Sylvia McFadden | 3rd Grade

Sylvia McFadden / 3rd Grade

Welcome Back to School and Mrs. McFadden’s Classroom

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*********Our Specials Schedule for the 2020-2021 school year is as follows:

Monday: Art

Tuesday: Study Skills

Wednesday: Gym

Thursday: Social and Emotional Learning

Friday: Media/Tech/Library



Please contact me via email if you are having trouble or need an update!!

Let me know if you have read any good books lately!!  I’m always looking for a good book to read.



Stay safe and stay well.


Mrs. McFadden (Max loves Harry Potter!!)

Friday June 12, 2020:


Dear Parents and Students,

It’s time to add any final items to the Time Capsule and tape up/seal the container.  Please make sure you mark the outside with Do Not Open Until May 2025!!

Happy Summer!!

Mrs. McFadden




Thursday June 4, 2020: OPTIONAL GRADE 4 MATH – LESSON 1.1

Dear Parents and Students,

Please find below the GOMATH INTRODUCTION TO GRADE 4    Lesson 1.1

This is entirely optional and is posted just for the motivated learner.  This is not an assignment given by me.   

Please also use the IXL – GRADE 4  platform from here moving forward.  There really is no reason to continue at the Grade 3 level.    Look for areas of interest and use it as a nice introduction for September.    The membership will be valid all summer.  Make time to enrich and prepare for September.   

Best of luck!!!


Wednesday June 3, 2020: Religion/Grammar – Time Capsule

Dear Parents and Students,

This will be our last required submission for the Time Capsule. Please complete pg. 10 Interview Your Parents.

It would be wonderful if all the pages were completed, however, I am aware that some students have reached their limit.

More information coming on closing up the Time Capsule.  Please make sure you mark…..Do Not Open Until May 2025.

Great job on this assignment.  The students did an amazing job.   

Wednesday June 3, 2020: Math Assignment

Dear Parents and Students,

This will be our last assignment for Math for the year.  I ask that the students please complete pages 427 and 428 Chapter 10 Review/Test.   

This will be the soft ending I mentioned in my email on Sunday.   That means there is no test for the students.  I would simply like the students to finish this chapter.

Tomorrow and until Friday, I will post an optional IXL – Grade 3 and Grade 4 assignment for those who are motivated to finish the week.   You do not need to send in those submissions as they come up on my Teacher Dashboard.   

Great job by all in the Math content area.  I am very proud of the students.

Tuesday June 2, 2020: Math Assignment

Dear Parents and Students,  

Please watch the digital lesson that goes with the GOMATH book lesson 10.9 Solve Problems About Liquid Volume and Mass.   


Complete the  “Try This” on Page 423 and skip to page 425 and complete.   You do not need a pan balance to complete.    


Monday June 1, 2020: Religion/Grammar

Dear Parents and Students,

Please complete page 6 in the Time Capsule packet, You Are Not Stuck at Home, You Are Safe at Home.

Please also don’t forget to share your Time Capsule container with the above submission, if you have not already sent it in.   I look forward to seeing the creativity!!


Friday May 29, 2020: No New Assignments for Friday

Dear Parents and Students,

If you have not sent in Page 2 of the Time Capsule, please send in by the end of Friday May 29, 2020.

There are no new assignments in Math or Religion/Grammar.   Students have worked so hard all week.  

Reminder,  please share the Time Capsule container on Monday.  Looking forward to your submissions.

Have a wonderful weekend!  Stay safe and stay positive.

Any questions, please just ask.


Mrs. McFadden


Thursday May 28, 2020: Math Assignment

Dear Parents and Students,

Please watch the digital lesson that goes with GOMATH Lesson 10.8  Estimate and Measure Mass.

Please complete pgs. 419 and 421 only.



Thursday May 28, 2020: Religion/Grammar Assignment – DUE ON FRIDAY!!

Dear Parents and Students,

Please begin to make your Time Capsules for the collection of assignments due next Thursday.  We will be completing 4 of the 11 pages in the booklet that was sent via email to all parents.

Please complete page 2 of your Time Capsule packet due Friday.   Page 2 is You Are Living Through History Right Now.  


Please be ready to share your Time Capsule container on Monday June 1, 2020.

Any questions, please just ask.

Wednesday May 27, 2020: Religion Assignment

Dear Parents and Students,

Please watch the digital lesson below, The Day of Pentecost,  9 minutes.  Please complete the text-message assignment sent via email for Wednesday.  Students please write three sentences on your “cell phone” and color.  I look forward to your submissions!


Wednesday May 27, 2020: Math Assignment

Dear Parents and Students,

Please complete Math Book pg. 418, Problem Solving – Real World.

Please complete IXL Grade 3 – Any Third Grade Skill for review.

******Optional…….if you are finding the above too easy, practice/introduce yourself to any IXL – Grade 4 skill.   

Tuesday May 26, 2020: Math Assignment

Dear Parents and Students,

Please watch the digital lesson below that goes with GOMATH  Lesson 10.7.   

*****Before you begin with the Math book pages, please have the following supplies ready:

1. Measuring Cup

2. Three different sized containers from your kitchen ( bowl, vase, cooking pot, etc. )

Please do Math book pages 415, 416, and 417 in the big, purple book.

Please go to the IXL platform and complete  IXL – Grade 3    BB.7

******Optional………..if you are finding the above too easy, please try and challenge yourself with IXL – Grade 4     N. 6


Tuesday May 26, 2020: Religion Assignment (to be combined with Grammar)

Dear Parents and Students,

Please watch the digital lesson below on Pentecost.  Please answer the following questions with 2-3 well written sentences.  Sentences should show correct grammar and usage.  Please write neatly in cursive.

Question 1:     What is Romans 15-19?

Question 2:   Why does God’s Holy Spirit live in you?   Also, What does the Holy Spirit give us?


Friday May 22, 2020: Math Assignment- God Bless You All this Memorial Day Weekend!!

Dear Parents and Students,

Thank you all so very much for working so very hard these last two weeks.  The only assignment from me is that I need the Math Test if you have not sent that in yet.  For those that have sent it in, please get an early start on a well-deserved holiday weekend.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!


Any questions, please email me.  I will be sending out next week’s assignments on Monday evening.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  God bless all those who have served both living and dead to include their families.

Stay well and stay positive.


Mrs. McFadden

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