SJRS Remote Learning Plan (RLP) for The Next Two Weeks

Saint Joseph Regional School 

Janice DeCicco Fipp, Ed.D.

Principal, SJRS

March 15, 2020


Good Day to Our Saint Joseph School Families,


Please know that we understand that none of what is occurring is at all easy for any family.  We are embarking on our Remote Learning Plan (RLP) in an effort to continue the educational opportunities for your child(ren) now that we are closed for a minimum of two weeks.

There are articles available, and I shall send you some of them regarding this time period of “social distancing” as something quite different from a “snow day”.  These two weeks are a time for our school population to assist our communities in not adding to the spread of a disease.  Therefore, students should be home engaged in academics that we are providing.

You know that the “snow day” is one where the school must make up that day to comply with the 180- day school year mandate.  However, during this “social distancing” two-week school closure, we are providing the student the educational assignments, through our RLP to be marked present for the day.

Attendance is achieved by the student being actively engaged in the learning assignments and completing the assignments provided by the teacher each day. This is why we are offering the full 4 hours of educational opportunities.

It is also good for your child to have a set schedule for the day, a time to wake up, a time to engage in learning and a time to relax at home. We shall send home some suggestions for setting up a work location and a schedule for engagement in the educational opportunities provided by our teachers.

Embarking on RLP is not easy for you, as it is new to you and your child.  But, most of the platforms we shall be using are ones your student(s) have been engaged in within our school.

Teachers have surveyed their families to identify anyone who does not have Internet or who does not have enough electronic devices for all children in the family to be engaged in learning remotely. Teachers are addressing these needs.

Teachers are creating and posting assignments the first few days to get students comfortable with our new efforts of Remote Learning.  So, there will be a learning curve.  But, again, your child must be actively engaged and must complete the assignments.  The content will be based on our curriculum and the assignments will be review and application of skills and concepts that have already been introduced throughout the school year.

Let’s take a look at our teachers plans for the coming weeks:

  1. What are the websites different teachers will utilize? webpages

Ren Web (FACTS)


Studies weekly


Study ladder

And more


  1. What will assignments look like from teachers, following are examples:

Bulleted lists of assignments


Videos posted to Webpages or Edmodo or Class Dojo

Some PDF Worksheets

Reading Assignments of books or novels

Journaling assignments

Study guides for each chapter assigned

Lists of vocabulary and assignments

Art assignments

Music videos


  1. What will the Daily Schedule look like?


Assignments will be posted at 8 am daily for the 4-hour engagement

The assignments are recommended to be started at 8 am

(We understand circumstances may deem that difficult, email the teacher)


  1. How will assignments be turned in?


Students will be told where and when to post to sites.

Younger students will need parents to send an email to the teacher when work is completed

Parents may take a photo of the assignment and email it to the teacher

(Again, email the teacher if this will not work for your family)



  1. If you do not have Internet, or an electronic device for your child to use:


Again, if you do not have Internet or do not have an electronic device for your child to utilize, please phone our school at 609.927.2228 X 11 or X 10 or ask someone to email the teacher, we have plans for these situations.



  1. How will teachers be available to communicate with parents individually?


Teachers will be accessible by emailing them at their school email addresses.

Teachers will be watching their emails throughout the day, and will respond as soon as they are able.


You also know that the principal is also available for concerns or questions,


  1. Will teachers track online assignments and grade assignments?


Yes, this is a plan by each teacher to monitor work on IXL, etc.

Teachers will score work and add scores to Ren Web, so continue to look at that.



  1. Attendance


As stated above, attendance must be taken by teachers, daily.

This may be in the form of an email from the parent of younger students stating all work is completed at the end of the day.

This may be accomplished by students making themselves known that they are in the Edmodo classroom at the start of the day, and they are posting assignments to the teacher as requires.

Periods of the day’s attendance will be seen via activity within IXL and other online platforms assigned by the teacher.


But, remember that attendance is achieved by a student completing all assignments given.



  1. Faith Formation and Our Morning Prayers


As you would expect, a portion of each of our school days is spent engaged in Religious education.  It is infused within our entire curriculum, and we do have a subject period for Religion Education.  We are very happy to share that that will continue via our RLP.


In addition, it is the principal’s plan to create a video posted each day to our teacher’s platforms that will include opening exercises such as our Prayer, Our Flag Salute and even a patriotic song.



  1. What do I do if I have questions regarding this effort of RLP or something else?


Please, as always, start with the classroom teacher by emailing him or her via his or her school email address.  If you need more assistance, you may always email your question or concern to the principal at


  1. How must students interact via these online platforms?


Please remind your child(ren) that none of the online platforms are an extension of their social media accounts or a texting situation.


The posts on the online platforms must be posted applying good communication and writing lessons taught over the years. That means full sentences with good grammar and punctuation.


Please follow all of our school rules and policies as they are still in effect.


  1. Will anyone be at the school for parents to pick up books or something my child forgot and needs?


On Monday, March 15, we ask that you email when you want to come to pick up items for your child.


We shall have everything ready for you. Someone will meet you at the front door.  BUT, please email Ellen


Fletcher ( prior to coming.  In this way, we will have your child’s items ready for you.


Also, we will be in meetings on Monday for teachers and all staff members, so we may not be available if you just stop in. Please email or or your classroom teacher directly.


Over the following two weeks, the plan is for the principal and the school secretary to be available in the school for a minimum of three hours per day.


We shall announce those times on Monday for the following two weeks.  But, please email before you come.  In this way, we will have what you need ready.


  1. Will I have contact with the principal during this two- week school closure?


Continue to know, that I am always available via my email  If you send an email, I usually answer it very quickly.  I can tell you now, that I will respond at my earliest convenience.  You, our parents, teachers, staff and students continue to be my top priority. In addition, I will be washing my hands continually. ( I had to add a bit of humor there!!!!)


Please know that I will be walking the virtual hallways of our teachers’ Remote Learning Classrooms.  I will be looking at student work and engagement.


I will, as always, continue to keep you informed and I shall share articles and items of interest throughout the next two weeks.


   In closing for now:

Please know we are praying that there is an end to the spread of COVID-19.

We are also praying for our SJRS school families and our entire community, our country and our world.

This is new territory for us and together we shall make it work.  We may need to make adjustments along the way.  Again, we will accomplish this together.

May God continue to hold each of you, your family, your friends and everyone in our world very close,


Janice DeCicco Fipp, Ed.D.














Daily Plans

Please refer to Classdojo where plans will be posted the night prior.

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