Saint Joseph Regional School Fundrasing

Throughout the school year there are a variety of Fundraising Events that support a variety of school related efforts.

Please check back often for updates and new information.


SJRS Upcoming Fundraising Events

The 2023 Gala will be held at Flanders Hotel.  Formal invitations to follow.  

Event sponsorships & tickets may be purchased online at the link below:

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Thank you for helping us sell out of all 400 raffle tickets!  We had a great time at our Beef and Beer Event while we gave away total Cash Prizes of $20,000!  Congratulations to our winners!

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Students shared the day with classmates as they strived/danced/walked/ran to help reach our goal!  Thank you for your support!

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Thank you for supporting this wonderful event at Josie Kelly’s!  

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Funadraisers are Great Fun at Saint Joseph Regional School

Please contact TBD at 609.927.2228 to learn more about our fundraisers.