the story of the week and vocabulary in the story.

Assessment Tests are “cold” reads and students must refer back to the text to answer questions. They also will be

asked about skills they learned that week.


In this section of my Web Page you will find all homework and assignments for the up coming school week.


Monday: Practice pg.182 , Grammar pg. , Vocabulary pg.102    Study Story and Vocabulary .

Tuesday : Practice pg.  , Grammar pg.  , Vocabulary pg.103    Study Story and Vocabulary.

Wednesday: Practice pg.  , Grammar pg. . ., Vocabulary pg.104   Study Story and Vocabulary

Thursday:  Practice pg.  ,  Grammar pg.  , Vocabulary pg.105 . Study Story and Spelling

Friday: Have a Nice Weekend!




Hello Everyone! I was born and raised in northeast Philadelphia and  attended Father Judge High School. I moved to Somers Point in 2001. I have been teaching since 2002. I now have 2 children who attend St. Joseph’s and one son who attends Mainland High School. My one son is in 8th and my daughter 5th grade. One of my favorite things to do is take my two sons to see the Phillies in Spring Training every March and watch my daughter dance. I am a Baseball phanatic and travel all over to watch my sons play.

4th Marking Period

Most of us should be comfortable with Edmodo by now. In the last marking period we are going to start working at the same pace we were when we were in school. Hopefully this ends soon and we will return to school to finish the year!

Edmodo frequently “glitches” when we are trying to post assignments. Please be patient with us and check back for assignments. I will let you know in Edmodo when all assignments have been posted for the day.

Remote Learning Plan

  Mrs. Armstrong and I will be utilizing Edmodo. Each day your child’s lessons will be posted on Edmodo. As a back-up the lessons will also be posted on our websites. If you shall need any assistance or have any questions do not hesitate to email us to discuss.



5-E Student Expectations

Student Expectations to be followed by all 5th grade students.
1. Be Respectful!
2. Be on time, prepared, in your seat and silent.
3. All questions or requests, a student hand must be raised.
4. Follow the school dress code.
5. Exhibit behavior which is productive to the Christian Learning Environment
6. Students make appropriate choices to reflect our faith education.
7. Students take responsibility for their choices and actions.

Reward for following these expectations is your child will receive a quality Christian education that will flourish as they mature.

5-E Specials 2019/2020

Monday – Media

Tuesday – Music
Wednesday – Art
Thursday – Gym
Friday – Spanish

Test Preparation


Study Smart!

It is better to review vocabulary/spelling words each night instead of waiting to study only on the night before the test. Please review the weekly story as well as workbook pages covered during the week.


Signed Test

I would like all graded test that are sent home to be signed and returned to school. This way if there is ever a concern about a grade or a certain area I would have a hard copy on hand. Thank You! 

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